Naruto's eyes fluttered slightly as the darkness of the room sunk into him making him feel lethargic. The gentle rhythm of Sasuke drawing circles with his thumb on Naruto's shoulder didn't help. If this kept up, Naruto was going to pass out any second, he was so relaxed…

"You're going to miss the ending." Sasuke murmured, lips so close to Naruto's ear that he could feel them brush across his skin as the other man spoke. Naruto smiled and turned, looking up into Sasuke's dark eyes. The Uchiha was so close, their bodies pressed together as they sat side-by-side on the deep, plush carpeting, backs resting against the sofa.

"It's your fault." Naruto sighed, curling up closer to Sasuke and burying his face into the dark haired male's neck. The movie continued to flicker across the screen, causing room to change color and the shadows to flicker as the scenes changed. Neither of the two men in the room seemed to notice, or even care.

"How is it my fault?" Sasuke asked, momentarily stopping the gentle pressure of his fingers on Naruto's shoulder in exchange for playfully tugging at a strand of blond hair.

"First you fed me, then you gave me wine…If I get any more relaxed, I'll slip into a coma." Naruto mumbled against Sasuke's neck, poking the man in the side playfully. Sasuke smirked.

"Maybe I should rile you up a bit, then? Keep you awake?" Sasuke offered playfully, burying his hand into Naruto's hair and tilting the blond's face up and away from his neck. Naruto stared up at him, eyes half closed and mouth parted slightly. Need flowed through Sasuke, sinking into his veins and leaving him cotton-mouthed.

Naruto let out a little 'ummpph' as Sasuke crushed their mouths together. The little noise of protested mutated quickly into a moan as Sasuke's warm tongue ran across his lips and into his mouth. Naruto's hands appeared and he reached up to grip the fronts of Sasuke's white button-up shirt. Their jackets were lying underneath them, the only thing between them and the carpet.

Sasuke had initially been confused and a bit annoyed (in an amused, exasperated kind of way) when Naruto had insisted that they sit on the floor when there was a perfectly good couch right behind them. Now, however, as he lowered Naruto onto the floor and felt the hard, unyielding surface beneath them, only softened by red-knit carpet, he was glad he had relented. The surface pressed against Naruto's back, holding the two against each other. Sasuke couldn't help but wonder if the two of them would ever use a bed again…

He didn't get much time to ponder of this however, when Naruto's soft mouth brushed across his neck and searching tan hands began to work frantically on the buttons of his shirt. Dark eyes flickered down as Sasuke took in the sight below him. Naruto's face was flushed, and his eyes were dilated and needy. Everything about him screamed for Sasuke to devour him whole.

And Sasuke had every intention of doing so.

Sasuke bent down, sucking hungrily on Naruto's neck, enjoying the salty firmness of his skin. Naruto mewled- that was the only way to the describe the strangled moaning sound- and turned his head, giving Sasuke access to a long line of skin from his ear to the slender line of chest visible before his shirt began. Sasuke took immediate advantage, nipping at Naruto's ear before licking a strip from the soft skin below the shell of his ear and then down to his adam's apple.

"Ah….S…Sasuke…You jerk…" Naruto grumbled, running his hand down Sasuke's shoulder and back. The feeling of cloth was frustrating and Naruto gripped at him childishly, wanting it to be gone. "You're always…ah….doing this…" Naruto's voice had become an unstable gargle as Sasuke nipped at the hollow of his collarbone insistently.

"Always doing what?" Sasuke asked playfully. "Making you beg like a girl?" Naruto glared down at him.

"Teasing me." Naruto retorted, wrinkling up his nose cutely before Sasuke's tongue slid along his throat and he began to gasp helplessly.

"NnnnGhhh…." Naruto panted out. Sasuke couldn't help but appreciate Naruto's ingenuity when it came to making noises that made him want to jump him.

"Yeah, but you enjoy every second of it." Sasuke responded, tugging at the bottom of Naruto's shirt impatiently. The blond shivered as Sasuke's knuckles brushed against his abs.

