"Amaira, get Rinoa's body away from Advina, now! " screamed Raina as she continued to fight Advina. "No, I am not leaving you to fight her alone!" shouted Amaira. Raina snarled at her and heaved her at Rinoa's body. "Quit trying to be the bossy one and do as youre told for once, damnit! This isn't the time or the place to be bitchy!" Amaira sighed frustratedly and did as she was told. She picked up Rinoa's body and moved it to safety. "Itachi, you watch her while I help Raina." Itachi nodded and kept a close eye on her and eyed Raina from time to time. Amaira went back to the fight only to find Raina and Advina locked in a deadly fight of black bolts and lightening. Raina swung her now lightening filled fist at Advina and hit her head on, sending the witch rolling into a wall and slamming into it hard enough to leave a body print. Advina chuckled and cracked her neck. "Well done, insect girl. I see you are quite strong indeed."
Raina smirked at her comment and bowed her head slightly. "I tend to keep a few tricks up my sleeve, hag. It's a witch thing, but I guess you wouldnt know about that, now would you, fraud?" The hatred poured from Advina's eyes. "You insolent little..." "Ah ah ah," tsked Raina. "Temper temper, hag." "HAG?" screeeched Advina. "That's it. You snotty little brat. I'll make you pay for that!" Itachi and Amaira looked at Raina in worry as Rinoa watched from her silent perch as well. Raina's body continued to glow as her power increased,as Amaira's became greater by the minute. "You see, HAG, we true witches can do more than measely spells and incants. Any true witch worth their spellbook is also a spirit medium." This garnered a wide-eyed look from all involved. "A medium?" inquired Amaira. Before Raina could answer, there was a terrible noice from above them, as if a nuclear bomb had exploded right on their heads. All of them ducked for cover, except Advina, who simply laughed. Rinoa, still floating about, found this curious, and moved closer to Advina so she could read her thoughts.

Concentrating all of her remaining energy on getting the complete thought, she was able to figure out what was amusing Advina so- something was coming...or someone. Just as she began to wonder if it could be Blaine, Rinoa started to feel a current in the room just as the ceiling caved in and a great blue light formed just to her right. Rinoa turned to see her sisters and Itachi staring at the blue enigma, which seemed to be hovering close to her body now. Itachi, suspicious, took an automatic defensive stance of both himself and the body, but backed down a bit when the light dimmed just enough for him to see the form of someone standing there. Amaira gasped, recognizing in an instant that it was, in fact, Blaine...but yet, it wasn't.
"About time you showed," chuckled Raina. Blaine did not even look at her, as he was focused on the body laying before him. He leaned down and brushed the hair off Rinoa's face, then immediately turned around and began to talk to air, or so it seemed to the others. Little did they know that Rinoa was now standing right next to him.
"Tell me what to do...tell me what her weaknesses are", he addressed the spirit only he could see, referring to Advina, who suddenly looked a tad bit frightened. Amaira looked confused, as did Itachi.
"Who on earth are you talking to?", Itachi asked, clearly thinking this man had lost his mind. Raina, giving Blaine a knowing look, came closer and simply said "He is talking to Rinoa." Amaira, with a single tear running down her face, looked shocked.
"She's still here?...I didnt think she was, because I couldnt see her this time...", she trailed off. Blaine, throwing a cold look in Advina's direction, asked Rinoa again.
"Weaknesses...does she have any?" Rinoa looked at him, still a bit surprised herself that he could see her, and shook her head.

"None that I know of, aside from sheer ego...I do know that she wanted you here, she did this to get you here. Blaine, I dont know what she intends to do to you..." At this, he simply gave her a look, then turned to Advina.
"You are going to regret every single moment of this...I promise you that."
Advina laughed, raising an eyebrow. "Is that so? Well, well, Come to save your beloved?" She laughed loudly, then pointed towards the body on the ground, "Youre a bit late, I'm afraid. No matter what ghost you have been talking to, you cant change the fact that she is dead as a doornail. No amount of anger or diffuse blue light can change that. But since you're here...maybe you'll see fit to give back what is rightfully mine."
Raina looked at Blaine in confusion. "What the hell do you have, damnit?" Blaine didnt answer, just kept looking at Advina with a steel gaze.
"I dont have a damn thing that belongs to you."
Advina shook her head." You see, thats where youre wrong...that power inside of you...the thing you call Fury...that is mine. And I want it back", she said , then raised her staff, which began to glow a bright purple. Raina, unamused, moved up beside Blaine, as did Amaira, then Blaine watched Rinoa position herself right behind Advina.
As Advina gathered power, the rest of them watched with a certain amount of trepidation as Blaine began to give off the intense blue glow again.
"You think this power is yours?", he said, smirking," I got news for you...you were just the opening act...in case you haven't noticed, you missed the main event. But you're going to have front row seats for the encore." Raina, Amaira, and Itachi all backed away a bit as the blue glow became brighter and the man they knew as Blaine transformed right before their eyes into the alter they knew Advina both feared and wanted to possess- Fury. Opening his now red eyes, he aimed a blue energy ball straight at Advina, which when she ducked, passed right through Rinoa. "HEY!...watch where you aim those things...,"she yelled, then realizing you have to be alive to get killed, gave it up. Fury stood there, building up his strength, as Advina's power reached it's full potential.
"Fury, so we finally meet, "she looked at her staff, " now...should we see which of us has the real power here?" Fury did not move, just glared at her.

