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Gilded Cage

Raven- Human Form

Age: Appears sixteen

Hair: Black with a blue tint

Eyes: Dark blue that change to black when angered

Clothes: Black cargo pants. A red/blue/black or occasionally white/grey tank top. Black boots. A Black duster and black leather arm bands with spikes on them that hides her wrist sheaths. Black utility belt.

Raven-Demon Form(Fire and Shadow)

Hair: Black hair with fiery red streaks

Eyes: black eyes

Clothes: Skin tight leather pant. Black leather shirt that covers only her chest.

Other: Black feathered wings

Hawk-Human form

Age: Appears fifteen

Hair: brown with a hint of red and gold

Eyes: Amber that change color with her mood

Clothes: Light blue cargo pants. White/grey/light blue/yellow tank top. White boots. White cloak. White wrist guards. White utility belt

Hawk- Demon Form(Light and shadow)

Hair: Black with White/gold highlights

Eyes: Silver

Clothes: Black skirt with hip length splits up either side of her legs. A white long sleeved shirt that only covers her chest and arms, flaring at the wrist. A golden hooded cloak

Other: White feathered wings. Silver necklace with a black hawk pendent.

Chapter 1 Summer Vacation

-- Shh. Keep quiet.-- Raven calmly scolded her sister for giggling. --Hey! We're only sneaking around in a dark lord's castle. And for what?! To find a portal to earth. Which is illegal on both sides.-- They paused for a moment as some guards passed by. --not to mention, if Lord koenma found out we would be put in Reiki prison faster than you can say whatever.-- Hawk replied gleefully as they came to the last corner. --Well there won't be a problem as long as you keep your mouth shut. Now be quiet.-- Raven replied stoically.-- You know your were a lot more fun when you were younger.-- Hawk whispered sounding miserable. Raven flinched at the hopelessness in her words. --I'm sorry Hawk.--She replied. Knowing she should have been more of a friend than a protector.

Just before they made to turn the last corner and make a break for the exit, four boys came running down the hall to the right of them. They ran straight for the door the girls were after. --Did they look like guards to you?--Hawk asked tentatively. Raven shook her head. --You've got eyes. I've got magic.--Raven said the code words. Hawk nodded and wove a shield of darkness around them while Raven cloaked their energy. Then the two of them ran down the hall through the same door. --I wonder what's up.-- Hawk asked as they entered the room to see the boys fighting an army of guards. --I don't know, but there is the portal. Go!-- Raven ordered. No one in the room noticed them entering the portal. Or so they thought.

" Let the vacation begin!!" Hawk cried out as they landed on the green grass of a park. "So what's first?" Raven asked cautiously, knowing her sisters idea of fun. "I don't know. I don't even know anything about the ningen world." Hawk said, blushing. " You what?!" Raven growled in warning. "Everyone in Makai always bragged about how fun the ningen world was…" hawk said shyly. " So you thought you would drag me along to some place that you know absolutely nothing about?" Raven asked. Hawk nodded. "lovely." Raven groaned. Before Hawk could mumble and apology, a group of boys came up after a rubber ball that had landed at the feet of the sisters. " Hey can we have our ball…" the oldest boy called out running across the field. Hawk picked up the ball and started handing it back to him when he started screaming. " Help! Demons!" He cried and took of faster than he had come. Raven began chuckling and him.

--Raven you baka! We need to blend in.-- Hawk scolded. --Who you calling baka, baka? And what do you mean by blend in?-- She asked suspiciously. --Look human. Otherwise we stand out like a human in Makai.-- Hawk sighed. --But scaring humans is fun.-- Raven joked indifferently. --Human. Now.-- Hawk demanded in a rare show of anger. Raven growled but complied with the request.

"I'm hungry!" Hawk exclaimed. Raven sighed. "Let's find something to eat then." She said and began walking down the street.

After about ten minutes of walking they came across an ice cream stand. "Ohhhhh! Raven let's get some ice cream! Please, please, please?" Hawk begged. Raven gave a slight nod and they went to get the said ice cream. Raven ordered a triple vanilla and hawk ordered a mint chocolate chip.(A/N: As if she needs it, right?) "That'll be two fifty." the man said. Raven tried handing him some coins. " What the hell!? Is this some kind of sick joke? I want real money and I want it now." He screamed in outrage. "this is real money." Raven said angrily. "get out of here before I call the cops on you." He cried. Raven scowled, and was dragged away by Hawk. "Stop making a scene before we have every spirit detective in Makai looking for us." She hissed. Raven growled and nodded. Satisfied, Hawk let go of her arm and began happily walking away. Raven began eating her ice cream. As soon as Hawk was ahead of her she slid her hand to her side and let out a small fireball, blowing up the ice cream stand. Hawk turned around and glared at her. --what?-- Raven asked. --You know what.-- Raven rolled her eyes.

