Hey all! I am finally back from a vacation in Vermont, and ready to get Chapter 10 up... wow. Took me almost two 'n a half years to get up to Chapter 10... Oh well, the important thing is, I'm back, the story goes on, and I'll (hopefully) get a good original story up (one that I made up, and only has a few things from other copyrighted things). Anyway, the disclaimer AGAIN (Man, this is a pain in the ass!). CAPCOM owns Soul Calibur, however Robert, Cosette, and Leviathan are completely my design. Alright, let's get to:


A Little Too Soon...

"Everyone, grab your equipment and let's go!"

Everywhere you looked out any window in the HQ, all you could see is fire, smoke, and people running frantically for any mode of transportation that could get them out of the country.

However, everyone in the HQ is steeling themselves for combat. Everyone's polishing or sharpening their weapons, putting on armour (DON'T MAKE FUN OF THE WAY I SPELL ARMOUR!!!!), or making sure everything is secured and locked up. I, on the other hand, was checking up on the Gateways to make sure that the one section that we found that contained a piece of Soul Edge was perfectly concealed...

Robert, HOW is replacing the siren with an arrow gonna help? One, you'll forget where the door is located, and Two, how will anyone else know where the door is? I softly replied, "One, I'll never forget this door. It leads to one of my favorite video games in the universe. And Two, you think I haven't thought this through? Watch this." I whipped a red magic marker out of thin air, and put a microscopic dot on the tip of the arrow. I then explained, "If Nightmare DOES find out about the Gateways, he won't be able to find out where they are. We didn't find the other nine, and the one we found is disguised. When Nightmare leaves, we'll simply rebuild, then I'll use your power to improve my eyesight a hundred-fold so I can find the arrow with the red dot. Simple as that.

Levi, being the optimist she is, exclaims, But can't Nightmare sense the Soul Edge Fragments? Even if we DO disguise it, he'll find it, along with the remaining nine. " I materialized an oversized hammer, with what looked like a stylish handguard going from the butt of the hammer and stopped three-quarters up the handle. It was a jet black, with dark blue flames decaled on the two faces of the hammer. After I was done shaping it just the way I wanted it, I said, "I checked out some Soul Calibur blogs on the internet, and according to a poll I posted, 80 of the people say that they think that Soul Edge's eye can somehow pinpoint the location of the fragments. All I have to do is stick the eye with something, and there! He can't see the fragments, and we can stall for time." Levi went to say something, then paused... then again went to say something, then paused again... and when she finally said something, she said, Wow. That was actually pretty thought out. I thought you were just a person that looks for the most direct approach, but you found a glitch in his system. The amazing part is, you're only 14 years old! I turn to go upstairs and face the monstrocity that is laying waste to a country, and as I walk up the stairs, I say, "Well, a lot can come from being a storywriting, video-game addict, and a Natural Helper."

As I walk out of the Gateway Hallway, I see something out of the corner of my eye. Without turning my head, so it wouldn't know it had my attention, it looked like a demon, but it's body was covered in worn skin and muscle. It's head wasn't all that impressive; it almost looked like he lopped off a head of a deceased person and stuck it on himself. It had normal-sized legs, but lanky arms that stretched all the way down to the floor. It's hands had no skin; the bony interior was all that was shown, and the tips of the fingers seemed sharpened to act like claw-blades. I didn't know what attributes it had, so I lifted my foot and kicked lightly enough so that my heel skidded along the surface of the floor. Suddenly, the monster burst into flames, and the only thing left was the pile of ash that used to be the monster. Satisfied, I asked Levi to scan the rest of the house for any heat signatures minus fire. After a few minutes, she said, Crap... Rob, you're not gonna like this, but there are 6 HUGE heat signatures coming from everyone's room, minus yours. I replied, "Well, isn't that good? Everyone's in their rooms, getting ready to fight Nightmare."

Yeah, but the thing is... everyone's already outside FIGHTING Nightmare.

That hit me like a ton of bricks... and when I opened Cosette's door, that's exatly what happened. Another creature like the one I fought before took a chunk of wall, cement, and cellophane, balled it up, and hurled it at me. Naturally, being the Hero I am, I dodged it and slayed the beast instantly... is what I would say if I wasn't nailed square between the eyes by the giant mass of pain. After I stopped writing in pain for about 2 minutes, I picked up my hammer that I dropped while I was recooperating, lifted it high above my head, and slammed it into the ground... and nothing happened. What I WANTED to happen was have an earth spire come jutting out from the ground under the monster, and impale him... in a spot that would have caused it immense pain, if it was a male. Instead, the ground started breaking up beneath it. Suprised my tactic didn't work, I backed up a step in fear of him being in attack reach. Then, he took a step forward, and...


