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We are all punished in the way that we deserve.

Whether it is in fire and water, in blood and hair, in catapults and rowing boats and masks made from plastic. In the very depths of the gloom into which we throw ourselves, we see what might have been. We see, finally and truthfully, our lives if things had been just a little different.

We walk in full circles. If we began kneeling on a playroom floor, so it is how we will end. If we were born screaming into the world, so will we die. The fiery heat of blasted kitchens will compare heavily to the flames in hell, if that is where we end up.

We are punished for love, one way or another. We are punished in loneliness and longing and sorrowful regret. Our daughters die. Our books are burnt. Our hearts run through.

We love selfishly, and unconditionally. We love although the love is twisted, and dark, and so ugly we can't bear to look- and yet we can't bear to turn away. Death and love go hand in hand- for love is life, and that is all life can be.

We know the hidden ways of every path. We know the routes through walls and chimneys. We are monkeys climbing over rooftops. We are punished for things our parents did, and things our parents did not do. We die in electric light, in water, in flame and in blood. We die in dust. We are walls, crumbling.

We are punished, we are wounded, we are inflicted, and we perish in the way that we deserve.

And so it is how we love.