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Summary: Every character mentioned in Twilight gets sucked into a series of fairy tales. 'Nuff said.

Rated: K It's all happy and safe for everyone :D

Spoilers: Well, a bit. I'm including some of the New Moon characters, though Bella doesn't know any of them (Aro, Jane, etc.)

Setting: After Twilight… before New Moon


A bunch of very confused people filled a white room. Everything was very white in the room - very creepy in an all white kind of way…

"What's going on?" Jasper asked, his voice breaking through the otherwise silent room. Suddenly the room was filled with babbling.

The hubbub continued as the Cullens held a conference in the midst of it all.

"How did this happen?" Asked Alice.

"More importantly: what happened?" Edward added.

"Uh… what were you guys doing before this?" Carlisle asked.

"I was in the woods," Emmet started to explain, "Giving Nutty a new computer game I thought he might like and then I was here! Just like that!" Emmet snapped his fingers. "It wasn't me, I swear!"

"Uh huh… Anyone else?" Carlisle continues.

"Jasper and I were watching Dracula," Alice volunteered.

"This is extremely unusual," Esme mused, glancing around the room, "Why these people? I only know some of them; some people I've seen around Forks… but many I don't recognize…"

The others scanned around the room, trying to find the connection.

Bella, who had been studying everyone during the 'conference', realized that everyone present was someone she knew, or vaguely recognized.

"Even the waitress…," Bella mumbled.

"What?" Edward asked Bella.

"Everyone I've met since I've moved here is in this room," Bella explained, "Even that waitress from the Italian restaurant…"


"You know! That night in Port Angeles? I had mushroom ravioli and two cokes? You gave me your jacket?" Bella tried refreshing his memory.

"Huh. You're good with details, Bella," Edward complimented, "Though I don't remember the waitress…"

Bella smiled.

"Eh Hem!" Jasper coughed, "Maybe we should find out what going on?"

"Capital idea!" Emmet beamed, "I bet there's a password that unlocks a secret door! Let's try!"

"Emmet. That's just weird," Jasper retorted.

"Nuh uh!" Emmet said, then bellowed at the crowd, "EVERYBODY! WE'RE GOING TO TRY TO FIND OUT THE PASSWORD! REMAIN CALM!"

The room went silent as everyone stared blankly.

Emmet ignored them and began password guesses, "Rainbow? Squirrel? Bananas are our friends? Oh Happy day? Sing, sing a song? Dumbledor is the coolest? Use the Force? Luke, I am your father? Capt. Jack last's name is Black… or was is Sparrow…?"

"Emmet!" Jasper interrupted, "Your passwords are so weird! Stop the insanity!"

And then it happened.

Millions of envelopes fluttered to the ground.

"You did, Jasper!" Emmet gave Jasper a giant hug. "You found the password!"

"I did?"

"Yes, you did! It was 'stop the insanity'!"

"Get off me!" Jasper said.

"Oh, right," Emmet stopped hugging Jasper and jumped up to catch an envelope.

He opened it and read the letter:

Hello Emmet,

You, and the rest of the people mentioned in the book Twilight, have all been sucked into a fairy tale world. Well, you're not there yet, but you will be soon. All you have to do is say the right password. Once you are inside the fairy tales, you will receive your role. I suggest you go along with it as best as possible. It will make it easier for you to return to Forks faster. Have fun!

"Whoah, that's twisted," Jasper said, finishing his own letter, which was identical to Emmet's, except with his own name.

"I think it's cool!" Emmet exclaimed.

"Yah, but why are we here? What's the point?" Rosalie asked.

"I dunno," Emmet pondered this for a moment, "Maybe it's just for fun."

Carlisle shrugged, "I suppose we have to act our way through the fairy tales. Wait a second… is that-"

"Carlisle!" Boomed a happy voice, "It's so good to see you! It's been centuries! Ha, ha, ha!"

"Aro!" Carlisle said happily and left the Cullens to go talk to his old (literally) friend.

"Aro?" Bella repeated.

"One of Carlisle's old friends… I told you about him that day you met my family," Edward explained.

"Oh, yeah," Bella remembered.

"Ok, let's start on working out this password then, shall we?" Alice suggested.

"OK!" Emmet shouted enthusiastic, soon caught up in a reeling off more wacky phrases and words, some that appeared to be in other languages.

"We're doomed," Jasper announced flatly.

"Nonsense!" Rosalie said in defense of Emmet, "He's getting close. I can feel it." She threw Emmet a look that said he's better prove her right.

Emmet gulped and threw out passwords even faster, reaching amazing speeds.

Bella watched this speed with amazement. "Vampires rock," She commented quietly.

"Password accepted," A robot like voice rang out.

"I did it!" Emmet shouted gleefully, "It was 'I'm actually a dwarf'!"

"I think it might have been Bella, actually," Edward said quietly, throwing worried glances around the room.

"Have fun in the Fairy Tales," the voice said. And then everybody vanished.

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