"Shirt off." Sasuke said firmly, yanking at the material insistently. Naruto nodded enthusiastically, pushing at Sasuke's chest slightly until there was enough space between them for Naruto to squirm out of his shirt. Sasuke eyed Naruto's skin appreciatively, enjoying the way the weak light from the television (they would definitely miss the ending, at the rate they were going) was casting varying shadows across tan skin. Beautiful.

"Hey!" Naruto said with a pout, noting the hungry look in Sasuke's eyes. "This isn't fair! How come you get to have all the fun?" Sasuke gave Naruto a curious look, arching one dark eyebrow inquisitively.

"All the fun? You're not enjoying yourself?" Sasuke teased, running his fingers lightly down Naruto's side. The blond squirmed slightly at the contact and reached up to yank at a chuck of Sasuke's hair.

"No tickling." He warned, leaning up so that their noses were touching. "And take your shirt off. Play fair, will ya?" Sasuke chuckled and moved forward to nuzzle Naruto's neck. Being with Naruto made him feel immensely light hearted.

"Alright, Alright." He conceded, pushing himself up so that his weight was resting on his knees and he kneeled above Naruto, straddling his waist. The blond's arms relaxed, falling back onto the carpeting at angles, his hands resting palm-up beside his head. Sasuke purposely took his time removing his shirt, enjoying the way Naruto's blue eyes examined his fingers carefully. He liked it when Naruto looked at him like that. It was every…


"Sadist." Naruto grumbled, losing patience and reaching for the bottom button. He worked his way up as Sasuke worked his way down and when the last button was undone Sasuke caught Naruto's fingers in his grip and brought them up to his mouth, kissing the tips lightly. Naruto blushed, turning to face the television, but not actually paying attention to what was on the screen. Sasuke smiled a bit, the darkness causing shadows to consume his face, making his eyes glint curiously.

Sasuke finished removing his shirt and laid it gently to the side, rolling out kinks in his shoulders slowly. Naruto's eyes flickered back onto him, eyeing his chest slowly. Finally convinced that he'd made Naruto suffer enough, Sasuke bend down, intertwining his fingers with Naruto's and pressing them into the floor beside Naruto's head. Sasuke's face hovered above Naruto's, wavering between cautious and desperate. Naruto, impatient as always, craned his neck upward and closed the gap, crushing their mouths together. Their teeth clacked slightly as Sasuke adjusted, easing his mouth against Naruto's carefully.

When their tongues met, Naruto shuddered and pulled his hands free from Sasuke's so he could rest his weight on his elbows to get closer. Their chests met, and the heat of uncovered skin made them both gasp, and their kiss turned, momentarily, into gasping pants and the exchange of air before their minds caught up with them. Sasuke pulled his head back a bit, examining Naruto's dilated eyes and open mouth.

His neck. Sasuke couldn't stop thinking about Naruto's neck. That long, tan expanse of skin that led down, down, into his chest…

Naruto jerked and hissed when Sasuke bit down on the curve where his jaw and neckline met. It wasn't that it hurt, so much that the sudden contact on sensitive skin caused his whole body to light up. It was getting very hard to think. Naruto wasn't sure when, up at some point the hand he had wrapped around Sasuke's shoulders had ended up on Sasuke's chest.

Naruto trailed his fingertips down Sasuke's abs, eyes half-closed from the pleasant feeling of Sasuke's mouth moving down his neck. Good. It felt good. So Good…

Naruto's fingers were resting on the top of Sasuke's pants. His thumb ran over the clasp again and again, as if he was marveling over the cool, smooth surface. Sasuke's tongue found the hallow of Naruto's throat. Naruto's finger's dipped beneath the fabric of Sasuke's pant.

Both men moaned.

"S-sasuke…Sasuke…." Naruto murmured, pressing his hot forehead against the cool skin of Sasuke's shoulder. The Uchiha responded by pressing down on Naruto's chest, pushing the blond down onto the carpet.

"Naruto." Sasuke's voice was infuriatingly level and if it wasn't for the slight flush on his cheeks and the muss of his hair Naruto would have been pissed. After all, by this point Naruto looked thoroughly ravished. The skin of his neck was red and bruised, his hair was in messy hunks and his skin felt so hot he was sure he was going to melt into the carpet.

