I'm in love with the Charlie Bone series, so I just HAD to write this story! I've read all the books, so now I have nothing to read, so I can write one, because I am up to date! I'm addicted to listening to 'The Power of Love' from Sailor Moon, episode 81 English dubbed. Well, I guess I owe you a description…

Description: Something evil is coming out of Uncle Paton. Will he be forever lost to this evil? Manfred has lost his endowment and this time its forever. When a new girl comes to Bloor's Academy, Manfred is a victim of her hypnotising stare, and soon after, so is almost everyone else. Will the endowed children be able to work together to save the entire country, and defeat Charlie's Uncle Paton before someone gets killed?

Disclaimer: I don't own Charlie Bone, or the Children of the Red King series.

Charlie Bone and the Hypnotiser.

The Endowed Children/Prologue

The children of the Red King,

Called the endowed.

Naren Bloor: Adopted daughter of Bartholomew Bloor, Naren can send shadow words over great distances. She is descended from the Red King's grandson who was abducted by pirates and taken to China.

Asa Pike: A were-beast. He is descended from a tribe who lived in Northern forests and kept strange beasts. Asa can change shape at dusk.

Billy Raven: Billy can communicate with animals. One of his ancestors conversed with ravens that sat on a gibber where dead men hung. For this talent he was banished from his village.

Lysander Sage: Descended from an African wise man. He can call up his spirit ancestors.

Tancred Torsson: A storm-bringer. His Scandinavian ancestor was named after the thunder god, Thor. Tancred can bring, rain, wind, thunder, lighting, and now snow.

Gabriel Silk: Gabriel can feel scenes and emotions through the clothes of others. He comes from a line of psychics.

Emma Tolly: Emma can fly. Her surname derives from the Spanish swordsman from Toledo, whose daughter married the Red King. He is therefore an ancestor to all the endowed children.

Charlie Bone: Charlie can travel into photographs and pictures. Through his father he is descended from the Red King, and through his mother, from Mathonwy, a Welsh magician and a friend of the Red King.

Dorcas Loom: Dorcas can bewitch items of clothing. Her ancestor, Lola Defarge, knitted a shrivelling shawl whilst enjoying the execution of the Queen of France in 1793.

Idith and Inez Branko: Telekinetic twins, distantly related to Zelda Dobinsky, who has left Bloor's Academy.

Joshua Tilpin: Joshua has magnetism. He is the son of Matthew Tilpin and Miss Chrystal, who works at Bloor's Academy, and has been discovered to be an evil witch.

Una Onimous: Mr Onimous's niece. Una is five years old, and can turn herself invisible at any time she feels like it. The Bloor's do not know her endowment, yet. Her endowment is being kept secret until is has fully developed.

Olivia Vertigo: Descended from Guanhamara, who fled the Red King's castle and married an Italian Prince. Olivia is an illusionist.

Dana Matherson: Dana is a hypnotist. Orphaned at the age of 10, she mysteriously turned up at Bloor's door, asking to be let in. The Bloor's know of her power, but they do not know how strong it is.

Benjamin Brown: At the age of 12, Benjamin and his parents discovered he was endowed. After taking him to Charlie Bone's Uncle Paton, they have discovered that Benjamin could work with fire. A descendant of Borlath, Benjamin is not evil.

Stephanie Sezelle: Stephanie can bring inanimate objects to life. Her endowment was discovered when she was 6, and since she has been transferred to many academies. A descendent of Amoris's youngest child. No one yet knows who Amoris's children are.

The endowed are all descended from the ten children of the Red King: a magician-king who left Africa in the twelfth century, accompanied by three leopards.


The Red King's branches swayed gently. His leaves had all fallen off, and soon his branches shrunk. A face appeared, and then two arms, and soon, the Red King was back.

Walking proudly out of the ruin, he was met by snow. Sniffing the snow, the King's face cheered up. My children are around. Walking over to a large building, the king spotted a mirror, and noticed that his appearance had changed.

The Red King had shoulder length neat brown hair, friendly brown eyes, and thin lips. His body was muscly, and he wore a red jacket, with a yellow shirt underneath, and baize pants.

His reflexes had weakened, and before he noticed someone was behind him, he was knocked over the head, unconscious. His Queen, a white horse, whinnied in protest as his body was dragged away.

The person doing the dragging knocked the Queen over the head, too. Soon, she changed shape, and turned into a beautiful woman. Her hair was a light shade of blonde, and she had bright blue eyes, and thin lips. She was skinny, and wore a long, black skirt, and a pink buttoned top.

After a minute of being dragged towards a garden door, the two changed shapes until they resembled 12 year olds, in exactly the same clothes that they were wearing, and exactly the same feats. The garden door was slammed shut, and then bolted.

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