I forgot I was on the second floor, so al I did was weaken the floor. So, the monster went crashing through it when it applied extra weight with it's foot. Not only that, but when I hit the floor, the spire came up in the exact place I wanted it... only one floor down. So, the creature fell through, impaled itself on the earthen spire, then spontaneously combusted, like the earlier one did.

After clearing out the house of the Demon Spawns (as i decided to name them), I sat down in the kitchen, catching my breath. As I reached into the fridge to grab a Dr. Pepper, Levi yelled, What are you DOING?!?!? Everyone's risking their lives against Nightmare, and you're gonna drink Dr. Pepper?!?!?!?!? I shook it up, put it in my pocket and said, "Nope. I have other plans for this..." Levi tried prying into my thoughts, but I used her power against her and gave her a shock.

"Hahahahahaha! That's right, mortals! Scream in anguish!"

Fire, shrapnel, and Demon Spawns lay waste to the German capital, while the citizens cower in fear, waiting for the Spawns to rip them to shreds. And in the middle of it all, Nightmare was fighting the Freedom Fighters... and winning. Kilik, Seong-Mina, and Yun-Seong were flailed out along the ground near a collapsed building. Taki and Raphael were standing in front of Nightmare, almost reluctant to even TRY to hit him. I looked around... and saw why. Cosette was tied to the top of a high school flagpole (also, just want to take a breather to say: Why the hell do they have to make school plagpoles f#king 80 feet high?!?!?), unconscious. To save time, I won't tell you about all the shit that was going through my head when I saw the scene. I changed the hammer into Tundra Beads, a long chain of rosary beads that acted as a whip, and had an added Ice element, thinking it might help in the fight to come. Sneaking through the debris, I made my way to a large building that miraculously led directly through the school.

Halfway through the school, I spotted a moving figure underneath some debris. At first I thought it was a Spawn, but it would have jumped out by now. As I approached the pile, I heard a muffled voice coming from inside the mountain of rubble. Taking a risk, I put down the beads and hurled the debris out of the pile, piece by piece. After removing the debris, the only thing left was a schoolgirl, just about my age and my height, coughing and trying to get her bearings. She had midnight-blue hair, no doubt the effect of dye, and a soot-laden face. The only thing that stood out on her dust-covered body was her emerald green eyes, which would have stalled me if not for the fact that Cosette was hanging from her doom. But, not wanting to leave her for dead, I waited until she got her bearings. When she got up, she looked around and said, "What... what happened? All I can remember is a warning, and then these hellish creatures storming through the school... and who are you?" I picked up the beads, turned around, and said, "What? No 'thank you for pulling me out from under that bone-crushing debris'? Jeez, no one here has any manners, do they?" As she was brushing the soot off of her, I checked the surrounding rooms to see if there were any other survivors. As I saw no one, I assumed no one needed saving, so I turned my attention back to the girl. She had most of the soot off, revealing a white buttoned t-shirt and a blue plaid skirt, which actually complemented her figure quite well. She introduced herself as Amy-and-that's-all-you're-getting-out-of-me-until-we-escape-this-hellhole. As informative as that was, I took it as a queue to guide her out of the school.

When we made it to the front of the school, we were a bit confused, being that we met no resistance on the way there. Then, it hit me; it was a trap. When I walked outside, there would be no doubt that I was gonna walk right into an ambush. I tried to think on my feet, but nothing came up. I looked over at Amy to see if she had anyth-

That's it! Amy!

"Hiya!" yelled Amy, as her foot came crashing down on Nightmare's helmet. Apparently, not only is she amazing at gymnastics, but she's a black belt at her Tae Kwon Do school. Add a strength, speed, and stamina buff, courtesy of Levi, and the fact that Nightmare killed her family right in front of her very eyes and left her to suffer, and you have an enormous asset to not only the world, but to a distraction. As Amy kept barraging Nightmare with a flurry of kicks (which probably didn't do any real damage, but was pissing him off enormously), I tended to untying Cosette. As I started ascending the pole, Demon Spawns below me started shooting what seemed like solified projectiles of blood at me. I used the whip and knocked all of them off course, but they just wouldn't stop shooting! And since I had most of Levi's strength in Amy's buffs and Tundra Beads, buffing myself or materializing wings wasn't a good idea if I wanted to escape this place alive. Being at a stalemate, I thought of what to do... and then it hit me. I let go of the pole, which sent me plummeting down towards the earth and my doom, gathered up my remaining energy, and yelled, "LEVIATHAN!!!!!!!" All of a sudden, A GIANT tornado of wated came jutting up out of the water, and swallowed me. When I realized what I had done, I smirked, said in a weak tone, "I'll leave the rest to you...", and then... everything went black.

Well, it took a while, but it's finally done! Not only does this mean this fic is gonna get awesomer (yea, I know that's not really a word XD), but it also means that I hit my goal. I followed through with this so far, and I plan to keep it going until the end! Thank you for staying with me for so long!

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