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Spring had always been her favorite season.

For Ty Lee, spring was a time of rebirth. Spring was sort of a "middle" season in her mind, like fall. Spring changed from winter to summer.

And spring in the Earth Kingdom was breathtaking to behold. The way the grass turned green, the flowers bloomed and flourished. Every little thing filled her with delight.

But she had a special weakness for flowers. Especially cherry blossoms. She claimed they matched her aura.

So that was why, when it was still dark and she slept, that Haru snuck out of his house. He couldn't climb a tree to save his life (though he gave a valiant effort), and he stood for long minutes trying to figure out how Earthbending could assist him without destroying the tree or the flowers.

Finally he decided to heck with it, took a risk, and shimmied up the tree. Luck was with him; he didn't fall.

It was just beginning to lighten when Haru crept in and gently laid the cheery blossom—uncrushed and a gentle, pale pink—on her dresser before departing as quietly as he could manage.

He wondered if she'd know it was he who gave it to her.

It was late morning when he finally glimpsed her; she was still learning her way around the village, and his father had been sending him on all kinds of chores around the house and yard.

More likely, she'd been trying to find him. She was sharp like that.

Haru didn't hear her; Ty Lee didn't call him. Instead, sensing a presence, he had turned and saw her standing there before him, a small, shy smile on her face.

The cherry blossom was tucked behind her ear.

It wasn't so much that sight that made Haru's heart swell with emotion; it was the smile on Ty Lee's face and the color in her cheeks. "I, uh…"

Before he could think up a decent line, Ty Lee walked to him, gently pressing her fingers to his lips to silence him. Gently she rested her hands on his shoulders, studying his face for a moment.

After what felt like an eternity but had truthfully only been minutes, she gently leaned forward and kissed him.

Haru's eyes widened in shock, then slowly closed. Ty Lee's lips brushed timidly against his, but as his arms came around her waist her confidence grew, and her arms came to wrap around his neck, losing herself in the kiss.

Spring had always been her favorite season. Spring was a time of new beginnings.

The End


... Yeah. I support Ty Lee x Haru. Otherwise known as Tyru.

I don't know if the Fire Nation has spring, but I thought that since Ty Lee had been traveling with the circus, she might have been to many different places and witnessed the changing seasons...

I wrote this as a postwar fic, which is why Ty Lee is even in the Earth Kingdom to begin with.

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