Title : More Than a Summer Fling

Chapter : Twelve, "Me & You"

Authoress : LaurenMichelle125

"I love you." He yelled. "And everyone should know it. I love Yamanaka Ino! I love you."

Ino stopped, her back towards him, and tilted her head towards his. "And I really believed you did, too.

Ino quietly walked down the stairs and tensed when she saw Sora sitting at the table, a coffee in hand, and flipping through pages of a magazine with the other. Sora looked up and stared at the Yamanaka.

"Good morning." Sora said quietly.

"Morning." Ino replied and walked towards the kitchen. Sora stood up and followed the Yamanaka.

"Ino, I'm so sorry for what happened last night."

Ino shrugged, "It's alright, I guess."

"I know I hurt you, but I felt like you needed to know."

Ino held back her glare. "So, instead of coming to me, alone, you told Gaara and got the whole house into a fight? Not exactly the way I would have handled it."

Sora looked down at her hands, "I know I've caused a lot of trouble," She looked up at the blonde. "That's why I'm leaving. I just wanted to apologize to you."

Ino pursed her lips and looked at Sora. "You don't have to go if you have no where to stay." Ino sighed.

"No, no. I do. I made a friend in the city and I've already talked to them about it." Sora reassured. Ino stared at her. "Besides, I think if I stay any longer, I'll end up dead."

Ino chuckled. "Probably."

"So, I better go before Sakura wakes up. Good bye, Ino." Sora smiled and walked out of the kitchen.

Ino sighed as she worked in TenTen's kitchen.

"I cant believe he did that."


"Karma's a bitch. He'll get his."

"Can you stop?" Ino turned around, sharply.

"We're sorry, Ino." Hinata said.

The Yamanaka sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "It's alright. Can we just, please, not talk about it?"

Everyone gave a slight nod.

"Ino, if you need somewhere to stay..." TenTen trailed off and Ino shook her head.

"No, we've got four rooms anyways, but I slept in Sakura's room last night."

"What about Naruto?" Shikamaru asked.

"I got kicked out." Naruto sighed as he propped his feet on the coffee table.

"I think I'm going to have my coffee outside." Ino said and made her way to the back door. She closed the door behind her and say down on one of the patio chairs.


The Yamanaka looked up and smiled. "Shikamaru up before eleven? Oh, wow. What's the occasion?"

Shikamaru chuckled and sat down next to her. "I couldn't sleep. I was worried about you."

Ino's smile faded and she looked into her coffee. "I'm fine."

"You don't look fine." Shikamaru stared at her. "Why are you really angry, Ino?"

Her head snapped up and she glared. "Sasuke slept with some other girl he barely knew, didn't tell me, and went on as if nothing happened. Wouldn't you be mad?"

Shikamaru shrugged. "We both know that's not what's bothering you. If you were really mad because of that, you would have broken his jaw last night... And he would have let you."

Ino pursed her lips. "I'm just confused."

"About what?"

The Yamanaka looked up at him with soft eyes. "When Itachi kidnapped me... He took care of me. He didn't let anyone touch me."

"So, you're saying you love Itachi?" Shikamaru asked.

"No, no." Ino waved a hand in front of herself. "If anything it made me like Sasuke more, but after being taken care of by someone who was supposed to kill me and coming back to someone who's supposed to take care of me and instead they hurt me ..."

"Ino," Shikamaru reached over and placed her coffee on the table. "I went out with Sasuke night after night, day after day to go look for you." Shikamaru remembered the day Sasuke had slept on the couch and suddenly, it all made sense. "The day he did what he did, he didn't sleep with her."

Ino tilted her head to the side, listening. "What'd you mean?"

"He left. He slept on the couch. Actually, no. He laid on the couch for the rest of the night. And when we came over, he put aside all his exhaustion and went to look for you again."

"That doesn't change what he did." Ino murmured and Shikamaru nodded.

"Obviously, it doesn't. But it doesn't mean you cant forgive him, either." Ino stared at the Nara. "Go talk to him, Ino."

Ino looked down, "Everyone's against it..."