"Are we….Did you…" Naruto bit his lip, one hand still on Sasuke's pants, the other wrapped around one of Sasuke's wrists now. "I was wondering if you wanted to have sex with me?" Naruto, with his natural eloquence, blurted out. Almost immediately Naruto wanted to kick himself, wondering exactly why his brain had to put it like that. And stubbornly refusing to blame himself. It was his brain. His stupid, stupid brain.

Sasuke let out a little laugh before catching himself. Putting the on the calmest, most matter-of-fact face he could muster under the circumstances, he responded slowly.

"I would have thought, usuratonkachi, that whether or not I wanted to was not a necessary question." Sasuke gently brushed Naruto's hair out of his face, looking thoughtful. "I definitely want to have sex with you." As if to prove his point, Sasuke ground his hips down onto Naruto's, causing their erections to press together. Only Naruto's hand, his fingers resting slightly inside the rim of Sasuke's pants, kept their bodies apart a bit. "Do you want to have sex with me?" Sasuke asked coolly, trying not to sound smug. It wasn't hard to guess the answer when he could feel Naruto beneath him, hard and hot. Naruto seemed to realize the futility of denying it, and just nodded slowly, keeping his eyes locked with Sasuke's. The Uchiha smirked.

"Excellent. Now that that is out of the way…." Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hips, positioning his body so that he was half laying on Naruto, holding his chest up with his elbows, his chest in line with Naruto's stomach. Naruto blinked, startled by how quickly Sasuke had moved.

Sasuke dipped his head down, gently taking one of Naruto's dark nipples into his mouth. Naruto, usually so very…articulate, lost all ability to form words. He was reduced to pants and garbled fragments of words. Sasuke swiped his tongue in a circular motion around the sensitive skin, before sucking and pulling at it lightly with his teeth. Naruto arched his chest up appreciatively, head falling back and arms going limp. Sasuke was slightly disappointed that the hand on his waist slid loose, falling down almost lifelessly against the carpet.

Naruto couldn't think about that. Naruto couldn't really think about anything. Everything Sasuke was doing to him was sending shots of electricity down his body, that turned white hot and rocketed through his erection. He was throbbing. It occurred to Naruto that he might not last long here. It had been so long since he'd had anything even remotely this erotic done to him, and he was going fast.

Summoning up all the will-power he had left, Naruto drew up one hand slowly, and began to work on getting Sasuke's pants. Off. Now.

Sasuke seemed to sense Naruto's urgency, because though he made no attempt to stop his ministrations on Naruto's nipple, one of his hands was sliding purposely towards Naruto's pants as well. Together the two managed to fumble their way free of two pairs of pants, thought Sasuke had rather begrudgingly had to pull back from Naruto's sensitive skin long enough for them to wiggle free. Now the only thing between them was two sets of boxers- one pair orange, the other dark blue. The symbolic aura of the moment was not lost on Sasuke, who took a moment to admire the sweat-slick span of Naruto's toned chest and abs before digging his fingers into Naruto's waist and thrust up against Naruto's crotch.

The response he got was incredible. Naruto moaned and jerked, grinding upward desperately. His buried his fingers into Sasuke's hair, digging into his scalp, while the other hand pressed against Sasuke's back, desperate to cause more contact. For a moment, Sasuke froze, trying to stall the wave of heat that was exploding through them, trying to meld into it and flow with it so that the feeling never stopped.

When the tension finally eased back, something in Sasuke snapped and he was suddenly off of Naruto and tugging at the blond's boxers. Naruto seemed to be in complete agreement, gasping a bit when the band of the boxers caught on his erection. Suddenly, Naruto was naked, Sasuke was hard as hell, and they had the entire evening. It was happening. Really happening.

"I- I brought stuff…to…ah…you know…" Sasuke had never stammered before. Not like this. He felt ridiculous. Everything seemed organized in his head…no, that was bullshit…nothing was organized. Everything was everywhere. Gods, he needed Naruto. Now.