Before she could replied a group of tough looking guys appeared from around an alley. The sisters watched as two of the boys came to them. "what are a couple of lovely ladies such as yourself doing out here so unprotected?" the older of the two scoffed, obviously the leader. Raven scowled. --No killing or mortally wounding.-- Her sister ordered. Raven nodded slightly. Letting out a small smirk Raven punched the nearest one in the gut. The gang had let their guard down in thinking that they were two helpless girls. Now they pulled knives, chains and other weapons out of what appeared as nowhere. The ones closest to Raven actually managed to slice her a couple of times before being knocked out. Hawk got her arm sliced only once before managing to scare off her attackers. --Raven, behind you!-- she called out as two of the boys that she had scared off pulled out their guns and began firing. The dark haired sister managed to dodge most of the bullets, but was still hit once in the stomach. She then raised her hand.

"burn." She yelled and sent out two fireballs, nearly killing the two boys. What was left of the group took off running. Hawk checked the energy on the two boys, both were still barely alive, but they would survive. She healed them slightly though they still remained unconscious. She walked over to her sister. "You alright?" She asked. Her sister nodded in reply. Hawk sighed as she spotted the blood covering her shirt. Hide the blood before people start noticing. Raven tensed and pulled her coat around so that it covered the blood, but not before sending a glare towards her sibling.

The two girls were walking down the street, slower than they would have liked, but Hawk wanted to save Raven from as much pain as possible. They turned a corner and bumped into a group of girls. "ouch." the brunette said as she landed on her butt. Raven winced at the contact to her wound.--Thanks for the warning.-- Raven snarled. --Sorry-- Hawk answered bashfully. "hey, are you two new around here?" A blue haired girl asked. --It's Botan.-- The elder sister hissed. --I'll take care of this.-- hawk replied. "uhh, yeah, we just arrived here for a vacation." She grinned. --The brunette is human, and the other one is an ice maiden.-- Raven related. --Strange. Maybe the human doesn't know about them.-- Hawk returned. They were ripped from their conversation by Botan. "Oh, gomen nasai. My name is Botan. They are Keiko and Yukina. We were headed to the mall. Do you want to come?" She asked perkily. "Sure, we have nothing better to do." Hawk replied kindly and told them their names. Raven felt the energy of a fire demon. She turned quickly to look around, allowing her jacket to open slightly. Quickly she replaced it. --What's wrong?-- Hawk asked nervously. --Did you feel that?-- Raven asked. --Feel what?-- Raven mentally shook her head. --Nothing. I'm just losing my mind.-- Hawk shrugged and continued to talk to the other girls and returned to walking to the mall.

At the mall the girls managed to drag Raven and Hawk to the nearest clothing store. By the time they made it there the injured demoness had begun sweating slightly. The girls already having mentally examined Raven, pulled a royal blue dress off the rack. "You would look so awesome in this!" Botan squealed. "No thanks." Raven said hesitantly. "Nonsense you must go try it on." she declared and suddenly tried pulling Raven toward the changing room. But she managed to cause Ravens coat to open, revealing the large amount of blood. "Oh my goodness!" Botan cried. "we need to get you to a hospital." Keiko agreed. "You've lost too much blood already. What happened…?" Yukina asked. Raven just snarled and leaned against the wall. The girls continued to beg her to let them take her. Raven just kept getting more annoyed.

"Enough I don't need to go to a ningen hospital." Raven yelled. Hawk, having followed her sister's lead and leaned against the wall, nearly fell over at her sister's comment. --Do you realize what you just said? You practically told them we were demons.-- She yelled mentally. --shit. Why didn't you stop me?-- Before Hawk could answer, Raven noticed a hurt expression pass over Yukina's face. Raven hated to see anything hurt someone so innocent. "You're demons?" she asked quietly. Raven nodded, expression never crossing her face. 'What is it about those eyes? I feel like I've seen them somewhere before.' she asked herself. Hawk was growling in the background.

"Okay, you're coming with us." Botan ordered and her and Keiko began dragging the sisters out of the store.

"Baka onna! Let us go! What do you think you're doing?" Hawk yelled when she came out of her stupor. The two of them refused to hurt the grim reaper and her friends, even if it is just to get away, that would be the same as suicide. Everyone knows that they are under the protection of the spirit detectives.

When they were around the corner of the building, over in an alley, Botan pulled out a compact. --What the hell is she doing? Now is not the time to be checking her makeup.--Raven demanded. Hawk just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

"Hey Koenma, remember those demons that were reported to have escaped Makai?… well we found them……No, I don't know where Yusuke and the others are……Keiko and Yukina……Okay, well bye bye." Botan said and closed the mirror. Still way too perky for Raven's liking. --We're gonna meet Koenma! You remember who he is right?!-- hawk cried out mentally. --Yeah, the ruler of the spirit world.-- Raven replied coolly still aware of the fact that they were just around the corner from a very popular building. --So what are we still doing here?-- Raven asked as she tried to move around the girls in an attempt to escape and was effectively blocked. --that.-- Hawk replied dryly. After a moment everyone, save Keiko, could feel the four energies coming directly towards them. Two demons, one half-demon, and one human.

--The spirit detectives.-- Hawk gasped. Raven and Hawk finally managed to dodge the girls and make a true attempt to escape. Unfortunately Raven's wound was still beginning to flow freely and she began to feel dizzy from blood loss. She stumbled and felt Hawk give her some energy. --Thanks, I needed that. she turned around and prepared to fight. --unfortunately, we have company.-- She said right before Hiei Jaganshi appeared in front of her. The others were right behind him.

End Chapter 1

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