Flights and Fights

Author's Note/ Disclaimer: This is the next installment of my Harry Potter Crossover. If you haven't read The Harry Situation and Prophecies and Perils, you won't understand this story, so you have to read them first. They're not long and they're kind of fun (I think so, anyways) so give them a try and then come back and catch up here.

The characters I'm using don't belong to me, but I'm using them happily and will not make any money off this story or any that may come later.

That said… here we go!


"Look, all I'm saying is that it's not real… that's all."

Jack scowled.

"I know it isn't real, Daniel."

"Then why are you making us watch it?"

Jack rolled his eyes and pointed at the TV, where several muscular men who were shining with oil and sweat were pounding the crap out of each other.

"Because it's the only thing on."

Sam shook her head and stood up.

"With all due respect, sir… I have better things to do than sit around watching wrestling. Especially this kind."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"College wrestling is okay," Carter said. "Mark did it when he was in school. It's a real sport with an actual winner and loser. This professional stuff is basically a soap opera with testosterone and really bad acting."

Daniel nodded his agreement.

"There's no baseball on, Carter," Jack told her. "What are we supposed to watch?"

"You have 300 channels, Jack," Daniel told him, picking up the remote. "There has to be some channel playing something more interesting than wrestling…"

"Fine. Carter, you pick the show."

It was obviously his way of getting her to stay, but neither she nor Daniel commented on it as she sat back down on his sofa and reached for the remote Daniel was holding out to her.

"Like what?"

"Anything but something that will teach me something…" Jack said, leaning back into the cushions and taking a drink of his beer. "I want mindless entertainment tonight."

"Cartoons?" she asked, just on this side of sarcastic.

He shot her a look that was amused.

"No. Sponge Bob is a rerun… I saw it this-"

"What is?"

"Sponge Bob, Square Pants," Jack explained. "It's about this little yellow guy who lives under the-"

"How about the cooking channel?" Carter asked, flipping channels.

Both men gave her pained looks and she smiled.

"Or not…"

"Why don't…"

A flicker of light outside the window drew Daniel's attention, causing him to trail off, and that caused both of them to look over as well. In the darkness there was another flicker of light, and Jack lunged to his feet, reaching for his gun.

"What the hell…"

The light grew brighter for just a moment, and then vanished, sweeping upward with surprising speed. Jack rushed over to the window, opened it and looked out, only to have Daniel give a startled yelp.

O'Neill and Carter turned and saw the source of the light, now swooping out the fireplace.

It was a bird. Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes.

"What the hell…?" Daniel asked, echoing Jack's own statement of a moment before.

The phoenix squawked and dove straight for Jack, who dodged and tripped against his coffee table, which caused him to fall onto the sofa.

"Fawkes…" Sam said, just as startled as the others. "What in the world is-"

There was a flash of brilliant light from the fireplace, and suddenly a figure stepped out.

"Remus!" Daniel said, stepping forward.

The wizard gave them all a tight smile that told them this was clearly not a social call, and spied Fawkes, who had come to rest on the back of the sofa – right behind Jack.

"That's where he went…" the wizard murmured, almost to himself. "We wondered what-"

"What's going on, Remus?" Sam asked, confused – and a little worried. Wizards showing up on your doorstep (or in your fireplace, in this case) just couldn't be a good thing, after all. Especially since they already had plenty of history with the wizarding world – and most of it was bad. "What's Fawkes doing here? Where's Dumbledor-"

"Wait a minute," Jack interrupted, standing up and still holding his gun – although it wasn't pointed at anyone. "I thought only Dumbledore could come here without permission. Isn't he the Trapper Keeper guy?"

"Secret Keeper," Remus said, softly, a pained look flashing across his expression. "Yes, Jack. He is. Or he was, anyways."

"Was?" Daniel echoed. "What do you-"

"Dumbledore's dead. And you're in terrible danger, Colonel."

The room fell into a shocked silence that was broken only by a mournful call from the phoenix perched close to Jack.