Title: Cute
Date: Sept 22, 06
Pairing: AkuDan
Disclaimer: Yep. Don't own them. Wish I did...but nope. I don't.
Rating: PG? There's a kiss... omg wtf. ;

Akutsu would never let himself use words like pretty, adorable, nice or... cute... Though, lately that very word was the only one that had been flooding his brain everytime he looked into those huge brown eyes. Damn... That boy was just... cute.

Dan's eyes never seemed to fail to show exactly what he was feeling. Akutsu hated that. Dan would get beat up one of these days, not that he'd willingly let that happen.

Dan was also the type that would get raped... No one would do that and live as far as Akutsu was concerned... unless it was himself doing the raping.

"You're so stupid..."

Again... those big brown eyes seemed to change only subtly to perfectly match with the frown that those small little lips displayed. "Akutsu-senpai doesn't mean that, desu!" Dan shook his head and latched onto the front of Akutsu's white school shirt, clearly wrinkling it quite a bit.

"Stop touching me...!" Jin's hand raised but he, like always, caught himself and dropped his hand onto Dan's head. He was going to need a cigarette after this. That much he knew for sure.

Dan didn't flinch nor bother to even look up and instead remained readily clung to the shirt. After a few short moments his small arms had found their way around the taller boy's waist, his breath lightly warming a spot on Jin's chest.

Of course, Jin was never one to blush and simply patted the boy on the head. "You can let go now..." He wasn't going to push Dan away. More or less because Dan was the only person that actually seemed to 'like' him. Dan never ran away nor look at him like he was afraid that he was going to attack him. "You better let go... or I might have to pounce you... for real..."

Dan slowly peered up, his cheeks blushing only slightly, mainly since previously he had been kissed out of nowhere by the taller boy and almost instantly moved back. "I'm sorry, Akutsu-senpai, desu!"

Jin sighed and shook his head before ruffling the boy's dark hair then tipping up the small chin, leaning down and pressing an extremely chaste kiss to the lips. That in itself took extreme self discipline. Shit, the things he 'could' do to the boy but never did. He needed to leave, the only problem was the footsteps going about time and a half compared to his own.

He was being followed.

"What the hell do yo-" He stopped, staring at the blushing boy who was holding his hands infront of his hips.

"Bye, desu!" Without saying another word Dan was busy scurrying off in the direction of his own house, headband falling slightly and a hand lifting to hold it up.

"Damn him..." Jin grinned before shaking his head and digging in his pockets for his cigarettes.