Disclaimer: awww as much as I would love to possess a mini-Sam, I do not.

Author's note: Yup here it is a wee!Chester fic that popped into my head. Hope you like. It's pretty pathetic but it was cute in my head… ;; xD review!


In a motel room, making lunch…

A tiny chubby 11-year-old Sam Winchester was swelling up like a balloon. He was attempting to look intimidating to his brother who was standing in front of him stifling a chuckle.

"Dean! That's not right! We're supposed to put the peanut butter on first! Then the jelly, then you have to cut the sandwich DIAGONALLY! Not across!"

"No we're not Sammy." 15-year-old Dean casually hooked his finger into the peanut butter jar and licked the glob off his finger. Ok, so maybe he shouldn't be baiting his little brother, but the kid was such a perfectionist it was so hard not to. Plus it was entertaining, what with their father being gone for days on end.

"Dean! That's not sanitary!"

"Yes it is Sammy." Wait what does sanitary mean again… oh well no matter, just contradict anything he says…

"No, it's not!" Sam said, puffing himself up even more, if that was even possible… "You don't even know what sanitary means!"

"Yes I do Sammy."

Sam looked like he was going to explode. "What does it mean then Dean?"

"You tell me first."

Sam promptly replied "of or pertaining to health or the conditions affecting health, especially with reference to cleanliness, precautions against disease, etc."

Whoa, how the hell did he know crap like that? " That's not right Sammy. Sorry"


Dean winced. Whoa ok time to shut him up. Dean decided to play his last and most valuable card. "Sorry Sammy, but I'm the oldest, so what I say goes. And I say I'm always right. When you're older than me than you can be right all the time."

"But Dean! I'll NEVER be older than you! How about when I'm taller than you, huh? Can I be right then?"

Dean, at fifteen, was already 5'7; having skipped passed the awkward puberty stage and gone straight to his growth spurt. He stared down at his tiny still slightly chubby kid brother who at the moment was attempting to make himself look taller. He stifled another laugh but couldn't help but let a snicker escape.

"Sure Sammy. When you're taller than me, then you can be right all the time."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

Sam solemnly stuck out his sticky little hand and Dean shook it, trying to control his laughter.

"Now cut my sandwich diagonally!"

Dean rolled his eyes and handed his brother a jelly-on-first-peanut-butter-second-cut-sideways-PB&J-sandwich.