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Part 2

The elder froze, emerald eyes wide as they locked with cerulean, lips tingling from the sensation of another set resting petal-soft against them. Hardly noticing the curious and almost nervous look directed at him, he stared at the other, dumbstruck. Tense seconds passed them by, neither moving as they attempted to come to grips with the situation; the blond hoping he hadn't messed up yet again, and the red-head wondering what exactly was transpiring. Was he really in a lip lock with Demyx?

As the shock began to leave his system, his fingers twitched unconsciously atop the sheets, the motion going unnoticed by Demyx, who was still hovering above him, motionless.

Gaze never straying from the smaller man's, Axel concentrated on keeping his breathing in check, mind hurrying to process all that was happening and choosing the correct course of action. To his own credit, he managed to successfully hide any signs of his intense apprehension at the current (and foreign) dilemma; though, no matter what he did, he could not force the erratic rising and falling of his chest to slow.

Swallowing roughly, he raised his hands to clutch the Nocturne's upper arms, body finally reacting to his sluggish commands as his mind rapidly cleared. Brows furrowing and jaw clenching, he squeezed the soft material of the other's coat and the sinewy muscle beneath, grip growing steely, and pushed upward, detaching Demyx's lips from his and raising the younger man a good foot or so above his torso.

The violent action left them in an awkward position, what with the Nocturne's legs now straddling Axel's waist and upper thighs, and their lower bodies dangerously close to one another. Though, for now, neither noticed nor cared.

Axel glared at the younger male, noting how the other avoided his gaze, and couldn't help but get a bit of enjoyment out of the submissive move. He reminded himself that he couldn't lose sight of the issue at hand and moved on to address his silent attacker.

"What the hell, Demyx?!" he demanded, eyes hardening despite the surprised and hurt expression his reaction had produced from the musician.

His captive stuttered nervously, arms dangling uselessly at his sides and his normally melodious voice sounding unusually broken and unsure as he tried to answer. After spending a good deal of time simply mumbling, Demyx managed to string together a decent and understandable sentence.

"I wanted to help you calm down." the Nocturne said, the explanation sounding feeble even to his own ears. Biting his lip, he allowed his gaze to stray from the smoldering pair of emerald staring back at him, using the unsure gesture as a ploy to gain more time to think. Thankfully the Flurry bought it and stuck around to hear what the musician had to say, his gloved hands lingering on Demyx's arms to make sure the younger man didn't have the opportunity to try anything else embarrassing and/or unexpected.

Gathering his strength, the water-wielder looked back toward Axel, his courage dwindling as his eyes traveled over the pillow and neared the other's cheeks, leaving him staring at the ever present tattoos on his superior's cheekbones instead of meeting the man's eyes. Swallowing roughly, the blond shifted his lower legs over the mattress and grimaced when they bumped his superior's knees lightly. He hastily stopped his fidgeting, afraid to upset his companion further, but when no angry growls filled the air at the contact, he gave a shaky breath and collected his thoughts, figuring now would be as good a time as any to apologize.

Steeling himself, the younger nobody met Axel's confused and irritated gaze, forcing his words past the lump in his throat and hoping for the best.

"I'm…really sorry if I offended you…or something." The smaller male mumbled, feeling his cheeks burn with embarrassment. "I was trying something new, like the hug, to see if it helped. I-I don't like how instead of becoming friends, all we're doing is fighting."

Axel narrowed his eyes suspiciously, turning his head to the side and watching Demyx out of the corner of his eye. Brows still drawn into a tight crinkle, he breathed deeply, calming himself and thinking over the reasoning behind the sudden kiss. Of course, he had seen a few acts of human comfort in his time, but never had he been inclined to use any of them. Maybe Demyx, in his strive to prove he had some form of a heart, was more willing to try new things, no matter how odd they might have seemed coming from him.