"Where?" Naruto asked, breathing hard. For some reason this whole situation seemed to have the opposite effect on Naruto. Everything seemed so clear now. He was with Sasuke. He needed Sasuke. Everything else was meaningless and he dismissed it.

"Uh, my jacket…where did we…throw it?" Sasuke panted, eyes still trailing over Naruto's hard cock appreciatively. Naruto's hand flew out, grasping around, feeling for the smooth, familiar feeling of Sasuke's jacket. When he found it he let out a little ha of relief, and handed it over to Sasuke who dug around in it, looking for the slender plastic bottle.

He didn't even get a chance to tell Naruto he'd found it when the blond pounced on him, pressing him to the ground and grabbing at his boxers.

"You are sooo slow." The blond grumbled, tugging at the material. Sasuke, in a sudden moment of clarity, smirked.

"It's not my fault you're so eager. Am I really that good?" He drawled. Naruto's response was to nuzzle Sasuke's neck and yank the bottle from his grasp.

"If you're going to keep up that pace, I'll have to take over." Naruto grumbled, spilling some of the contents into his hand and calmly slicking down three fingers. Sasuke's eyes narrowed, wondering briefly if Naruto was entertaining ideas of topping him (Which would, in no way, happen). Which is why it came as quite a shock when Naruto sat up, straddling Sasuke's still boxer-clad crotch, and very calmly slid one finger into his own taunt ass. Sasuke's mouth opened and he watched in amazement as Naruto's face contorted slightly with discomfort before it relaxed into a look of relief and curiosity. Sasuke couldn't move, just staring bewildered, at the man he had shared a business with for years. The man he had eaten lunch with a million times. The man he knew better than anyone.

The man he had never imagined could look like this, act like this. It was superb.

Sasuke moved so fast, Naruto was caught completely off guard. The dark haired Uchiha dove, pinning him on the ground. Naruto winced a bit as the motion caused his fingers to jerk unexpectedly inside of him. It wasn't exactly satisfying, his fingers, but he knew more would come. Soon, gods, soon. It had to be soon.

Sasuke seemed to agree. His hands gripped Naruto's hips enthusiastically, and he was devouring Naruto's mouth so ferociously that Naruto could barely keep up. He was still trying to loosen himself up, prepare himself. He inserted a second finger while Sasuke's clever mouth bit at his chin and neck. Sasuke sure did have a neck fetish. Naruto would have to rememmmmmm….ngnnn…..

Naruto's third finger slid deep, nice and deep. Blue eyes fluttered madly and his mouth fell open, slack. Sasuke seemed to sense the change, because his dark eyes flickered up from behind his bangs and his eyes flashed. Naruto's face then was indescribable. Sasuke wanted to eat him alive.

"S-sasuke. Sasuke. Quick, please, I need…." Naruto panted, stroking himself with his fingers. He was trying to speed up, to go faster but Sasuke would have none of it. He understood what was happening now. His own body was throbbing with it. He caught Naruto's wrist and gave the blond a sharp glare.

"You'll wait for me, understand?" Sasuke told him sharply. "You and I will do this together." He slowly slid down Naruto's body, keeping their gazes locked. "Don't get greedy." Sasuke murmured, voice becoming slow and seductive, an almost evil look flickered across his face. Naruto's heart sped up.

Sasuke lifted his body up, keeping his thighs pressed against the outside of Naruto's slender, muscular legs. He took the lube carefully, slowly, enjoying the way Naruto just gazed up at him, blue eyes riveted and desperate.

"You know a lot about this, teme." Naruto choked out desperately. "Done this before?" Naruto's voice would have been teasing if it wasn't for the way he was panting and gasping. Sasuke scowled and squeezed at Naruto's hips with one slick hand. The blond squirmed, his cock brushing against Sasuke's thigh. He let out a groan. Sasuke glared at him.

"I told you, to wait. We'll do this together, got it?" Sasuke snapped. Naruto gave his a sharp, search look. Sasuke was blushing. Not flushed as in hot-and-sweaty. Blushing. "I…I read about it…." Sasuke muttered, hands dripping a bit. Naruto gaped at him.

