Hatori and Yuki, the unknowledgeable couple

Hatori was in his room and reading another interesting book when his doorbell rang. He had been living alone ever since his parents had died in a car accident. He was 15 years old and in an apartment outside of the Sohma estate.

When he opened the door, Ayame came in with a little boy in his arms.

"Who is that?" Hatori questioned his 2 best friends.

"Its my little brother, Yuki. He is 5 and my parents beat him for some reason so I brought him here when I couldn't wake him up." Said a sobbing Ayame.

"Give him to me." Said Hatori.

Ayame gave the boy over and he laid him down on the couch. He notice that the boy had many bruises stating to form and was having a hard time breathing.

"Does he have breathing problems?"

"Yes. Asthma. His inhaler is at home."

Hatori stated to quickly treat the wounds that were bleeding and then went to his office that he made for if his friends got sick. He came back with a needle, inhaler, and some pain meds for kids. He gave Yuki the shot and he woke up but still having a hard time breathing so he gave him the inhaler and the boy used it.

"Thank you. Niisan, do I have to… OW!"

"Here. Take a little of this and it will help with the pain."

"Do I have to go back there?"

"Hatori, may I speak to you for a moment?" they walked over to the side. "Can he stay here. You saw how he looks and they seem to do that a lot. He's 5 years old and I don't want my little brother to go to an early grave because my father is drunk."

"He can stay here, but I will need some more money. I don't have much in my kitchen and you will also have to give me some of his cloths. When I get used to the money thing, I will pay you back."

"You don't have to pay me anything. This is enough. Thank you so much."

"Yuki, you will now be living with Hatori. I will bring you cloths tomorrow and make sure you are feeling better.

"Thank you for not saying I have to go back there."

"I will make sure that our parents don't find out were he is staying. My father left the room when he was done with him and my mother was out."

"Thanks. You can go. He will be better tomorrow and he needs some sleep. Can you put him in my room on the spare bed?"

Ayame took Yuki and put him in a bed in the room.

"See you tomorrow little brother. Sleep well." And with that, Yuki fell asleep.