Snorting softly, the fire-wielder blinked slowly, focusing his gaze on the wall across from him as his eyelids slid open once more. Mind buzzing with thoughts, he held back a groan at what was no doubt a headache looming on the horizon of his psyche. Releasing the blond's arms, Axel ran long fingers through his messy crimson hair, scratching at his scalp idly as he did so, and used the fingers of his other hand to massage his forehead, hoping to curb the oncoming pain. He heard the sound of the younger man's hands sliding over the sheets, and figured he was now holding himself up and probably still staring down at his superior, an expression of concern on his face.

A foreign sensation bloomed within his chest at that thought, and as he concentrated on figuring out what it could be, he frowned in irritation. Stealing a glance at the other's face, he was surprised to find not only concern and confusion, but fear and hurt there as well. The image made his chest tighten further, and he sucked in a lungful of air, hoping it would alleviate the pressure. When it had no effect, he realized now that what he was experiencing was caused by something more…emotional than physical.

'What the hell?' he thought, shifting uneasily beneath Demyx, arms coming back to rest against his sides. 'I'm a nobody, I don't have emotions.' The feeling in his chest traveled down to settle heavily in his stomach, and the urge to squirm was almost unbearable. 'At least, I thought I didn't.' he corrected, frown deepening. 'Okay, if this is an emotion, then which one is it?' Not having much experience on the subject, he stumbled through a list of what he figured might bring about this physical reaction. 'Anger? Hmm, not really. Fear? Naw. Nervousness? Maybe, but I don't think that's even an emotion.'

Mentally slapping his cheeks, he concentrated harder. 'Grief? In another circumstance, yeah, but not here. What else is left?' Brow creasing further, he glanced again at the other male's face, noticing how, instead of lightening, the expression of fear had grown more obvious and Demyx had even stuck out his bottom lip in a minimal pout. Facing the blond fully, the feeling in Axel's stomach intensified, the sensation causing him to fidget jerkily.

'The hell? Why does it keep getting worse?' Wanting this mockery of an emotion to end, the Flurry lifted his hands and enclosed the younger man's shoulders in a steady grip, ready to push Demyx from his position above Axel and get that pitiful look out of his line of sight. Yet, when he applied pressure to Number Nine's upper body, the pout spread, leaving that pink lower lip jutting out further than Axel had ever seen it.

The feeling in his stomach was now unbearable, and in a bit of a daze, the elder wracked his mind, begging for the name of whatever was plaguing him to come to the surface. It took several tense seconds (all of which he continued pushing lightly on Demyx's shoulders) for the emotion's name to become clear, but once it had, he couldn't believe what he had found.

With a sharp intake of breath, he sat up, the movement compelling the smaller male to follow suit or else risk having his jaw knocked by his superior's skull. Emerald eyes wide and mouth slack, Axel looked the blond dead in the eyes and shifted his hands to grasp the man's upper arms, mind frozen on the one word he had waited desperately for it to locate.

Guilt. He felt guilty for what he had done to cause such a pathetic expression to cross the Nocturne's features.

In that moment, the red-head couldn't help but ask himself, 'Why?' Why did Demyx have such an effect on him? Prior to this fiasco of a conversation, the only person, nobody or otherwise, who could make him feel had been Roxas. Yet here he was with the more bubbly of the blond members of the Organization, chest swelling with guilt, of all things.

Gaping, he blinked owlishly and released his slackened grip, hands hovering inches from the other's arms. The blond was silent as Axel leaned away from him, head turning and gaze sliding to a spot behind Demyx's shoulder. The elder's breath came in shallow gasps, and the look of surprise and confusion on his face would have been comical had the situation not been so serious.

Body frozen, the red-head stared off into space, mind blanking after this latest discovery, this impossibility. He, Axel, eighth member of Organization XIII and one of the most revered higher-functioning nobodies inhabiting the known universe, felt guilty.

The world as he knew it began to melt away, leaving him to appear both dumbstruck and frightened.

