They say I was the one who killed my family and my friends but they were wrong because if I did it I will do it again. I'm a hunter not a killer. If I was a slave imagine what will happen. There is a house kids a house of money, jewels and orbs. I can remember something((Shego is going down))when did I say that((Rax, are you okay?))who said that((Time to leave you guys))What guys((Mommy I found an orb))what's happening to me every second I remember something((Will call him Hunter))who's that((Hunter, someday you will be a slave to someone))what who((but if you didn't promise you will be my slave FOREVER))No way. ((Bro. Give me the chocolate))So this will be:

The Secret

(In school)Teacher: Here are your final test. Monique: I'm the first whose goanna finish. Ron: Math, the horror.

Bonnie: Its so easy rotten egg, and that kid over there(Pointing to Rax). Rax: Are you talking to me? Bonnie: Yeah!

Rax: What do you want? Bonnie: You're an idiot you cant do the test. Rax: Hey I'm not student here I just came to

see the high school. Bonnie: And for test. Rax: I'm just doing it. Bonnie: How about a deal? Rax: Okay then if I got

a full mark will you promise not to talk to me again. Bonnie: Yeah but if you didn't, promise you will be my slave

FOREVER! Kim: No Rax don't do it. Rax: Deal.(After the test)Mr. Barkin: Now the important moment the marks:

Bonnie is A, Possible is A, Stoppable is E. Ron: WHY! Mr. Barkin: Untouchable is B+. Kim, Ron and Rax:

Noooo. Mr. Barkin: Bonnie is A. Bonnie: Yes. Kim: Wait Bonnie, Rax got B+ so it is like A. Ron: Yeah. Bonnie: I

don't care his my slave now. Rax: Guys, deal is a deal. Kim: Thanks for the advise(Walks away). Ron: Yeah.(Walks

away). Bonnie: Rax. Rax: Yes Bonnie. Bonnie: From now on call me lady Bonnie or ma'am. Rax: Yes ma'am. Bonnie:

Now go bring me a meal.(In Bueno Nachos)Kim: Now Rax is a slave. Ron: I missed the guy. Kim: Ron we just saw

him before five minutes. Ron: But I still miss him. Rax: Hi guys.(Ron jumps at Rax)Ron: Your free. Bonnie: Hey,

slave go bring me a meal. Rax: Ron I'm not free yet and I will never be(Walks away). Kim: Bonnie this must stop.

Bonnie: Why? Kim: He is a hero not a slave, free him. Bonnie: Never.(Kim's communicator rings)Kim: What's the

stich? Wade: Drakken is…(Kim interrupts)Kim: I know tries to take over the world. Wade: Bingo. Kim: Thanks

Wade, Ron come on we got a world to save. Ron: Are you coming Rax? Rax: Sure. Bonnie: No your not. Ron: Hey

we got a mission. Bonnie: He still not going. Rax: Ron go save the world, I'm staying. Ron: Well bye.(In Drakken

lair)Drakken: And now Shego I will rule the world with this shiny giant laser gun. Kim: Oh really. Drakken: Oh

really, foolish girl the time has come to rule the world with this book. Shego: A book, what kind of plan is that?

Drakken: A BOOK, HOW DID IT CAME HERE?(Throws the book)Come on Shego I don't want the robot gets

broken we are leaving.(Kim carries the book)Ron: What does it say? Kim: This book talks about Rax. Ron: And?

Kim: X. Ron: Really? Kim: It says Rax and X were born 15 years ago X was born in… unknown. Ron: So Rax and X

are brothers!(Meanwhile)Rax: No he isn't. Kim: But about the book? Rax: It's a secret. Bonnie: Come on Rax lets

go. Rax: Listen I'm tired I'm not your slave anymore okay.(Pulls his sword)Bonnie: Okay.(walks away)Rax: That's it.

Kim: What? Rax: I'm leaving. Kim: Leaving where? Rax: My mission is over I've fought every villain and solve

every problem, now its time to leave guys. Ron: Why? Rax: My mission is over. Kim: Will you come back? Rax:

Who knows. Ron: Where are you going? Rax: Some place. Kim: Well bye. Rax: Bye pals, stand back.(Rax press a

button in his sword and he………….disappear).