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Pairings: Sasu-Ino





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I woke to a loud knock on my door. I looked at the clock that read 7:36. I yawned and grabbed my black silk robe, hiding my black nightgown that reached by knees. I opened the door to be greeted by the cold night air and Uchiha Sasuke, well not really he was looking out toward the ocean, but he was still there. I had moved a couple of years ago to this house which had been my mothers when she was my age.

"Hi, Sasuke-kun." I said and watched him turn around.

"Yamanaka." He said and I winced. I hated being called Yamanaka. It was too formal.

"Sasuke, even though we aren't best friends, or friends for that matter, call me Ino." I said and watched him smirk.

I felt a light blush come across my cheeks as he did that. I had tried getting over my silly little crush and I actually had, that is until I had been sent on a mission and bumped into him. I saw how much he had matured and he actually seemed, dare I say it, nicer. I met his team and I couldn't help but feel jealous at one of his teammates. She wasn't beautiful, but she wasn't ugly. Just the thought that she had succeeded in being on Sasuke's team, something that I had never done.

"Isn't it amusing how you say that you don't like me, but I can make you blush by doing the smallest things?" Sasuke asked me with that smirk still on his face.

"Old habits die hard, don't ya think?" I replied and I knew he knew that I was talking about his fighting with Naruto. Even after 6 years, they both fight and hang out as if nothing happened.

"I guess so." He whispered. "But not all habits."

"Like?" I asked sitting on the wood railing that he was leaning on.

"You don't follow me around anymore, or stop at my house to give me a gift on Christmas, or give me chocolates on Valentines day or leave me a note on New Years, or -"

"Okay, I get it." I said and watched him give one of those genuine smiles.

"Maybe, I should tell you why I came here in the first place." He said and I blinked realizing that he hadn't said why he had come to my house.

"Kakashi told Sakura, Naruto and myself to look for all of you and tell you that he's going to treat us to dinner at Kyōto." Sasuke said.

"That's in downtown, right?" I asked and Sasuke nodded. "He said we had to bring dates or he wouldn't let us in."

I laughed at that, Kakashi trying to play matchmaker.

"So have you asked Sakura, yet?" I asked.

I noticed that he took time before answering me. "Not exactly."

"Why not?" I asked, smiling, "Kami knows she still likes you."

"Naruto already asked her." He told me.

"Oh," I said and got enough courage to say what I said. "I'll be your last resort." I said and he turned toward me.

"Are you selling yourself short?" He asked me.

"It's not that, it's that I don't think you'd wanna go with me." I answered honestly.

"Why would you think that?"

"Well, would you?" I asked a smirk on my face.

"…I don't know." He said.

"That's not a real answer, Sasuke, that's something to not hurt my feelings." I said

"No its not." He replied.

"Then what is it?" I asked, amused.

"It's an honest answer." He said. After that it was complete silence.

"So I'll pick you up at nine." he said and started walking down the steps and I smiled.

"Wait," I said and he turned around. "You sure it's in downtown, right?"

"Yeah, why?" he asked.

"Well that means that it's an expensive restaurant." I said and he chuckled and continued walking.

I stood there and watched him walk. I don't really know what I did after that, my mind wasn't working, my heart was.

"Wait," I called again and he turned around.

"Ino, just like you I need to get ready, what is it?" He asked and I walked down the steps and my bare feet hit the cold ground until I was in front of him.

"Well, what is it?" He asked again and my mind turned back on. 'What are you doing?!' My mind screamed at me, but I didn't listen.

"Hello, In-" I silenced him by getting on my tippy toes and pressing my light cherry lips against his. I could tell he was shocked. So was I, not because I kissed the Uchiha Sasuke, but because he didn't pull back. I pulled away and he looked at me with his dark obsidian eyes.

"I'll see you at nine." I whispered and walked back to my house; I looked back at him before I closed my door and watched him smile at me. I closed the door and leaned against it. "This should be interesting." I muttered and walked back to my room to get ready.

By 8:30 I had the dress that I was going to wear, had taken my shower and had my dark blue robe on. I picked out what makeup I was going to wear and put it on my vanity all ready to go. I started from my forehead down, eye shadow, mascara, a little blush and my lip gloss. I looked at myself in my mirror. My lip gloss made my lips look shiny, and my blush made my cheeks pink-ish too, as if I was blushing, lucky for me, because if I actually blush no one'll notice. I looked at my dress. It was black and has a slit down the side, starting from mid-thigh to my ankle. My black heels strapped at my ankle by a silk lace. I brushed my hair and smiled at my reflection, perfect. Well, not really, but I was close. I heard the door bell ring and opened the door to see Sasuke wearing a black tuxedo. I smiled at him and walked out, my heels clicking against the wood floor.

"Let's go." He said and offered me his arm, which I took with a smile. We walked down the streets of Konoha's downtown, which was packed with expensive restaurants. We heard comments like,

"Isn't that the Yamanaka girl with Uchiha Sasuke?"

"I always thought they looked nice together."

"They look nice."

"Maybe he's going to propose to her."

I glanced at Sasuke out of the corner of my eye and watched him do the same, we both smirked and Sasuke led me inside Kyōto. It was no doubt expensive. I looked around and saw Kakashi at a table with Neji and TenTen already sitting down. I nudged Sasuke and pointed at the table and we walked over to the table. TenTen looked beautiful, she had taken her buns out for the special occasion and had her hair down about mid-back, she wore a black dress like mine, except shorter. It reached her knees and had the same slit mine did. The red dragon that snaked up the left side of her dress matched the red ruby necklace that she wore. Neji and Kakashi looked like Sasuke wearing a simple black tuxedo.

