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Charlie Bone and the Hypnotiser

Lost Powers

Mrs Brown and her son, Benjamin Brown pulled up at Bloor's academy in a new, dark green car. Benjamin put his new blue cloak on, and hopped out of the car with his mother.
Students were seen rushing around the school, talking to each other. Benjamin saw Charlie, Billy, Fidelio, and a few more of his friends, talking as the walked towards the hall.

When the two stepped into the hall, there was silence. "They aren't allowed to talk in the hall." Mrs Brown whispered to her son. Benjamin nodded, and followed his mother to what was apparently the west wing.

In they walked, and twisted through a few halls, until they made their way to an office that read 'Dr Bloor' on the front. Mrs Brown knocked, and a large voice told them to come in.

"Ah, Benjamin Brown. And Mrs Brown. We found out that Olivia Vertigo was the one creating illusions, but thank you for trying. Now, here is your schedule, and after dinner, you shall do homework in the King's room. You should be able to find your way there. We have a lot of endowed children this term." Mr Bloor then sent them out.

"Well, bye sweetie, enjoy your week. I'll see you later." Mrs Brown kissed her boy and hurried out of the academy. It brought back lots of unwelcome memories about her job there.

Benjamin looked at his schedule, and saw that assembly in the music room was first. Benjamin made his way through the hall, and towards the music room.

"Silence in the hall!" growled Manfred. "Charlie Bone, would you like to repeat the rules?"
Charlie sighed, and muttered, "He sure hates me." Then, turning towards Manfred, he took in a breath and said,

"Silence in the hall

Talking not at all

Never cry or call
Even if you fall

Be you small or tall."

"Glad you know the words this time! Remember it!" Manfred walked past in a huff.

Charlie waved to his friends that belonged in the Art and Drama department, and hurried along to music. Just before he got to the door, he thought he saw Benjamin. "Isn't that Benjamin?" Billy asked in a whisper.

"Yes… yes that is." Charlie whispered back as they entered music.
Children were running around with musical instruments and chatting to their friends. Charlie spotted Benjamin and raced up to him. "Never thought I'd find you here. Why are you here?"

Benjamin turned around with a jump. "Charlie you scared me! I found out that I'm endowed so I have to go here."

"Seriously?" Charlie asked. "How?"

"I work with fire." Was Benjamin's reply.

"Oh gosh," Charlie was met by his friend, Fidelio. "Please don't turn out to be another Manfred."

"Who's Manfred?" Benjamin asked.

"You'll find out soon enough. Assembly's starting!"

Charlie was right – assembly was starting. First, the Music students sang the school anthem, then the national anthem, and then just a song that they were currently learning.

Charlie and Benjamin went to Mr Paltry for their music lesson first thing in the day. Charlie would help Benjamin learn to play the trumpet, although he wasn't too good himself. Mr Paltry was in his usual grumpy mood, especially because he didn't get along too well with the endowed.

"Come in here all know it all, when they can't even blow a trumpet." His usual words were, and Charlie had a feeling that deep down inside, Mr Paltry would say that because of jealousy.

Being endowed wasn't fun. Especially when you go and look at the photo your parents show you from when they went on holiday, and you can hear the things they are saying. And sometimes, they aren't very suitable for a twelve year old boy.

The music lesson was long, and Charlie suffered for Benjamin's mistakes, although he did not know why. Mr Paltry didn't like Benjamin, so at least something was normal. But normally Mr Paltry would only blame Charlie for his own mistakes.

Manfred sat in his study, which was once a secret. Now that Charlie Bone knew where his study was, he would probably come and check it out during the middle of the night some time, only to find he was locked in.

For days he had been trying to use his new endowment, but not once had it worked. Deep down, Manfred knew that it was gone. First his hypnotism had disappeared, and now his fire power had disappeared. Manfred's gift of endowment was gone – forever.

Stephanie Sezelle snuck around the dormitories, until she found the one in which Olivia Vertigo stayed. The girl had been secretly doing illusions, but Stephanie was the one who had caught the act, and reported to Manfred in the afternoon the other day.

She realised that this was exactly the same dorm that she slept in, except they just had two different doors! And what was even more surprising was that she slept in the bed across from Olivia Vertigo! Talk about shocking.

Stephanie smiled when she remembered a conversation she'd had that very night after Olivia had been shocked.

"Hi, Stephanie, I welcome you to our school!" The cheery girl from the bed next door welcomed the new girl.

"If you or ANYONE dares to call me Stephanie, I'll bash yer brains in and you'd wish you'd never messed with me, the queen of the fungus. So, call me either Steph, or Fungus." Steph threatened.

Ever since then, people had left her alone, or called her the names that she had suggested to the unlucky girl. Stephanie wiped the grin off her face, and then turned back to Olivia Vertigo's set of drawers behind her bed.

Dana Matherson joined Steph as a few clothes walked out of the dresser. When nothing was left in, Steph turned around to face the girl who had been watching her. "Hey."

"Remember the plan. Charlie Bone will be brought down." Dana said

"I remember it clearly. Has Dorcas done her part in the deal?" Steph asked. When she received a nod, she bent down and whispered in Dana's ear, "And then, our plan will be put in action, and we shall rule the whole world."

Dana smiled, and then walked out of the room, proud of their plans. The Bloor's were stupid, and they had no idea how powerful she actually was. And soon, when the two girls had defeated everyone in their way, Dana would get rid of Stephanie, and she would be the sole ruler of the world.

Charlie, Benjamin, and Fidelio walked into the cloakroom to place their blue cloaks back on their bodies after their five minute run. Charlie grabbed his cloak, and for some reason, it felt different.

Ignoring the small feeling in his gut, he placed his cloak on, and walked towards his English classroom with his two friends. Gabriel dragged Una behind him, until they had caught up with their friends. Billy Raven walked on his own towards their class.

"My daddy is pulling me out, because it was only a trial run for me and another girl. Then I will go live with my uncle." Una Onimous said to the few.

"Aww, really?" Charlie asked, not really meaning the sadness that was found in his voice. "It's such a pity, I'll miss you. Who's the other girl?"

"Naren Bloor." Una answered.

Charlie gasped. He knew he would get used to it, but Naren was good company. "When are you going?" Charlie asked Una.

"I'm going right now. Bye Charlie, bye Fidelio, bye Benjamin, bye Gabriel." Una said.

"Where's Naren?" Gabriel asked the little girl.

"She already left, and she told Charlie to leave his curtains open."

And with that, the little girl ran off towards the big gate that the gardener Weedon had opened.

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