Title: Absinthe
Author: Simply Kelp
Rating: pg-13, for references to sex
Pairing: Green Fairy/Argentinean
Disclaimer: If I owned Moulin Rouge, Toulouse, and Christian would probably be gay... er.
Summary: Her name was Absinthe, and she was the bane of civility.
A/N: I originally wrote this two years ago. I have always held a soft spot for this fic-- being one of my favourites, period--, but I wished that I would have done a few things differently. The original version is ch.2


Her name was Absinthe, and she was the bane of civility. Inspiring men to free their minds, and women to loosen their corset strings, she flit about the Moulin Rouge like some licentious butterfly of sin. She surveyed the crowd below with a certain lewd pleasure. Music blared, women danced, men leered drunkenly; it was an orgy of carnal pleasures, and she revelled in their worship.

I watched the small, green light-- the one I had once thought to be a goddess-- with skin whiter than the moon, and lips redder than blood. She fluttered from person to person, whispering obscenities, and words of encouragement. Never once did she find my ear. A part of me longed for fluttering wings to carry her to me, but my wish went unanswered.

I drained the last of the green liquid from my glass, and squeezed my eyes shut. Her face burned into the blackness of my mind; lost forever in the brilliant gleam of her eyes.

A woman, drunk with alcohol, and pleasure, sat down next to me. Her dress was immodest, and her makeup was gratuitous; some tasteless caricature of beauty. Nothing like her. She leered, and made an obscene proposition. I turned her down indifferently; she was not her. In comparison, all other women were foul, and monotonous.

An older man walked up, and hastened away with the woman; she fluttered to his shoulder, whispering words of what I could only assume to be encouragement in his ear. When she noted my presence, she smirked. Spreading her wings, she flew languidly to the table before me.

She smiled slightly. "Hola, Amigo." Her voice, like the tinkling of a bell, rang in my ears.



Thank you so very much for reading this. I hope that you enjoyed it, and I would love to hear what you thought!