Demyx watched this change in his companion, and the longer Axel looked past him, hands held deathly still in the air between them, the more worried he became. "Axel?" he asked gently, scooting closer, lower legs gripping tighter around his friend's hips. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" When he received no answer, he lifted one gloved hand and prodded the fire-wielder in the chest shyly, finger digging gently into the soft material of the older man's undershirt. "Axel? Hey, stop it, already. You're freakin' me out."

A few jabs into the man's chest and still no sign of movement. Cocking his head, Demyx leaned forward until his own chest met Axel's elevated palms, hands resting on the man's shoulders, and spoke loudly near the Flurry's ear. "Axel? What's wrong?"

Moving back, he saw that the elder's odd expression hadn't disappeared, nor did he offer any evidence that he was listening to what the blond had to say. Perturbed, Demyx shook the silent nobody, lightly at first, then adding more strength, patience wearing thin. He had had enough of this unsettling anxiety washing over him, its cause being Axel's reaction to the earlier events of the night and then the red-head's subsequent silence. It also didn't help that the younger male had no idea what would happen next or whether it would be for better or for worse.

Meanwhile, through the void of his thoughts, Axel vaguely felt an irritating tugging on his shoulders. The pressure would come and go, pulling him forward before pushing him back, and then repeating incessantly. Growing angry, he concentrated on the sensation, the haze of his mind clearing to be replaced by frustration. What the hell was going on, now?

Blinking blearily and wondering why he felt as though he was waking from a 10 hour nap, he flexed his numbing hands and grabbed hold of whatever it was shaking him like a rag doll. Once his fingers closed around thin wrists, the movement came to a sudden halt, the sound of a surprised intake of breath assaulting his groggy senses and causing the red-head to glance up irritably.

Demyx stared back at him, wide-eyed and lips parted in confusion. "Axel? You okay, now?"

Axel cocked his head slightly, blinking slowly and watching his companion suspiciously. "Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?"

The blond leaned away from him, brows knitting and mouth opening wider, a few odd half-syllables of unrecognizable words falling from his lips before something intelligible managed to stumble free and fill the air around them. "Well, you were acting really weird just now."

"What do you mean 'weird'?" the Flurry asked, righting his head and shifting under Demyx's weight. Wait a minute, when did the other nobody end up in his lap? Axel's eye began to twitch ominously when he realized he wasn't completely sure of the answer.

"'Weird' as in you kinda spaced out and wouldn't answer me when I asked you what was wrong."

"Oh." That's all the fire-wielder could think to say. He had zoned out? He didn't remember doing such a thing, but then again, if he had indeed zoned out, he wouldn't be able to remember it, anyway. What exactly had gotten him so riled up in the first place?

Focusing on earlier events, it barreled over him like a Large Body. 'Oh yeah, the guilt thing.' Damn, emotions were tricky little bastards. He never figured something so small could bring his idea of reality screeching to a halt. To think, Axel, the Flurry of Dancing Flames, was guilty over something so stupid. Why should he care if Demyx's feelings were hurt? They were merely cheap imitations of the real thing, something he shouldn't concern himself with. Yet, he couldn't help it.

'Pfft, I blame it on Demyx and all his babble about us having hearts.' Axel thought bitterly, attention returning to the musician who had remained silent for once in his non-existence.

"So I'm guessing that was you who kept pulling at me, huh?" he asked, releasing Demyx's wrists and plucking the other's hands from his shoulders. "That was getting annoying, you know."

"Sorry," the smaller man said sheepishly, scratching his neck subconsciously, "It was the only thing I could think of that might snap you out of it." Axel grunted, placing his hands on his thighs and glaring irritably at the blond, who raised his shoulders in an embarrassed shrug and smiled goofily in an attempt to placate his comrade. "You're okay now, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Thankfully you didn't cause any type of brain damage or something. If you had, I'd probably be lying on your pillow, slowly choking to death on my drool."

The Nocturne lowered his arms, smoothing out the sides of his coat nervously. "Heh, yeah, glad that didn't happen. So, are we okay now? You know, with everything?"

