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The Love Hole
Chapter One: The Necklace
by Shanghai Honey

Green narrow eyes scanned the area for a certain spiky, blond haired intruder. At last, he was nowhere to be found. But that could all change in a matter of seconds...

hopefully two more seconds because she desperately desired to catch up on her reading.

Sakura only recognized green grass, clear blue skies, and herself, sitting under a shady tree where everything was perfectly settled. Sighing with relief, she began her usual routine by opening her book and licking the tips of her fingers ever so lightly, turning to the desired page.

"What's up?" a voice from behind taunted.

Sakura's eyes twitched as the figure behind her moved closer, touching her clothed back and throwing the book aside like it was nothing.

"Why read this incredibly BORING book when you have me around?" the figure remarked arrogantly.

Sakura turned around and glared. "Because this book isn't as incredibly ANNOYING as you are." she spat and lifted herself up to pick up the thrown object. "How many times do I have to tell you to leave me alone before you actually have the brains to understand it?" she sighed with annoyance.

The blond, mystery man shrugged. "Oh, I understand all right. I choose to annoy you." he smiled in a self-satisfying manner.

"Seriously, Naruto. You should really consider getting a woman-"

"Why must you always insist on calling me that?" said the blond man as if his feelings were hurt. "I'm not Naruto." he scoffed. For a minute there, he stood there in silence. "And what do you mean by 'consider getting a woman'?" the man huffed.

Sakura paused and looked down. "Oh, right." she murmured. "I'm sorry. It's just...you remind me so much of him."

The man 'not known as Naruto' looked away with hardcore jealously. "Seriously, what does Naruto have that I don't?" he jeered. "I mean, I'm hot. Cool. Smart. And really hot."

"You already said that." said Sakura.

"What? Hot? That's because I am." the figure crossed his arms.

"I swear, giving yourself compliments all the time really isn't attractive."

"What do you mean? I'm always attractive-"

"There you go again!"

The man you see today is no other than our famous Yondaime. He purposely hides his life, his secrets, even his real name for reasons we will never understand. Although he is not the Fourth Hokage yet, we all know him as Arashi. On rare occasions, he can be as serious as hell. Although most of the time, he can be inconceivably silly. It truly is disturbing.

This guy really does need a woman.

And as you can see, his life will change for the better when his world merges spontaneously with our sweet, lovable cherry blossom...

It all started on a simple, clear-blue day...

"Naruto! Sakura! Pay attention!" Tsunade slammed her fist against the table, causing the wood the split.

Effectively putting the two to silence, Tsunade calmed and continued her speech.

"Nice going, Naruto. You got us in trouble." Sakura glared at the innocent looking man.

"What?" Naruto gaped. "You were the one talking to ME!" he pointed at her accusingly.

"Yeah, to tell you to shut up!" she whispered loudly.

Naruto sat there in solitude, trying his best to think of a come back. "Someday...," he muttered.

Sakura's insides were twisted with nervousness. Days like this were the highlights of her life. Who knew Naruto, a guy she hardly liked in the past, would ever give her feelings like this. Not only was he special in her eyes,

he's incredibly cute.

At the corner of Naruto's eye, he stared at her like she was the reason of life. It was obvious to everyone that they had feelings for eachother. Deep feelings. However, not one of them would ever have the courage to confess it.

Sakura rubbed her knuckles nervously and turned to face Naruto. Naruto flushed and turned away, hoping she didn't catch him staring.

"Are you two ignoring me again!" Tsunade frowned.

Naruto and Sakura snapped their heads toward the fiery Hokage.

"I'm sorry!" Sakura laughed uneasily.

"Stupid old, hag." Naruto muttered.

Unfortunately, Tsuande happened to hear the uttering curse. "That's it." her eyes burned with rage. The very creepy glint in her eyes shone like the fires of hell as she lifted Naruto from his chair and threw him out the window.

Sakura gasped and watched him fly like an oversized, helpless bird.

"That'll teach ya!" Tsunade laughed as he landed in a pile of manure.

"NOT FAIR!" Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs, which by the way, cracked every window in Konoha.

After a few rewarding seconds, Tsunade sighed and looked down stories below her. "Now that I think about it, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to throw him out the window."

Sakura rolled her eyes. 'Only now she realizes it...,'

"I mean, that necklace could've seriously gotten damaged."

Sakura threw Tsunade an I-gave-up-on-you-a-long-time-ago look. "Is that all you care about? I mean, Naruto could have really gotten hurt. I know that necklace is worth a lot of money, but seriously...," she defended Naruto's honor...

or what was left of it.

