Title: Absinthe

Summ: Her name was Absinthe, and she was the bane of civility. GreenFairy? Oneshot

A/N: I don't really know how I got the idea for this. I just wrote it in like five minutes, so it's not very good. I don't know if the end makes enough sense . . .

A/N2: I'll give you a cookie if you know who the narrator is.

Her name was Absinthe, and she was the bane of civility. Inspiring men to free their minds, and women to loosen their corset strings, she flit about the Moulin Rouge. With lewd pleasure she surveyed the crowd below. The music blared, the women danced, the men leered drunkenly, an orgy of carnal pleasures. She reveled in their worship.

I watched the small, green figure- my goddess- with skin whiter than the moon and lips redder than the richest rose. She flew from person to person, whispering obscenities, or words of encouragement. Though never once did she find my ear. I longed for fluttering wings to carry my goddess to me, but my beseeching remained unanswered.

I drained the green liquid, and closed my eyes. Her face was burned into my mind. I was lost in her radiance.

A woman, drunk with alcohol and pleasure, sat down next to me. Her dress was immodest, and her makeup gratuitous, nowhere near as beautiful as my goddess. She leered and made an obscene proposition. I indifferently turned her down. If I could not have my goddess, I would have no woman.

An older man walked up and hastened away with the woman, my goddess whispering encouragements in his ear. When she noted my presence, she smirked. Spreading her wings, she fluttered off his shoulder onto the table before me.
Her smile- permanently fixed upon those rich, red lips- glowed up at me. Her eyes sparkled, her hair shone in the dim lights. I was intoxicated in her beauty.

Her voice, like a bell, rang in my ears. "Hola, Amigo."