By 'everything,' Axel figured he was referring to not only the attack on his person, but the awkward kiss as well. "Hmph," he grumbled, pretending to brush grime and dust from his shoulders, "I really shouldn't do this, but, since it worked and all, I guess I'll forgive you." Demyx grinned widely at him, hands clasping in front of his chest excitedly. "Only this once, though!" Axel added, crossing his arms and looking the other way, a blush coloring his cheeks.

"Oh Axel, thanks a lot!" The musician cried, throwing his arms around the fire nobody, his weight causing them both to crash to the pillow and comforter below, Axel coming dangerously close to clonking his head on the headboard. "I promise to be more careful in the future!"

The larger nobody flailed helplessly under the weight of his subordinate, eyes wide and face resembling his hair color as he tried desperately to grab hold of the overly enthusiastic Nocturne and pry him off. "Damn it, Demyx, get off!" he demanded, grunting and cursing under his breath. "You're crushing my vertebrae and cutting off my circulation! Add to that the fact that I can't breathe with you hanging all over me, and it only points to my inevitable death by hugging-induced suffocation – and believe me, Demyx, the last place I want to die is under your heavy ass! Now move!"

With one more bone-crushing squeeze, Demyx released his hold around his superior and sat up, scooting back and to the side so he wasn't completely draped across the older nobody. Axel, too, sat up, slim waist bending and arms shooting to the sides to support himself as he glared daggers at the enigmatic young man beside him, whose left leg was still resting atop his thighs. Eyes narrowing, he looked from the offending leg and then back to Demyx, repeating the action until the blonde caught the hint and also turned his attention to his mutinous appendage, which continued to lie innocently where it had landed when the Nocturne shifted his position.

Seconds ticked by, filled with the calm breathing of the two nobodies as they both stared at Demyx's leg, which, to Axel's immense chagrin, hadn't stirred.

"Well?" the red-head grunted, patience wearing thin. "You going to get the hell off me or do I have to get rid of you myself?"

Demyx blinked and then grinned toothily, fingers curling into the comforter as his arms rested at his sides. Tucking his other leg lazily beneath him and shifting his weight to one side, he said cheerfully, and with a bit of a challenging edge to his voice, "No, I think I'll stay here." He knew deep down it was a very bad idea to needle Axel like this, but he found that he couldn't help himself. He figured that he had already hit rock bottom when it came to their budding friendship, what with the uncomfortable hugs and kiss, so things could only get better from this point.

When a look of astonishment flashed across the Flurry's face at his answer, Demyx decided that the attitude that was sure to be barreling his way had been worth his cheeky reply.

"Why you little-!" Axel growled, lips pulling taunt in a very pronounced frown. He sputtered another moment, then seemed to collect his thoughts as he raised his arms to push the blonde's leg off his thighs with an angry snort. To his surprise, Demyx moved it without a fight, folding it under him to join the other, before smiling hugely once again and looking for all the world like he had just won the competition of a lifetime.

"See?" Demyx said, folding his arms in front of him in a calm manner, "That wasn't so hard, was it? Instead of getting pissy, you can either do it yourself, or just ask nicely. Either choice works just as well, if not better, than demanding someone do as you say."

"Thanks for the lesson in conduct, mom." Axel sneered, crossing his own legs in front of him and resting his elbows on his knees. "I'll be sure to try and remember it the next time I get the urge to kick you across the room when you get in my way."

"Alright, sounds like a plan." Demyx said, scooting to copy Axel's pose and rest his back against the headboard. Silence reigned after that, though to the Nocturne's delight, it was not filled with the tension it had been before. No, this was more peaceful, more friendly than it had been. Maybe this meant his superior was getting used to his presence. Demyx smiled at that thought, grin never faltering, even when his companion shot him an odd look.

"What are you so happy about?" The fire-wielder asked, voice sounding more curious than disgruntled. At a sudden fleeting thought, he leaned slowly away from the smaller nobody and blurted, "You're not thinking about attacking me again, are you?"

