Yuki's Journal:

I'm 16 now. Hatori has been very distant over the last year and has been working himself to death ever since my birthday last year. To be honest, it hurts every time he looks away from me. It hurts to know he is distancing himself because of what had happened. I know he could never feel the way I feel but he could at least stop ignoring me. But if it will make him happy, I will leave him alone and continue to stay away.

: End of Yuki's Journal

Hatori dropped the journal on the bed. Hatori had been alone in the house for a week due to a class trip that Yuki was on. When he went in his room he had found the journal on the bed and decided to read it and see what is on Yuki's mind. He was totally shocked when he read the journal entries. He never knew that Yuki had feelings for him and felt the same way he did. Then he realized that Yuki was coming home today and put the journal back the way he found it. He then decided to take a shower and headed to the bathroom. Yuki walked in a few minutes later and heard the shower running.

"Yuki. Is that you?" came Hatori's voice from the bathroom.

"Yeah." He answered.

"Come here for a minute."

"What…" he was about to ask as he walked into the bathroom (so you know, the shower is directly next to the door) only to be cut off when Hatori pulled him into a kiss and shut the bathroom door behind him. They stood there kissing, Yuki's cloths getting all wet from the shower and Hatori's wet and naked body rubbing up against him. Yuki broke the kiss when the need for air came.

"What was that for?" he asked, "I thought you didn't feel that way about me."

"Your wrong. I always thought you didn't like me that way. Then I stumbled upon a journal in your room when I was putting some cloths away. Without thinking, I read it but I never thought it was that type of a journal. When I found some writing about how you feel about me, I became so happy that you felt the same way. I love you so much and have ever since the first time I had kissed you. I just never knew how to tell you." he said as he pulled Yuki up for anther passionate kiss.

"Guys. You home? The front door was open." Called Shigure from the front door. He walked into the house with Ayame right behind him in a hug. Ayame and Shigure had been together for as long as anyone can remember. They heard the shower running and decided to see if they were in there.


"Mmmnnh" Yuki moaned as their tongues met. Hatori started to take Yuki's shirt off. When he got it off he pulled him into the shower and pinned him to the wall. His kiss started to travel down to Yuki's collarbone making Yuki moan even more.

As this was happening, the door opened and Shigure and Ayame stood shocked in the doorway. Hatori and Yuki didn't even notice they had come in. Hatori's hand started to move down past his navel and started to undo Yuki's now wet jeans. Just then they heard a noise as Shigure made their presence noticeable to the two lovers.

"Ahem." Said Shigure making the two jumped away from each other. Hatori grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist.

"H-How l-long have you been standing there?" asked Yuki who looked like a cherry he was blushing so much.

"Since he pinned you to the wall." Stated Shigure in a matter-of-factly tone. Ayame was still in a state of shock due to seeing his little brother and his best friend about to do it. Then he started to smirk.

"What were you about to do to my little brother, Hatori?" Ayame said as his smirk grew from making Hatori blush with his question. Ayame never realized that he and his little brother had more in common than he thought. He never could have guessed that his brother was gay just like him.

"GET OUT!" Yuki yelled making Ayame's smirk disappear. Yuki wanted this and he hated that his brother had to interrupt this.

"I don't think so, little brother. I wanted to come and spend some time with you and tell you that Akito knows were you are and we have to get you both out of here of he might just kill you both. He doesn't like the fact that you took Yuki in and kept him away from him. So get dressed in dry cloths and lets go. We have someone who said they would hide you for a while." Said Ayame.

"Fine." Said Yuki. Hatori and Yuki got dressed and they all left for a safer place.

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