Seductive Darkness (The Rewrite)

By xxlostmonkey

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Chapter 1: Dark Discoveries

Harry watched as the bullet traveled towards him. "NOOOOO!" he screamed, as a burst of power exploded from him, causing the bullet to melt in the process. In that blinding flash off light, Harry Potter disappeared…

Somewhere in London

Harry winced as he slammed harshly against the street. His mind was swimming with pain, and his eyes widened in shock as he stared down at his clothes. His usual baggy hand-me downs were soaked with blood…and not just anyone's blood…but his own.

"Great, just great," he murmured sarcastically, not noticing the almost Snape-like scowl present upon his face. Harry tilted his head up to survey his surroundings, his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

It appeared as if he'd fallen into some sort of dark, dingy alleyway with ancient, dusty shops. On closer inspection, Harry was beginning to suspect that he had plunged into a world was obsessed with some of the most horrific Halloween decorations, considering all of the things hanging around the place.

'Why does it feel like I've been here before?' Harry thought, as he tried to pull himself up, but he released a cry of pain when he moved. It looked like he now had a broken arm, a sprained ankle, and broken glasses.

He bit his lips nervously. It was obvious that he could not stay here all night, for all he know there could be death eaters just around the corner who would come and murder him any second.

A soft hoot nearby caught his attention. "Hedwig?" Harry whispered softly, almost as if he couldn't believe his luck. "What are you doing here girl?" he asked gently, as Hedwig fluttered down right in front of him. "How did you get out?" Hedwig shot him a puzzled look and hooted in confusion. Harry frowned. "How did you get here so fast? I could have sworn that I just arrived a few minutes ago…"

Hedwig fluffed up her feathers proudly and shot a look at something behind him. It appeared as if all of Harry's possession had disappeared from the Dursleys' and had reappeared now right beside him.

Harry gasped in shock. "What in the name of Merlin is going on?" he whispered, starting to panic. The last thing he remembered was Dudley pointing the rifle at him, and then a blinding flash of light. It should have been impossible for him to get out of there alive, since he had yet to learn how to Apparate, so…by all means he should be died right now. The pain he felt said other wise however.

Thing were getting too strange and complicated for his liking, not to mention the fact that he was currently in unknown territory. On top of that, he was feeling slightly dizzy, and he was tempted to do nothing more than to submit himself into the darkness.

Unconsciously Harry shook his head, trying to clear his mind. "Hedwig, go find someone…I need help…someone that we can trust…please…I don't…think I can stay…awake much…longer…"

Hedwig nodded, and in a flurry of feathers, disappeared. A few moments later, Harry felt the encompassing walls of darkness well up upon him. His will gone, he submitted himself to it, and fell into a deep death-like slumber. Unknown to him, his body began to glow, though with conflicting colors; half his body emitted a pure white glow while the other half produced a dark, blood red, almost black, glow.


The staff was currently enjoying a peaceful, quiet breakfast when a loud rumble shook the castle and tossed everything about, as if they were nothing but toys. A shrill alarm also went off, which began flashing a luminous red light.

Professor McGonagall was the first to recover. "Albus! What is going on?" she yelled over the noise, turning to face Dumbledore, a furious yet panicked expression on her face. Her frown deepened when she noticed the twinkle missing from the headmaster's eyes.

"We have to go now," he stated calmly, his voice hard and confident in the way that no one would dare to oppose him. "Harry's in trouble."

"Potter?" snorted Snape, his lips curling into its usual sneer. "What's Golden Boy done this time?" Professor McGonagall shot him a nasty look. "Give me one reason Albus. Why do I have to even bother trying to help Potter, much less save his pathetic behind." Snape stood up and furiously straightened his robes, which had become wrinkled slightly during the "earthquake."

"Because he's a student!" hissed McGonagall furiously. "We are responsible for him. You of all people should know the risks that he's under!" that shut up Snape, however Dumbledore quickly cut in.

"In that case, lets go."

In that instance, the Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape walked as one to the Apparation point, leaving the rest behind to help clear up the mess left behind, and disappeared to the dark alleyway near Privet Drive. From a distance, it would appear as if the three solitary figures were marching furiously towards Privet Drive. Then again, that was their plan.

A lone house stood apart from the rest, brightened by a single light of hope…or death.

"Is that number four?" whispered Professor McGonagall, looking surprised and apprehensively at the house. It gave off an aura of darkness, anger, and pain, almost as if someone had been…killed.

"Yes," murmured Dumbledore softly, his eyes dark with worry.