"Hey Cookie Monster, you gonna attack or am I going to have to do it for you?" Raina said smugly to the blue hulk of anger. Amaira stepped back, Itachi moved in, sure Fury would launch a blue flame at Raina, which he considered. Knowing this, Rinoa moved right in front of Raina, just as a form of distraction, knowing that Fury would be just as quick to knock her out the way if he so chose. Sensing that Rinoa was close, Raina immediately set about locking on her soul energy. Advina, annoyed by Raina's walking about, sighed loudly and came towards her.
"What on earth are you doing? My lord, you are more annoying than a fly on the wall..."
Raina spoke to her while concentrating. "I'm locking onto my sister's soul energy, you insolent hag. There are three types of energy in the physical body; adrenaline, which is a quick rush of energy, aural energy, which is less known and harder to spot and soul energy. You see, the soul has it's own energy signature. its the hardest to sense unless you are a spirit medium, which I am."
Advina rolled her eyes. " I know I know...for the love of the goddess, I know. What good is that going to do you, you lunatic?" Raina smirked at her, then threw a knowing look at Amaira. "You'll see". Just then, Raina finally got a lock on Rinoa and began chanting. Advina, realizing what she was about to do, stepped back and threw a bolt from her staff at Raina, who flew back against the wall. At this, as Itachi rushed to her aid, Fury moved forward so fast Amaira didnt even see him until he had Advina by the neck, holding her off the ground. Amaira moved beside Fury as he let go of Advina, yet she still hung in the air, as if suspended there. Amaira realized that he was holding her there by sheer power of the mind. As Advina raised her staff, Fury raised one hand, and with a slight movement, threw Advina across the room, just as her staff discharged a bolt so massive it knocked even Fury to the ground. As he got up, now even more angry, Advina shot another bolt at Amaira...but instead hit Raina, who was suddenly standing right in front of her sister. Advina, confused, walked right over and looked Raina straight in the face. Breaking her concentration, Raina opened her eyes, revealing that one remained purple and one was now Rinoa's infamous blue. All looked at her in awe as Raina/Rinoa spoke.

"You want power, "both voices spoke in unison," youre going to get it." The sisters locked eyes on Advina and let out a loud snarl.
"Now it's time you pay for what you have done."
As Fury came to stand next to her, Raina began to radiate a great black and blue aura. Amaira, knowing what was coming, joined the frontline and began to build her own power. Advina, suddenly nervous looking, closed her eyes and collected her thoughts...and moments later a great purple forcefield surrounded her.
"Get through that. I dare you...", she taunted. Raina just tilted her head, let out a small laugh, Rinoa's laugh, and with a flick of her wrist, shot a blast of combined energy at Advina. Unable to penetrate the barrier at first, she kicked it up a bit, putting both hands in front of her and pushing all of their combined magic into the energy stream. Sensing her strain, Amaira let loose with her own energy stream, which combined with her sisters'. As the strain became worse, Raina's face began to blur with Rinoa's and then, for a brief moment, Rinoa stood on her own beside her sisters, with Fury standing in wait on the other side. Then, just as the barrier around Advina collapsed, Amaira screamed to Fury.
"NOW. You have to finish this, they cant go on", she said, then watched Raina/Rinoa sink to the ground, unconscious. Fury, not waiting to find out their condition, threw himself at Advina, grabbing her and taking flight, rising up out of the great hole he had blast in the ceiling upon arrival, with Advina in one hand. She lost grip on her staff, and it fell back to the ground in front of Amaira, shattering and sending dark purple energy everywhere. Amaira looked up through the haze and saw only a bright blue light above her. Itachi, sensing danger, came and grabbed Raina/Rinoa and Amaira's wrist and pulled them to the safety of the corner where he had Rinoa's body. It was just in time, as a moment later, Fury, in a fit of rage, threw Advina down to the floor. She hit the ground with a sickening thud, and laid there, not moving. Fury, not done yet, landed next to her. Looking down on the clearly defenseless witch before him, he contemplated the energy built in his hand for a moment, then pulled back and threw it at her, dissolving her into nothing more than dust on impact.