"Darn, I was hoping to be the only one wearing black." Kakashi joked and Tenten and I smiled.

We watched Naruto and Sakura, walk through the doors, Kiba and Hinata, and Shikamaru and Temari.

Surprisingly all of the guys wore black tuxes and Naruto later confessed that he had bought one with Sakura, just an hour before coming here, because he never went to anything so formal in his life.

Sakura wore a red dress that reached her ankles just like mine, the back laced up with red lace and was tied at her lower back. Hinata wore a dark purple dress that reached past her knees and her hair was up in a bun, held by two chopsticks. Temari's dark blonde hair reached past her shoulders and her red dress reached past her knees, like Hinata's.

"Alright," Kakashi started.

"You weren't going to start with out us were you?" We heard a voice ask and we turned around to see Kurenai and Asuma.

Kurenai wore her red dress a little higher than her knees. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail with a red ribbon.

"I just want to tell them." Kakashi whined.

"Tell us what?" Sasuke asked.

"We talked with the Hokage and decided that you all have been working hard and deserve,"

"Fewer missions."

"A day off."

"Less training."

"No, well sort of." He said.

"You all are going on a vacation." Kurenai said and we all looked at her. I looked around the table and out of no where we all started laughing.

"That's funny, Kurenai-sensei, so what's really up?" Kiba asked and took a drink of his red wine.

"We're being serious, Kiba." Kurenai said and sat down.

"Your all going to an island a little off the coast. There are some houses that look off towards the sea. It's a beautiful place. Hokage-sama and us put a lot of thought into it." She said and took a sip out of her water.

"So how much is this going to cost us?" Naruto asked and Sakura sighed.

"Absolutely nothing." Kakashi said.

"It's all already paid for." Asuma said and took a seat next to the dark haired woman.

"That sounds… unlike you, Kakashi." Sasuke said and I shook my head.

"Excuse me, Sakura, would you come with me?" I asked and stood up from the table.

"Sure." She said and stood up.

We both walked toward the bathroom and I checked myself in the mirror, putting on some more lip gloss.

"So, you're here with Sasuke?" Sakura asked and fixed her hair.

"Well, that was after Naruto asked you." I said and put the lip gloss back in my handbag. Sakura turned to me with a questioning look.

"I asked Sasuke way before Naruto asked me. He said he was already planning to ask someone else." She said and I blinked.

"He told me that Naruto had already asked you and you were going with him." I said.

"So have you asked Sakura, yet?" I asked.

I noticed that he took time before answering me. "Not exactly."

"Why not?" I asked, smiling, "Kami knows she still likes you."

"Naruto already asked her." He told me.

"Well, it doesn't really matter." Sakura shrugged, but I could tell she was hurt.

"Let's go. I'm hungry." I said and pulled the pink haired girl out of the bathroom. We sat in our seats and I automatically got into the conversation.

I yawned and felt someone shift me. I blinked and I could see it was Sasuke that was piggyback riding me home. I looked and noticed that I was wearing jeans and a rosy shirt that looked oddly familiar. I set my head on Sasuke's shoulder.

"Sasuke." I whispered.


"Why did you lie to me?" I asked.

"When did I lie to you?" He asked.

"You said that Naruto had already asked Sakura, but she told me that she had asked you before that." I answered and closed my eyes.

"What time is it?" I yawned and heard Sasuke do the same.

He shifted me higher on his back and checked his watch.

"One AM." He answered and I blinked.

"I thought restaurants in downtown closed at eleven." I said.

"They do, we went to Sakura's after. How do you think you got into those clothes?"

"Eh, I thought you mugged some random girl and gave her my expensive black dress, which I want to know where it is, and put these clothes on me." I answered and heard him chuckle.

"There at Sakura's. She said that you could pick them up in the morning. Where's your key?"

"I left the door open." I said and he opened the door. And walked into my house switching on the lights and trying not to drop me. He walked toward my room and set me on the bed. I heard him walk away and grabbed onto his wrist.

"What's wrong?" He asked and I swallowed.

"Could…Could you maybe stay...just for tonight?" I asked and I felt my cheeks heat up.

"Maybe some other time, Ino." He said and started to walk away again, but I didn't let go.

"Please?" I asked, softly.

"And where do you suggest I sleep? On your couch?" He asked me and I scooted over patting my bed.

"Are you serious?" He asked and I smiled at him.

"Just for tonight." I said and he sighed kicking off his shoes and lay down on my bed. I snuggled closer to him and felt him tense.

"I don't bite." I whispered and he relaxed, soon falling asleep, like I did.

I yawned and looked around my room. Sasuke's shoes weren't there or his jacket or him, for that matter.

I sighed and remember last night.

"So when do we leave?" Naruto asked.

"You leave tomorrow at five." Asuma answered.

"Any idea how long the ride will be?" I asked.

"About 2 or 3 hours." Kurenai answered and I nodded.

I got up and pulled my hair into a ponytail. I grabbed the suitcase from the back of my closet and started packing my stuff.

Some pants, some skirt, two bathing suits, a few shirts and a formal dress, just in case. I packed a bunch of shoes and zipped it up.

'12:30' the clock read and I sighed.

How was I supposed to kill about 5 hours?! That's a really long time.

I walked outside, and roamed around, somehow I got to the lake and I sat down swinging my legs, trying to brush against the water, when I heard someone behind me.

"Long time, no see, Ino." I cocked my head and smiled.

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