"Screw everyone!" Ino looked up at Shikamaru, eyes wide. "Screw Gaara, and Sora, and TenTen, and whoever else wants to keep you away from what you want." Shikamaru sighed and leaned back in his chair. "What I'm trying to say, is what do you want, Ino."

Ino thought for a moment and Shikamaru, for once, stayed silent, watching the blonde.

"I want him." Ino whispered. Shikamaru smiled and stood up, extending his hand towards the Yamanaka, who took it.

"Then go get him."

Ino walked inside the house, quietly. She had snuck out through the backyard so no one would inquire as to where she was going, but it was only a matter of time before people came into the house, looking for her and Sasuke. She walked up the stairs and stopped by his door, taking a deep breath. She raised her hand to knock when the door opened. Sasuke stood there, eyebrows raised, towel in hand.


The whole apology Ino had ready, vanished from her mind and she simply stood there. Sasuke rolled his eyes and brushed past her, out of his room.

"S-Sasuke!" She called after him and he turned around, anger visible in his eyes. Ino hadn't really noticed the large bruise he had on the left side of his face. Probably where Gaara got him last night.

"What, Ino?" The Yamanaka was taken aback by all the hostility in his voice, but she straightened her back and steadied her voice.

"I just wanted to say-"

"I don't care." The Uchiha cut her off. "I'm tired of mind games with you. I got punched in the face last night. I slept outside."

Ino blinked and suddenly she was angry, too. "I didn't ask Gaara or anyone else to punch you, Sasuke."

"You might have not said it, but you asked for it."

"What on earth are you talking about?" Ino asked, disbelievingly.

"If Sakura bolts from the house because of something Naruto did, and he tries to follow her, you honestly think they would let him?"

Ino pursed her lips. He was right. Ino's nonverbal screamed for someone to pick a fight with Sasuke. But she wasn't going to admit it, not now, while he was yelling at her.

"Last night was not the beginning of this problem. You had sex, you didn't kiss her, you fucked her."

Sasuke held back his disbelief now. Ino wasn't one to swear like that, but they were both stubborn, hard-headed, no one was going to let up.

"I did, okay? And I admit it, and I know it was wrong. But instead of running out, maybe we should have talked about it. It's not entirely my fault."

Ino scoffed and crossed her hands. "Don't try and put this on me. I don't come into play in this situation."

"Yes you do!" He yelled now, frustrated. "Instead of talking to me, you ran out. And even if you had done that, instead of trying to stop the fight you just stood there and watched Gaara and I go at it because of you!" His Sharingan flashed now and the Yamanaka's ice blue eyes narrowed.

"Are you threatening me?" Ino asked, calmly, staring right into the Uchiha's red eyes. He blinked and his eyes returned to their normal onyx color. He turned on his heel and walked into the bathroom, muttering, "I don't have time for this."

It was Sunday, which meant it was Sunday dinner. Every Sunday night, everyone went to Tenten's house to sit and chat, like a big family. For Ino's disappearance, the dinner had been somewhat canceled, the boys getting in at ridiculous hours, that there was really no point in making a big feast. But now that the Yamanaka had been brought home safely, dinner was back on. Bigger and better than ever.

Ino made he way inside, seeing everyone around the living room and the kitchen, chatting with soda and various drinks in hand. She skimmed over the guests. "Sasuke's not here." She thought as she made her way towards Shikamaru, absentmindedly. As soon a he saw her, Shikamaru stood up.

"Did you talk to him?"

Ino cringed thinking about her talk with the Uchiha. "Define talk."

Shikamaru sighed and dragged the Yamanaka outside by the arm. "What happened?"

"I did go to apologize." Ino defended. "But then he started yelling at me and-"

"You yelled back." Shikamaru finished. "Can't you two have a conversation like normal people instead of yelling and screaming and throwing punches?"

"Apparently not." Ino huffed and crossed her arms against her chest.

Shikamaru opened his mouth, but was interrupted by Sakura who stood at the door.

"Dinner's ready. Come and get it before it's cold."

