Author Notes: First off, this one-shot is dedicated to FastForward for her birthday. Happy Birthday, Sarge! Another year older, and another year wiser, ne?

Here is your promised fluff between Sasuke and Naru-chan. Enjoy!


"I always wondered, Sasuke, why you liked sunsets so much. I mean, what makes the dying sun so … er, interesting to you?" Naruto questioned, watching the sunset like always with his best friend. The colors of the sky were softening and turning darker by the moment, but Sasuke was staring at it with such fascination … that it was almost scary. "Any special reason you like sunsets so much?"

Slowly, Sasuke turned his head to look at Naruto. "Maybe," he answered vaguely, not really wanting to go into detail. Plus, the moment would be ruined if he had to explain, and he cherished these small moments with the blond more than anything.

"Aww, come on, Sasuke-teme! Tell me!" Naruto pretended to pout, hoping to make the other boy give in and answer already. "It can't be too important, right? It's just a silly sunset!"

"No, it's not." Sasuke shook his head; Naruto would never understand. "It's … a lot like you."

Naruto grinned triumphantly. "Ah, so that's why you like it so much! There! Was that so hard to admit?"

Scowling, Sasuke turned away. "You're so full of yourself, dobe."

"And you aren't?" Naruto gasped in mock surprise. "Well, I never!"

"Do you ever stop being an idiot?"

Naruto pondered the idea, and then beamed happy. "Nope! And who'd want me any other way?" He nodded, bobbing his head up and down as if in agreement with himself. "A dobe is a dobe … and that's what I am, ne? Well, that's what you think, right?"

Sasuke sighed. "Why do I put up with you?"

"Because … you love me!"

"Tch, hell no. I love sunsets."

"But … you said sunsets remind you of me! So … technically you love me, too!" Naruto smiled, happy with his conclusion and leaning forward innocently. "Don't you think so, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke choked, scooting further away from Naruto. "Do not!"

"Yes, you do!"

"No, I don't!"

"Yes, you do!"

"Yes, I do!"

"No, you don't!" Naruto paused. "Wait, that didn't come out right." Shrugging, Naruto rested his head on Sasuke's shoulder and blinked up at him like a sleepy child. "But … you know you do … I'm just too cute to resist."

Sasuke was half tempted to knock the other boy's head off his shoulder, but conceded to allow him that small triumphant. "Sunsets are different from you, though."

"Yeah, how?"

"Well, when the sun sets … all the light goes with it, ne? But you … you're like the last dying ray of sunlight … but you outshine everything."

"Aww … are you sweet talking me now, Sasuke?"

Sasuke grinned and looked away. "Maybe."