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The Love Hole
Chapter Three: The Memory
by Shanghai Honey

Kakashi stood there in shock as Sakura suddenly jumped out of bed without any warning and began strangling Orochimaru's neck. He became so blue in the face...

it practically didn't make a difference anyway.

"Help me!" he struggled with air..

"You brainwashed Sasuke!" flames flared out of our passionate little cherry blossom eyes.

Orochimaru went into a frenzy. "WHO THE FREAK IS SASUKE!"

Hearing such racket outside of her room, Arashi literally kicked the door opened, breaking whatever was left of it. 'Oh, hey. A penny-' he shook his head, realizing it wasn't the time. "Sakura!" he gasped.

Jiraiya casually stepped in and nodded his head slowly. "Alriiiight." he looked incredibly stoned at the moment. "Sakura's going to win this fight. I'll bet two dollars."

"You're on." Arashi and Jiraiya sat down, crossed legged, enjoying the view under Sakura's garment.

"GIMME BACK MY LIFE!" Sakura cried, still ringing Orochimaru's neck.

"GIVE ME BACK MY NECK!" he retorted, still blue in the face.

Arashi noticed Orochimaru falling slowly to the ground. Jiraiya smirked and did a thumbs up. "Five dollars richer." he snickered.

And he kept snickering until he distinctively caught his eye on a horrifying shadow hovering over him. His laughter for twisted joy slowly faded away. "Heh...he...hmgh." he replied in a muffled voice. "It's...er...nice to see you...again...," he said disappointedly.

Tsunade's eyes flared with anger and Jiraiya knew his future would involve pain...very soon. "You betted against Orochimaru...," she growled entirely aware of the nervous smile that crept upon his lips. "WITHOUT ME!" she watched as Orochimaru tried breaking free.

"Let go of me you crazy bitch!" he choked.

Tsunade plopped next to Jiraiya and Arashi, laughing at the discomforted Orochimaru. "Ten dollars says Sakura will win."

Jiraiya lifted his hand and Tsunade slapped it. "All right, sista!"

Kakashi sat there in the corner. "They have no idea I'm still here." he sighed. Well, ever since he cared, he's never been noticed as much. It started a long time ago when his best friend was still alive. He was lonely, and didn't have a care in the world-

A shoe came flying towards his head, and he quickly dodged it.

"Great, even my thoughts won't have anything to do with me." he muttered bitterly.

Arashi gasped. "How in the world did she manage to take off his shoe without her hands ever leaving his neck!"

Jiraiya's mouth hung open. "Even I cannot explain that." he wisely replied.

Tsunade shook her head. She looked at Jiraiya as if he had just walked into a pole, causing extreme brain damage that will never be the same again. Than again, she always looked at him like that.

Sarutobi walked down the corridors of Konoha Hospital, and was longing to see 'the girl from the future'. He chuckled at that thought. "Wow, if people think I'm senile, wait till they get a load off of this one."

As each step brought him closer to the source, the louder things became. He heard yelling, booing, cheering, and a lot of crashing...

"Are they playing strip poker again?" he groaned. "How many times do I have to...," he muttered bittlerly. He finally arrived in room 123 and calmly looked foward where there was NO door. "Damn Arashi." he shook his head.

The only person who would show off and kick a door ALL the way open was Arashi.

"Now I'll have to get that fixed...," his mind drifted off to a land of bills and taxes.

Tsunade looked back and noticed Sandaime standing there talking to himself.

"We still have ten mintues until he snaps out of it." she muttered emotionlessly.

Jiraiya looked back and cracked a smile. "Nah! More like twenty minutes. He's just a senile old man."

Forty minutes later:

"WHOA!" Sarutobi stepped back and witnessed the most craziest scene possible: Orochimaru was getting beat by a girl. "Stop, everyone STOP!" his croaked voice made everything freeze.

Sakura's mouth hung loose, seeing the old, third, senile, hokage back, healthy and living! Sarutobi frowned, disappointed at what he witnessed. He snatched Sakura away from Orochimaru and laid her back into bed. Orochimaru gasped for breath and glared at the three idiots sitting on the floor, whistling in innocence.

"Thanks for letting this nut strangle me for forty freaking minutes." he replied sarcastically.

Tsunade gasped in shock, and indicated that she wanted an apology. "I tried to stop it, Orochimaru! I did!"

Orochimaru merely sneered. "No you didn't. You just sat there and bet against me."

Everything was silent.

"You're a bad liar." Arashi whispered in a song.

Sandaime coughed, interrupting the killer force in the air. "If you don't mind. I think somebody here needs a nap."

Arashi nodded his head. "That's right. Orochimaru, go to sleep and think about what you did."

"I didn't do anything. I said 'hey' and she jumped on me." he used as a defense.

"No one actually believes that. You're lies are worse than Tsunade's."

