"Dad. Come on. You have had to always wonder..." Lorelai paused for her dramatics, "Why is Grams called Trix?"

"You know... I've never asked" Richard exclaimed, shocked as he thought about it. Emily rolled her eyes at that week's Friday Night Dinner conversation

"Why don't you ask her, Richard?" She suggested

"What? No!" Lorelai insisted, "That would take the fun out of guessing

"That's true, Grandma" Rory added

"Come on, mom. Admit it. You're a little curious" Lorelai grinned, nodding knowingly

"I am not!" Emily exclaimed

"Why not? I most certainly am!" Richard laughed jovially

"Is it because she used to play tricks as a kid?" Lorelai asked

"Well, it's not spelled the same" Rory pointed out

"What's her middle name?" Emily finally siggested with a sigh

"Hah! I knew you were curious!" Lorelai yelled before doing a mini "in your face" dance

"Lorelai Victoria Gilmore the second, stop that this instant!" Emily yelled

"This is a dinner table, not an arena for your theatrics" Richard scolded

"Sorry mom, dad." Lorelai apologized, not looking all that apologetic

"I don't know her middle name" Rory answered her grandmother

"Me neither" Lorelai also answered

"No, me neither" Emily replied as they all looked at Richard

"Don't look at me. I haven't a clue either" He said, holding his hands up

"I wonder how she got that name... Now it's going to bug me forever!" Lorelai exclaimed

In England, Trix sat down for a breakfast of toast, eggs, orange juice and her favorite cereal. Trix. She smiled indulgently as she stared at the box and laughed saying, "Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids!"

She took a big bite of the cereal before whispering, "What they don't know, won't hurt them... I wonder if it works for those that are kids at heart..."