Snape gave the house a throughout stare. "Well, it doesn't look that horrible," he stated stiffly. As much as he hated to, he had to agree with Professor McGonagall's unease. The house reminded him slightly of Voldermort…

Dumbledore hesitated slightly before knocking on the door. In his heart, he knew that something had happened to Harry, something horrible. He lowered his eyes in shame. Years ago, he had promised Lily and James that he would protect Harry with his life.

And yet, he was alive…and he was starting to believe that there was a chance that Harry was…dead. He had failed the boy…he had broken his promise…

At that moment, the door slammed open with a sickening crunch, and a large beefy, purple-face man stood menacingly before them. "What do you want!" he screamed, spraying spit all over the three professors' faces.

It wasn't until Uncle Vernon was slammed against the wall that he realized his mistake. "You! You're his kind," he stuttered, pointing his finger accusingly at his "attackers." "You freaks! What do you want? Stay away from me!"

Snape obviously did not take kindly of being called a freak. 'It's a wonder that Potter didn't hex them already.' At that moment, he felt a tiny surge of guilt, which he quickly suppressed. This…muggle (I swear that Snape is really thinking that Vernon is a pig, lol) was getting on his nerves, and he had only been in its presence for a few seconds.

Naturally, Dumbledore came to the rescue. "I assume that you are Vernon Dursley?" he inquired politely, causing Uncle Vernon into a stuttering rage. "We are looking for your nephew, Harry Potter."

At those words, Vernon turned a sickly shade of green. It appeared as if he was reliving his worst nightmare. "I…don't know…whom…you are…talking about…" he stammered, his tiny eyes darting about for some sort of escape.

McGonagall frowned heavily. "We won't repeat ourselves again," she snapped furiously. Although she'd never admit it, Harry Potter happened to be on of her favorite students. "WHERE IS Harry POTTER!" she hissed, emphasizing each word.

If possible, Vernon's face paled even more. "He's gone…that damn freak…he deserved everything…"

At that Snape raised his eyebrows. "What did you do to him?" he asked, shooting Vernon his deadliest glare, which could almost match that of Voldemort's. Vernon then did not have the nerve to disobey him.

"Weshothim…" he murmured quickly, hoping that they didn't catch his words and wouldn't make him repeat them more slowly.

Dumbledore paled slightly. "Repeat that again…please," he asked softly, his eyes heavy with pain and guilt.

When Vernon refused to answer, Snape drew out a potion, something that appeared to be as if it were the Veritaserum. "Drink!"

Vernon shot him a panicked look. "But…I'm not…thirsty…"

Something in Snape snapped, as he shoved the potion into Vernon's mouth and forced him to drink it. The fight was pitiful, especially considering how much heavier the Muggle was compared to Snape, but then again he was made of nothing but layers of fat.

"Blasted pig of a muggle," Snape growled, after releasing Vernon, who sat there looking dazed. "What happened to Harry Potter?"

"We…shot him…" Vernon said, his black eyes blank and empty.

"WHAT!" screeched all three furious professors.

"We shot him," Vernon repeated obediently.

"How…how could you do that to your own blood?" whispered McGonagall, her lips tightening to a thin white line. Her hand was clenching her wand tightly, as if she wished to curse him. "Why did you do it?"

"He was a freak, a menace to the world. We should have killed him when he was a baby. He is a waste of space, a parasite upon us. He didn't deserve to live."

"Are you saying you never…spoiled him?" asked Snape slowly. He couldn't believe it! All these years, he had been wrong. Potter lived in hell and wasn't the egotistic being that he had imagined.

"Of course we did! We actually allowed 'It' to live in our cupboard! We actually gave 'It' food! By all means, he did not deserve any of it! He should have been thrown into the streets!"

At those words Snape walked towards the vermin and was about ready to slam his fist into the muggle's face. He knew that he'd never been fond of Potter, but this was ridiculous! Even he wouldn't treat a child so…horrendously! Much to his disappointment, Dumbledore reached out and clenched his shoulder.

"Not now Severus. We need to finish questioning him," he stated with a forced calm. "We can deal with him later, but Harry is our main priority." Snape nodded, and backed away reluctantly, however sneered at Vernon so coldly that it caused the pest to flinch in his daze.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know…he disappeared in a flash of light…"

The professors exchanged nervous looks. The same thought was flashing through their mind. 'Could it have been the Avada Kedavra?' If something happened to Harry…they wouldn't be able to forgive themselves.

"What color was the light?"

"It was…white…a pure white light…with a little bit of black…"

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