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A loud noise rang through my ear like a blare horn. No matter how much I tried to block it out, it seemed to grow louder and louder.

"UGH!" I snapped.

I banged my fist on it making it immediately cease it's noise. My eyes opened lazily as I saw a blur of my black and white alarm clock.

"Tch… Stupid alarm…" I cursed at it.

I noticed the red, digital numbers started blinking and finally turned off. It had broke…

"….I guess have I have to buy another one," I yawned. "What time is it anyway?"

I grabbed a wrist watch that has never been worn from my counter and blinked black my vision to check the time.


"Damn… It looks like I'll be late for my first day," I yawned again, seemingly without care.

I went into the bathroom to get ready like every other student would do. But as I jogged down the stairs, I glanced around at my quiet, empty home. No one cooking in the kitchen. No one sitting on the couch, watching television. Not even snoring in the other bedroom. I'm sixteen years old, and I live alone. Why you ask?

My parents thought it would be okay for me to go to a better school. A rich school where they believed would have better education for me. But I laugh at that. My regular school was perfectly fine. Not to mention they said they were too busy to come with me, so I am to take care of myself. Learn about "real life."

My thoughts on this? They most likely didn't even want to bother to help me. And all my life, they've been hassling me about not doing anything alone because it's not safe. This must be my punishment for trying to be independent on things I knew and understood how to do. I'm angry that they choose a time of all times to leave me alone now, but I didn't mind that much. Now I don't need to hear them yell at me for no reason.

Since I was already late to school, I only ate a granola bar and walked outside my door with my backpack strap on one shoulder. After I locked my door, I walked off toward my new school that was only a few minutes away. As I neared my school, I had already heard the school bell ring.

"Oh well. It doesn't matter. My excuse of being new will get me out of trouble."

I made my way toward its entrance and glanced at my school name.

"'Konohagakure High School.' Huh… That's a weird name."

I walked through the door and my footsteps echoed throughout the hallways; everyone was already in class. I took no notice to this insignificant fact though. I merely made my way toward the office to get my schedule and items. But my way was blocked by someone. I glanced up at them with irritation.

"Where do you think you're going, mm?" he asked.

This boy stared down at me. He had long yellow hair that was tied up and his bangs covered his left eye. His voice was that for a boy, but for a moment, I would have mistaken him as a girl. I answered him.

"Where does it look like I'm going," I scowled.

"You have no hall pass and you're late for class, mm. This means you're in trouble, mm," he crossed his arms with a smirk.

"No shit, Sherlock. I know I'm late. Now get off my case," I glared.

"Your case is my business, mm. I'm the hall monitor for today and you're going to get in trouble with the principal; she's in a bad mood, mm."

"Stop with the mm! Do you have issues?! And I'm new, you twit! Now go cross dress, or something."

"What!?" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, you can be pulled off as a girl," I insulted.

"Che! Whatever. I'm going to ignore that and take you to the principal's office. It's still my job, mm," he scoffed.

"Look here, she-man, I'm not blind! The principal's office is right over there with big words on the door!" I growled. "What do you people take me for?! Just because I'm new!"

I pushed past him and angrily stormed off toward the office. As I opened the door, my eyes widened a bit, making me forget about my anger. It was like two classrooms put together with chairs here, and plants there. This room even had it's own hallway. My eyes landed on a young, middle aged woman with black hair and eyes scribbling away at her own huge desk. She was obviously the secretary, because she seemed to be the only one in here. Her desk had a ton of paperwork as well.

"Oh? May I help you?" the woman finally noticed my presence.

"Oh… Yes. I'm the new student, and I'm here to pick up my books and such," I answered her, walking over toward her desk.

"Ah, yes! You must be Kurai-san," she smiled.

"Mizu… is fine…" I tried to twitch my mouth up into a smile, but my face failed on me.

"Well, I'll be right back. I'll go notify the principal," she stood up and walked down the hallway.

I slightly glanced at the hallway she walked down, and saw her enter another room. That room could also be mistaken as another classroom.

This school really is rich… I had a huge sweat drop formed in the back of my head.

"Mizu-san? You may come in now," she gestured to me.

"Thanks, um.." I glanced at her name tag, "Shizune-sensei."

I entered my new principal's office and the first characteristic I saw of her… was her two large breasts…

T-That's our principal…?

She also had two, yellow ponytails and a diamond-shaped thing on her forehead.

A tattoo…?

She was scribbling harder and with more frustration than the secretary outside. She also had a lot more paperwork on her desk, and on both sides of her desk. She had a growl on her face that made me cautiously approach her, hoping she didn't throw her chair at my head.

She also looks like she needs anger management…

"Hello, Mizu. My name is Tsunade. You can call me by anything but Tsunade-baa-chan, obaa-chan, or anything that hints that I'm old, understand?" she commanded more than questioned me.


"Your locker. Your locker number. Your schedule," she took out those things with her other hand as she continued to write with the other. "Cause trouble in my school and you'll regret it. Have a nice day."

She only glanced up at me once… I was a bit freaked out. She really is in a bad mood.

"Y-yeah…" I grabbed my items and walked out the door.

I handed my schedule to Shizune and she handed me my books. After that, I headed my way toward my first class.

"Good luck, Mizu-san!" she waved at me.

I merely nodded at her strangely and headed out the door looking for my class. I glanced down at my schedule and read my first class.


"Science class, huh? I don't even like science," I sighed and continued to read my schedule. "A-29, Hatake Kakashi… Now isn't that a weird name. Matches the weirdness of this school, I suppose."

I walked around for quite some time, trying to find my class, but had no luck. I once again looked down at my schedule.

"There wasn't a typo, was there?" I wondered, getting a bit impatient.

But suddenly, I crashed to the floor after bumping into something. My books fell to the ground with a thud along with my other necessities. I groaned with irritation and rubbed my head.

"Watch it, bitch!" a sassy voice hissed at me.

I glanced up to the person I had bumped into. She also fell down and glowered at me with her teeth gritted. She had long back hair and wore a tight tank top and sweats that seemed to have been rolled down to her hips. (Not mocking people who wear these. These clothes just fit her style for now). As I looked up, I saw two other boys glaring down at me as well.

Oh shit… Don't tell me I made enemies on my first day… I sighed tiredly.