"Don't have to tell me twice." Ino said and quickly made her way inside.

"Ino! I wasn't finished." Shikamaru complained from his spot and Ino waved him off.

"Dinner's ready. Come and get it before it's cold." She repeated.

Shikamaru sighed, again, and followed the blonde inside.

Throughout dinner, Ino would casually glance at the door, waiting to see if the Uchiha would walk in.
He never did.

Shikamaru had sat to the left of her and Gaara to the right.

"Shikamaru, Sasuke isn't here." She whispered, trying to be as quiet as possible, but not quiet enough.

"He doesn't even deserve to be here." Gaara said, nonchalantly and Ino looked over at him.

"You don't know anything, Gaara."

The redhead looked shocked now. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me." Ino answered, indignantly. The blonde pushed away from the table, bringing everyone's attention towards her.

"Please excuse me."

"You're excused." Gaara answered and Ino glared at him, walking away from the table.

"Ino, where are you going?" Sakura called, already beginning to stand up, but Naruto caught the pinkette by the wrist and shook his head.

Ino made her way outside, walking back towards her house. She opened the door, letting it close behind her as she stayed silent for a moment, trying to hear the Uchiha.

"Sasuke?" She called.

No answer.

The blonde walked up the stairs and knocked on his bedroom door.

"Sasuke?" She called again before opening the door. No one was in there. She sighed and made her way to his window, looking out towards the dark ocean and the waves that washed up and onto the shore. And then she saw him. Sitting on the rock that she had fallen from the first few days here. The moonlight engulfed him and Ino felt her breath hitch. A sense of urgency washed over her as she ran from the window and bolted down the stairs, slamming the door open, not bothering to check if it closed or not.

The sand picked up as she ran and she stumbled here and there. She slowed when she saw him until finally stopping a couple of meters away. He knew she was there and she knew he knew she was there, so she simply stood there.

"You missed Sunday dinner." Was the only thing that came out of her mouth. When he didn't answer, she thought the waves had drowned out all sounds of her voice, but she watched him shrug.

"I didn't really think I'd be missed."

"I missed you." Ino murmured and she heard him scoff.

"Did you now?"

Ino felt her face flush with anger. "Why are you so stubborn?"

He turned to look at her now, disbelief written all over his face.

"I'm stubborn?" He jumped down from the rock. "I'm stubborn?" He repeated as he walked towards her.

"Yes." Ino glared. "You're stubborn and hot headed and temperamental and a cheater."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "I don't have to listen to this." he said and began to walk past her.

"Fine, leave. Just like you did today at the house. All you ever do is leave. You left from the village and now you're leaving me." Her voice cracked at the end and Sasuke turned around to see tears well up in her blue eyes. He felt his heart clench.

"You wanna know why I left today?" He asked, softly.

Ino simply nodded, not wanting for her voice to fail her and feel embarrassed. He walked towards her now and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Because I can't stand to hear you say all those things." His onyx eyes bore into her. "I couldn't stand to feel like you hated me."

It was Ino's turn to feel her heart clench. Her eyes broke their stare and she looked down. "I could never hate you."

His hands left her shoulders and Ino suddenly felt forty degrees colder. She looked up at him, again.

"I have been thinking of so many ways to apologize to you." He admitted. "But none of them are good enough for you." Ino felt the tears fall down from her eyes and down her cheeks. He gave a sad smile and looked away from the crying blonde. "Maybe I'm just not good enough for you."

Yamanaka Ino has been punched straight in the face with enough force to break her nose and not even that amounted to the pain she felt at that very moment. She felt like someone had seriously dug a hole straight through her chest. So she did the only thing she could think of to cover up that hole. Ino lunged forward, her arms wrapping around the Uchiha's neck and her fingers gripping onto his shirt as she sobbed. Ino felt Sasuke embrace her without any hesitation whatsoever and buried his face into the crook of her neck.

"I am so sorry, Ino." He whispered to the girl crying in his arms. "I promise if you give me a second chance," He squeezed her tighter. "I'll never hurt you again."

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