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Summary: ErikRaoul slash (finally). Story continuation of A Mask for All Occasions. A Promise.

Warning(s): violence

Pairing(s): ErikRaoul

Story note: Short short chapter that could have simply been appended to the previous one, but I didn't want to break the mood. (Don't still be mad at me. They were happy for a short while.)


Unmasking the Chains



By: Lucifer Rosemaunt



Last time:

[Do I even need to write what happened? I was a cruel, cruel person. We all know it.


Christine sneaked into the opera house. She had arrived at the opera house only to find that Raoul had committed suicide. At least that was what the police were saying. It looked like suicide, but witnesses were saying that they heard a voice screaming on the rooftop. When authorities went to investigate though, they found no one. They did not even find anything that looked like a struggle.

She had a sneaking suspicion that he had been murdered by a ghost. She did not feel sad at the loss. She was angry at all Chagny's and in her opinion, Raoul had not been very well these past few weeks. It was not surprising that he would be killed. Or maybe he did commit suicide.

She waited outside of the opera house for the phantom. She knew that she could probably find a job herself, but if she had the phantom with her, she knew she would be successful. When midnight passed and there was still no sign of him, she went inside.

Walking to the stage where she first found him, she looked around. The opera house seemed completely empty, but that was a misconception that everyone had. Instead of finding the phantom, she found a note on the floor.


Everything is all too clear now. I've been chained to this opera house ever since I had arrived, chained to this city. Chained because of Madame Giry's kindness, the power I felt, myself, and this mask. However, you've chained me here too Christine and I cannot let that happen any longer. You are indeed the mask I wear.

I'm already dead. I'm already a ghost. But I still have a promise to keep. I will not go with you. I cannot go with you.

No more chains.

No more masks.


She wondered at the note. She had never known his name had been Erik. He had always referred to himself as the opera ghost. She left the opera house to find a new life and to leave everything behind her. However, she left feeling as though she had missed something very important.


End epilogue

Word count: 354




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Story Review: I'll tell you what the master plan had actually been.

This actually had a continuation. It was a trilogy of my trying new things, things I'd never done before.

I. A Mask for All Occasions (AMFAO) : Series of character vignettes or whatever you want to call them.

II. Unmasking the Chains (UTC) : A really angsty, dark, not a happy ending story (but hopefully one that still made you squee.).

III. [Will remain untitled here, unless I actually do write it, but you'll know if it's part of the trilogy since it has the word 'mask' in it : Now this one is something I swore I would never do… A complete AU where they're in modern times. I cannot really stand stories that do this and if you notice in my stories, I always follow scenes/plotlines from the movie or stage-play because when I re-watch them, it's just great to connect my stories to those particular parts (unfortunately, it's also kind of ruined me from watching POTO with an unbiased mind. Technically, I grin like an idiot when I watch the movie now. It's inevitable really. Oh, that and I get thoroughly pissed at Christine… that too is inevitable.) Okay, back to the point. I wanted to try a modern AU. Thematically it'll be similar to the previous two. However, I don't want to raise any hopes, and I may just quite POTO altogether since I've been stuck on it for a while now. I do want to branch out somewhat, you know?

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