Tsunade almost took that as a compliment.

"Actually," a voice from the corner replied.

Everyone looked to the source and gasped. "Wow, when did you get here?"

Kakashi's head fell and he sighed. "I saw the whole thing. Orochimaru's not lying-"

"Lies! All LIES!" Arashi pointed furiously at his current student.

"When was the last time I lied?" Kakashi calmly replied.

Sandaime looked from Kakashi's plain, blunt face. And towards Arashi's emotional, 'I swear I'm telling the truth or am I?' face. "Sorry, Arashi. I don't believe you." he casually replied.

"No one ever does." he sighed.

"So, there it is. As much as Orochimaru creeps everyone out in a freakishly gay way, he is still innocent in all of this."

"There! THERE! He said it!" Arashi suddenly felt heat rise to his cheeks in the excitement of things. "Orochimaru's creepily gay, and Sakura freaked out, therefore, doing the things she did. It is not her fault!" he gasped for air.

Everyone stood there in silence and shook their heads at him. "That doesn't prove anything." Sandaime muttered. He looked back at Sakura...or tried to. "Now where in the world did she go?" he looked around the room.

Arashi panicked and began searhcing under the beds. "Sakura!" he shouted. "Well, she's not under there." he dusted the imaginary dust off of his shirt.

"Sure, because everyone likes hiding under beds." Kakashi rolled his eye.

Arashi shrugged. "Hey, Jiraiya does it all the time."

"Only because Tsunade's face scares this shit out of me!" was Jiraiya's only defense.

Tsunade made 'the face' and Jiraiya instantly hid behind Sandaime. "You are my only protection against her." he whispered to his former sensei.

"Sure, but who's going to protect ME against her?" both laughed jokingly, not even noticing the fists Tsunade is currently forming. "Maybe Orochimaru?" Sandaime suggested.

Everyone was silent.

and both Jiraiya and Sarutobi bursted into bigger laughs.

"Very funny." Orochimary sneered.

Arashi and Kakashi, having the most sense out of the entire group in room 123, sorted out their differences and went their seperate ways to find Sakura.

Sakura leaned against the bridge...THE bridge. Where team seven would meet. Where Naruto would ask her on dates, where she would rudely decline. Where Kakashi always poofed out of nowhere, making stupid excuses for being late. Where Sasuke will be when she finally declares that the love that she had for him...was nothing other than a stupid crush. And that she was finally over him.

She smiled softly, with memories of her former team hitting her all at once. It was sad to think that Sasuke will never come back, but a happy thought had just occured to her. Once everything is back to normal...her being in the time she was meant to be in...Naruto will finally be able to hold her in his arms...and...

"Sakura." a familiar voice from behind interrupted her thoughts.

Sakura's eyes shot open. She turned around hastily with a pleasurable smile on her face. That soon faded when she looked straight into Arashi's eyes...and not Naruto's.

"Disappointed?" he grinned boyishly.

Sakura gave him a genuine smile. That grin looked almost too familiar.

Arashi's grin grew at an intense rate. "So she does smile."

"I am capable." she crossed her arms. Refusing to drop her smile, possibly because she couldn't.

Arashi took a step closer, and Sakura stood firmly on the ground.

"What are you doing here?"

Arashi shrugged. "I was in the neighborhood."

Sakura raised a suspicious eyebrow.

"Er...or...I had you followed." he replied sheepishly. "Kakashi let me borrow this incredibly annoying, ugly little runt of a puppy." he groaned.

Pakkun scratched his ears and snorted. "I am not a puppy." and than he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Arashi casually strolled along her side and leaned lazily against the railings. Sensing her distress, he decided it would be best if he just stood there in solitude for a while, and then soon after, break the ice. What surprised him the most is when Sakura decided to say the first words.

"I really miss him."

Arashi snapped his head up and seriously looked at her for the first time. "Who?"

Sakura merely chuckled. "I don't think you'd want to know."

Our future Yondaime simply shrugged. "You're probably right. Because if I'M right, you'd probably mention Naruto." lucky guess. He snorted at this.

Sakura leaned against the rails with him and sighed in melancholy. "Thanks." she responded quietly.

The Naruto look-alike found himself bewildered. "For what?"

"For actually making an effort in finding me." she smiled.

Arashi returned the smile. "I'll always make an effort if it means finding you." he realized what he had just said, and flushed. That was meant to be kept secret.

Sakura felt butterflies in her stomach for the first time ever since she left Naruto in the future.

"Uh...," he looked at her, embarrassed to all means. "So, what do you say? Come with me?" he held out his hand.

Sakura considered her options. Leave, and make a desperate effort in finding a way back to the future. Or stay,and watch everyone around think of her as some kind of freak who just stepped out of a mental institute...

She looked up into Arashi's eyes, and this time all she saw was Arashi...

Sakura took his hand and let him lead the way.

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