In the moments after, the silence was unnerving, as Amaira and Itachi walked towards Fury, unsure as to what he did or how he did it. He looked up, rage still in his eyes, and began to look around. He walked directly over to where Rinoa's body lay, stepping over Raina in the process. Itachi made a vain attempt to stop him, but he just walked right past him and picked Rinoa up, readying himself to take flight again, just as Raina sat up and screamed"STOP!".
Fury turned, angry, and looked at her. Raina, unsteady, stood up and once again repeated,"Stop. You cant take her body from here...this is where her spirit is...Or...was...", she trailed off, looking worried. Amaira, sensing her panic, rushed over. "What is it?".
Raina looked around frantically, then suddenly burst into tears.
"She's not here! She's gone! She's gone now...I dont sense her, I dont see her...Rinoa...she's just...gone." Amaira, taken aback, looked towards Fury as Itachi took Raina into his arms. Suddenly looking conflicted, Fury laid Rinoa's body on the ground and stared at it. He shook his head as he heard Blaine talking to him from somewhere within.

"You know what has to be done, now do it, damnit. Dont stall on me, you do this. You give her back to me. You have half of my life, you give me this." Fury, knowing this would mean giving up much of his power, hesitated, pondering escape. As he contemplated his next action, Raina began to scream at him.
"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! I know you can help her! I know you can...now DO IT!" Raina fell back against Itachi, drained. Fury looked down at Rinoa's lifeless form, and grudgingly picked her up. As Amaira, Raina, and Itachi watched with baited breath, Fury held Rinoa's body against his chest, then wrapped his wings around her and closed his eyes. As they stood there, spellbound, blue sparks began to flicker around Fury and Rinoa as the blue glow returned, this time even brighter and more radiant. Itachi shielded his eyes as the glow became so intense it filled the room. Suddenly, an energy stream akin to a solar flare burst forth from Fury and found it's way back down, into Rinoa's body. Amaira stared, slackjawed, as Raina simply watched, waiting for the final result, prepared to give it a shot herself if it didnt work. As another energy stream exploded in front of them, Itachi pulled Raina and Amaira farther back, unsure of what such energy would do to a living being. They closed their eyes, sure that the entire place would go up in flames any moment, but just as quickly as it had begun, suddenly, it was over. They opened their eyes to see Fury drop Rinoa, then stumble back, dazed. Raina and Amaira ran to Rinoa's side, lifting her head off the ground, as Fury and Itachi looked on.

"Rinoa?", Raina said lightly, timidly, looking down at her sister. Amaira began to cry, as Rinoa still lay unresponsive, cold. Raina, enraged, looked up at Fury.
" What happened? Why isnt she back!" As she glared holes in him, Fury's form began to soften and give way, and in the blink of an eye, was replaced by Blaine. Amaira looked at him, then at Rinoa, then pulled a hesitant Raina away from her sister's body so that Blaine could be next to her. He leaned down, then sat, pulling Rinoa close to him. He said nothing, just simply put his forehead to hers, and closed his eyes. The other three remained motionless, waiting for something, anything, to happen. Blaine, opening his eyes, got a small smile on his face as he whispered into Rinoa's ear.
" I know youre in there, so you might as well quit being dramatic and come back to us, Gorgeous"
Raina, leaning into Itachi, leaned forward as Rinoa slowly opened one eye, then the other. Blaine smiled at her as she looked up at him, confused.
"Am I...im back?" He nodded at her.
"You sure are, Gorgeous. How you feeling?" He sat her up a bit. She rubbed her head, then looked around.
"Where's the hag?" Raina laughed at this, and Blaine looked up and around, getting a playful smirk on his face.
"Oh...here, there...everywhere" Rinoa looked lost, and Raina laughed loudly through her leftover tears as she came walking over. "She's dust, sissy...literally."

Rinoa looked wideeyed, then began laughing hysterically. "Fitting, I say" She sat up, then got to her feet with Blaine and Raina's help. Amaira, in disbelief, looked her over, then grabbed her and hugged her so tight she thought she might break.
"Hey...I just got back...attempt to refrain from squeezing the life out of me until tomorrow." Everyone laughed at this, as Raina remarked, " Oh yeah...she's fine". Rinoa turned to Blaine, who suddenly noticed something off.
"Your eyes...Rinoa...theyre different." Raina, curious, looked at her sister.
"Hot damn he's right...theyre darker and brighter all at the same time...but still blue, so dont freak out." Rinoa shrugged, then threw herself against Blaine, putting her arms around his neck.
"Now who's strangling people?", he joked. Rinoa looked up at him, then put her head on his shoulder.
"I was scared...I thought it was over for me. But then, I just knew...", she trailed off, looked up at him again, "I knew you were coming". She smiled at him, then turned to look at her sisters and Itachi, sighing.
"You ok?", Itachi asked, ready to get the hell out of there. Rinoa nodded.
" I just have one question, " Rinoa said, looking up at the sky, then at her sisters, then at Blaine.
"Can we get out of here now? Cause im getting witch dust in my lungs."
Raina looked at her as if she were insane, then bust out laughing, as did the others. Blaine, amused, grabbed her and looked her square in the eyes.
"Ready when you are."