Hey peeps! Well, this is my first fanfic, so I'm real excited....I'm not sure yet how this story will end up, so bear with me. Oh yeah! In this, there was no season finale with the death of dear ol' Zack and such, and Max never was captured. And they haven't kissed yet.

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Ok here goes....

Chapter One

Logan's POV

Sixteen years. That's how long it's been since I last saw Max. My beautiful Max, who I loved more than my own life and more than the world. Back then I was 33, and she was 20 or 21, Manticore didn't tell them their exact birthdays. We eventually gave in to our feelings for each other. I still remember that first night clearly. How could I possibly forget?

Max stood at the edge of the Space Needle, looking down at her city below. About ten minutes ago she and Logan rode up the rickety old elevator together, making small talk the whole way. Max felt the butterflies in her stomach as she looked at her friend Logan. They had known each other for about a year, and both knew each others secrets. Logan was a cute guy, she had to admit. His deep beautiful blue eyes are what first made her like him. Not to mention the boy was built. "That wheelchair didn't seem to be all disadvantages after all" Max thought to herself as she grinned. She let herself check out his muscles as they walked out the elevator together.
"You okay?" she asked him. She had known for a long time that he was afraid of heights. But she promised him along time ago that she would fix that.
"Yeah, I'll be fine." Logan stated as he stared at the edge that they were nearing. He bit his lip, not wanting to show fear in front of Max. His exoskeleton was holding him up and allowing him to walk closer to his idea of certain death. Max touched his arm lightly, and he turned to look at her. She smiled lovingly at him, letting her emotions slip over the wall in her mind. Logan returned the look whole heartedly, excited at the idea that she would feel the same way he felt about her, working legs or not. Max bowed her head at the intensity of his gaze.
"We can sit here. But next time you are going closer to the edge." she stated matter-of-factly.
"Okay...." Logan said reluctantly, slowly sitting, making sure not to slip and fall. " I see why you come up here so much, Max." he said in awe, gazing out at the lights of Seattle.
"Oh?" Max asked, raising an eyebrow playfully.
Logan turned to look at the beautiful woman sitting next to him. Now that he thought about it, they were sitting very close. There arms were bushing against each other, and he could feel every breath she took on his face. "It's beautiful." He said, no longer talking about the view. max felt her pulse quicken at hearing that.
"Logan......" she whispered, not really sure what to say. He gazed into her round brown eyes. Max felt herself sinking into his eyes, closer and closer to the point of no return, and she didn't care at all. Logan leaned into her, bringing his face level with hers. She let out a small sigh of contentment. Logan felt excitement well up inside him at being so intoxicatingly close to Max. Their lips touched softly, and neither moved. Then max felt her hand moving to the back of his head, encouraging him to deepen the kiss. Logan parted hi lips as she did the same. Logan snaked his hand around her waist, as he leaned over her, gently pressing her down to the surface of the needle. Their tongues touched, and both felt lightning bolts tear through them. Letting their tongues dance some more, they became more and more intimate with each touch and caress.
Soon they found their way down the Space Needle and onto Max's motorcycle, never losing contact. She took them to Logan's apartment, and from there they went to the bedroom and made love for the first time to each other. Afterwards the two lovers fell asleep in each other's arms.

Logan POV

That was sixteen years and nine months ago. Nine months after that night, Max had our daughter. And then she disappeared.