"First of all, it's worth mountains." the Fifth Hokage muttered. "And second, it is a lot more than a simple necklace." she explained. "You see," she looked down at Naruto's limp body. "the necklace around Naruto's neck is very special. Not only because there are a few left in this world, but because it has special 'abilities'."

Sakura quirked an eyebrow. The word 'ability' seemed to have caught her greatest attention. "What kind of abilities?"

Tsunade sighed helplessly. "I suppose it's all right to tell you seeing as how you are my student and whatever." she rolled her eyes. "However, you must promise never to tell Naruto. Knowing him, he will probably use it to his advantage." saying this, her face cringed with terror.

Sakura nodded her head in obedience.

"The necklace...," she whispered.

Sakura leaned in closer to hear her next response.

"is a complex tool used for time travel."

Sakura slipped beneath the flying shurikens coming at her at full speed and dodged everything Naruto threw at her. Naruto summoned a great amount of shadow clones in attempt to jump her all at once.

Her female-ninja instincts rushed to her just in time. Sakura built in a large amount of chakra in her right hand and quickly slammed it into the ground. The earth beneath Naruto split, causing his shadow clones to disappear in clouds of smoke.

At this moment, Naruto would probably use his speciality, Rasengan. However, hurting the person he cared for most was the last thing he wanted to do, so he fell to the floor and waved a single hand in the air.

"I give up." he announced.

Sakura smirked and fell on her knees. "Again? You know, it doesn't matter to me if you use Rasengan or not. I can handle myself perfectly." she told him.

Although, Naruto was a bit concered about that. "Whatever you say, Sakura." he grinned.

"I'm serious!" Sakura pouted. "I can handle rasengan!"

"Uh-huh." he brushed her off.

"Oh, come on! I really can!"

"I believe you."

"No you don't!"

"Yeah, you're right. I don't." he grinned fox-like.

Sakura had just about given up on him. "Hmph!" she grumbled and plopped herself next to Naruto's limp body.

Minutes passed and the two seemingly lovers of Konoha felt that Shikamaru's hobby was just as boring as looking up at the clouds, doing nothing...

"Hey, Sakura." Naruto grinned. "How many beads do you think I can fit into my belly button?"

Sakura turned to give him an blank stare. "Are you serious?" she muttered.

"Come on." he whined. "How many?" he lifted his shirt up.

Sakura stared. "Judging by the size." she said looking at his belly button. "I'd say five."

Naruto smirked and pulled out a small plastic box of pink beads. Gaping at the sudden appearance, Sakura pointed at the clear plastic box.

"Where in the world did you find those!"

Naruto shrugged. "I stole them from Tsunade's."

At Tsunade's:

"WHERE THE HELL ARE MY PINK DIAMONDS!" she shreded her palace, place to place.

Shizune stood by the darkest corner, watching with horror. "Tsunade-sama, your probably misplaced it-"

"Diamonds? Do you think I'd misplace diamonds! HOW CRAZY DO YOU THINK I AM!"

Shizune stared at her. "More than you think...," she muttered.

Near the battle fields:

"Hehehe." he chuckled evily.

Sakura made an effort to fix him a LONG stare.

"Hey, don't ask. I don't know what Tsunade-ba-chaan does with pink beads." he contained himself from laughing. "Probably something perverted and disturbing." he shuddered.

Sakura gaped. "That never even crossed my mind."

Naruto grinned and thrust the pink 'beads' aside. "I have more important things to do." Sakura rolled her eyes.

"Well that was absolutely pointless."

"Hey, does it look like I want beads stuck in my belly button?"

Sakura decided not to answer that.

Naruto closed his eyes tightly and reached in for the precious cerulean crystal given to him many years ago. Sakura noticed this and looked uneasy.

"Be careful." she told him.

Naruto turned to face her with a confounded expression. "What?"

"That necklace." she pointed at the crystal. "Be careful."

"Why do you care?"


"I already knew that."

"Just be careful." she mumbled.

Deciding that this was the perfect time to mess with her head, Naruto lifted the crystal into the sky and tapped on it.

"Cut it out!" Sakura slammed her fist into a nearby rock. Tsunade's voice suddenly appeared into her head.

If Naruto ever found out about this, he'll definitely try to use it to his advantage.

Naruto grinned and pulled himeself up. There was a slightest chance he'll get killed for messing with her head if he kept this up. But honestly, what else is there to do? "Wow, I didn't know how fragile this thing was until now. Look." he said banging it lightly on his head.

By inserting a large amount of chakra into the crystal, it is possible that an individual will either ascend into the future, or into the past...

"Quit it!" Sakura tried throwing another punch in his face, but missed due to Naruto's top speed flexability.

Never in my life have I activated to crystal's capability, but I know for a fact that it works.