"You read about it?" Naruto squeaked, delighted. "You actually researched how to screw me six ways to Sunday?" He was grinning widely now. Mental joy slightly out-weigh bodily desire for the moment. Sasuke scowled and reached out, squeezing Naruto's cock unnecessarily hard. The blond yelped and bucked helplessly into his fist.

"Keep acting like that, dobe, and I'll leave you here, ready and willing. Got it?" Sasuke grumbled, trying to will away the heat of his face. Naruto squirmed, blond spikes flaring about as he jerked about.

"S-sasuke! You ass..." The blond groaned. Sasuke removed his hand, shaking it slightly. He reached down and gently took his own cock into his hands. He let out a hiss of surprise as the cold liquid came in contact with hot skin. He stroked himself slowly, nervously, mouth opening and closing with the amazing sensation.

Naruto's eyes flickered desperately back and forth between Sasuke's face, and Sasuke's hands. He was enthralled. Sasuke was beautiful, erotic, incredible.

It was soo much. His body was rigid with desire and heat. His cock throbbed painfully. He was aching with the desire to have Sasuke inside of him, on top of him, everywhere. Anywhere.

"Sasuke, damnit! I can't hold out much longer…" Naruto pleaded. It hurt, holding himself back. He wanted it. Needed it.

"Sas…." Naruto started. A pale hand clamped down on his mouth firmly and dark eyes blazed against his. Sasuke's other hand was still wrapped around his own erection.

"I know." Sasuke whispered, voice unusually tender. "We're ready." Naruto's eyes softened and he pulled Sasuke's hand free. He reached up, pulling Sasuke's face down. Their mouths met gently, tongues meeting and stroking gently.

Naruto gasps as Sasuke slid inside of him was swallowed, vanishing into Sasuke's mouth. His slight hisses and whimpers as their bodies adjusted mingled with Sasuke's heated groans and purr-growls. It was awkward, it was uncomfortable. The friction was unusual and foreign.

It was amazing, it was incredible. The friction was hot and rough. The lube was slick, easing the way, but essentially it was just them. Sasuke and Naruto. Nothing between them but skin and sweat.

Sasuke began to thrust, bracing himself with one hand dug into the carpet and the other hand dug into Naruto's hip. Naruto wrapped one leg around Sasuke, pushing and pulling. He gripped Sasuke's upper arms. Their would be bruises tomorrow where Naruto was squeezing him.

They couldn't speak. Couldn't talk. All noises were chokes and pants. Grunts and moans.

Their thrusts grew slow, patient. Careful going on fast. They weren't sure how long it took, but it grew intense fast. Thrusts became erratic and frantic. Naruto gasped and jerked at certain thrusts, at certain turns and arches. Sasuke began to understand, he began to map out Naruto's body in his mind. Where were the gasps the loudest? When did his face look the most ethereal? How long could he make Naruto breathless?

They were too new and too passionate to last long, but it ended in blinding light and ragged screams. They came together- just like Sasuke had said they would. They met each others desire headfirst, the way they always did.

They melted together.


Naruto sighed, rubbing his eyes dreamily. His eyes were blurring and his hair was a mess. Yawning, he stretched the kinks out of his arms and arched his back, wincing a bit at the ache that spread down his spine. It was a good hurt, but still a hurt.

"Good morning." Naruto gave a startled jerk, and glanced down. Sasuke lay stretched out across the ground, dark eyes half lidded. Naruto smiled brilliantly.

"G'd Morn'g" Naruto responded, voice half lost in a yawn. "Sleep well?" Naruto's voice grew husky and playful. Sasuke smirked.

"Not really. I was up half the night." Sasuke responded, slowly pushing himself up. He reached out, burying his fingers in Naruto's hair and pulling him forward, kissing him gently. Naruto smiled shyly, running his fingers gently down Sasuke's bare chest.

"Usuratonkachi." Sasuke murmured, mouth brushing against Naruto's ear gently.

"Hmm?" The blond murmured, nuzzling the curve of Sasuke's neck happily.

"I love you."


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