"Mm, maybe." Demyx mumbled as he stared at nothing in particular, too caught up in the idea of things going in the right direction to pay much attention to Axel.

It didn't take long for the musician to find that this had been the wrong answer to give.

Demyx may have initially failed to notice his comrade's question, but the sudden rustling of sheets and squeaking of bedsprings was able to break through the cloud of his thoughts and startle the Nocturne back to reality. This lapse in his musings may have only lasted for a moment, but it was long enough for the blur of red and black next to him to catch the musician's eye.

"H-hey, wait!" The blond cried, his gloved hands moving to catch the back of the retreating nobody's undershirt. "Where are you going?!"

Axel cursed as his shirt was snagged by the overzealous young man, the sudden tug causing him to lose his balance and fall to the sheets only a foot or so from where he had first started his escape attempt. Climbing to his hands and knees, he offered Demyx an answering glower over his shoulder as he grunted and wiggled in an effort to free himself, teeth clenching in frustration when he felt another hand join the battle to keep him on the bed.

Eventually, he grew weary of the fight and, patience wearing thin, sat back on his knees and turned to the smaller man to demand he be released. Before Axel could get out the first syllable, however, he was hit with one of the most pathetic expressions he had ever seen in either of his lives, and, coincidentally, floored into silence.

Noticing his friend's state of hushed shock, the Nocturne took this chance to question the red-head once again. "Where are you going?" he repeated, voice taking on a meek and almost helpless tone. "I didn't do anything wrong, did I?"

Swallowing in an attempt to wet his dry throat, Axel relaxed his muscles and sighed wearily. "Look, I just don't want you jumping me again, okay?"

"Will you stay if I don't?" Demyx asked hesitantly, the worry evident on his face.

"Yes, I suppose I will." Axel said, crossing his arms and looking away, a bit disgruntled.

Seeing the slight sag in his companion's shoulders, Demyx felt it safe to release his grip, smiling sheepishly at the crinkles now adorning the material. "Okay then, I promise I won't jump you."


Awkward silence reigned once again, setting both men's nerves on edge. 'Why does this keep happening?' the Nocturne asked himself, feeling an odd tingling in the corner of his eyes. 'I have to fix this mess before I lose my chance.' Taking a deep breathe, the blond gathered his nerve and moved to strike.

"Axel," Demyx said, voice cutting through the air like a knife, "I'm really sorry about making you mad, and hugging you too tightly, and kissing you, and failing at making you feel better."

The fire-wielder blinked at the apology, turning around slowly to face Demyx once more. "Uh…okay?" He honestly didn't know what to say, since, well… the hugs and all hadn't been horrifyingly bad or unbearable. Yeah, those last few bear hugs left his arms numb, but it wasn't exactly the young musician's fault that he was completely clueless about showing his 'feelings' in the first place. As a nobody, he didn't get too many chances to practice his acting skills when it came to emotion.

"Do you forgive me?" Demyx asked, playing with his hands nervously. The action appeared a bit childish, but to Axel (who was more of a big kid than an adult himself), it seemed…endearing.

Scratching his head idly, the red-head thought over his answer. A few seconds of debate, and he figured, 'What the hell? Why not forgive the little guy?', and shrugged his shoulders as he replied with a cheerful, "Yeah, sure, no problem." When Demyx's eyes literally brightened and a smile almost broke his face in two, Axel added a quick, "Just don't go overboard again, okay?" to ensure he wouldn't be suffering anymore attacks, no matter how 'heartfelt' they may be.

The musician released a high-pitched squeak and clapped his hands, large grin practically blinding in its intensity. "Oh Axel, thanks so much!" Darting forward, he wound his arms around the other's thin waist and squeezed gently, keeping in mind that he had to curb his enthusiasm when in Axel's presence.

The red-haired nobody rolled his eyes and sighed deeply, a tired smile curling his lips as he lowered his arms and returned the hug hesitantly. "Heh, you're welcome, kid."


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