"Missed!" he laughed at Sakura's discomfort. "Oops, I think it scratched a little...,"

I just don't know how...it works...

Sakura bit her thumb, causing a tiny drop of blood to appear and summoned an immense amount of chakra. "I swear, when I summon Katsuyu, you'll be sorry you ever messed with me!" she threatened.

Closing the gap between herself and Naruto, she caught a glimpse of the blue crystal and smirked. Sakura reached in to grab the necklace before he could do anything stupid. The tips of her blood-stained finger touched the crystal...

and a bright light formed around her.

Naruto grinned and fell gracefully on the ground. "I knew you couldn't keep up!" he laughed.

After about two minutes of intense laughing, he finally realized something.

"Er...Sakura?" he searched the area. "Where did you go?" silence only met with his ears. "I'm not playing anymore!" Naruto called out.

He sighed and looked down to find absolutely nothing around his neck.


Sakura examined her surroundings and found nothing abnormal.

Except for the fact that Naruto was nowhere to be found. She stood there in solitude thinking of what just happened. At one moment, she was about to beat the crap out of Naruto. At another, she's here...

what the hell is wrong with this picture?

As if things couldn't get worse, she felt something crash into her causing a sharp pain in the back of her head to throb. Breaking her fall were green leaves scattered around the earth beneath her.

Two shadowy figures hovered her.

"She's dead." said the first figure. "You killed her...,"

The man next to him coughed nervously. "No, no. It was just a light blow to the head...and then she died." the figure just stared at him. "Hey, she could have been dead hours ago!" he defened himself.

"She was standing. Healthy and alive."

"...," the man paused. "You got me there." he sighed in defeat.

The shadowy figure standing over Sakura was no other than our famous copy ninja, Kakashi. He observed attentively as Sakura's body slowly heaved up and down.

"She's still breathing." he sighed with relief.

"Ha! I DIDN'T kill her." the man known as Arashi, taunted.

"I still don't understand why you had to hit her over the head." Kakashi shifted his gaze over to his current sensei.

"It's called self defense."

"She was just standing there."

"I got nervous, ok! So I-"

"Hit her over the head with a log?"

"A very hollow log." Arashi corrected.

Kakashi sighed. "This always happens when you come to face a pretty girl." he said staring at Sakura's angelic features.

Our future Yondaime seemed to think otherwise. "What are you talking about?" he scoffed.

"You begin to feel uneasy and torture them without even knowing it."

Arashi crossed his arms. "Oh, sure. ONE time."

Kakashi ignored his detest. "Yesterday, you stepped on a woman's hand while she was bending down to pick up an earring."

"Her hand was right under my foot!"

"It's broken because of you."

"Clearly it was an accident."

Kakashi ignored that too. "Two weeks ago, you fled so fast, that the girl you ran away from flew up in the air and landed in a coma for twelve days."

"An ant bit me."

Kakashi rolled his one good eye. "Three months ago, you knocked a lady over the bridge where she fell into the river."


"She drowned."

Arashi paused breifly. "But she DIDN'T die."

"Yeah, she drowned." Kakashi seemed less intrigued by Arashi's overwhelmed attitude.

"Oh, come on. That was a looong time ago."

Kakashi fixed him a long stare.

"How could you possibly know all this...," Arashi mumbled.

Kakashi STILL fixed him a long stare.

Our future Yondaime sighed. "You made your point." he uttered.

"And you wonder why women always hide from you." Kakashi's muffled voice rang constantly in Arashi's ear.

"Because I'm unbelievably hot, cool, smart, and HOT." he threw Kakashi an insolent grin.

The silver haired boy merely stared. "You said that already."

"What? Hot? That's because I am." he crossed his arms in a superior act.

Kakashi gawked at him. He knew for a fact that Arashi was ALL talk, but seriously...

"I'll admit that women practically fall to your feet."

A glint of satisfication sparkled in Arashi's eyes.

"But they're as scared as hell when they're around you."

Arashi's eyes suddenly dulled.

"Lets just take her to the hospital." said Kakashi.

Arashi agreed instantly. He pulled the mystery woman off the ground and on to his back. Her head leaned peacefully against his shoulder and he smiled somehow feeling attatched to this girl. "Wow, she's really cute." he stood there, breathless. He stroked her hair aside with much affection and sentiment.

"So not the point." Kakashi made an effort to finally put a hold on Arashi's daydreams. "You bashed her with a log." he almost lost conrtol over his voice.

"It was a very hollow log." he muttered. His frown instantly turned into a grin when thoughts took over his pricky, blond head. "What do you think Jiraiya will say when he sees me near this beautiful, attractive, ravishing, sexy, hot smokin' girl?" he asked in a satisfying grin.

"Finally." Kakashi answered.

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