kaesaku: Yo. So, uhm, basically, I'm a newbie at Naruto fics.. so there. Anyway, this one's based on the movie "The Girl Next Door", starring Elisha Cuthbert. Cool movie. Hot chick.

Oh, and the chapter titles that I will use in this fic are actually song titles. So, each chappie was somewhat inspired by a song whose title I will use. It'll be better if you listen to the song while reading it. Hehe.. ;p

Warning: This fic contains yaoi, boy-on-boy stuff. So, if you don't like it, I suggest you click the back button. It's NaruSasu or SasuNaru, err, whatever. Naruto and Sasuke in this fic. Gah.

Disclaimer: I don't'own "The Girl Next Door". I don't own Naruto and the characters in the manga/series. If I did, Itachi's nail polish would have been pink.

"The Boy Next Door"

by kaesaku


"…even the best fall down sometimes,

even the wrong words seem to rhyme,

out of the doubt that fills your mind,

you finally find you and I collide…"

-Collide, Howie Day

"Party tonight at Kiba's place!"

A voice rang in the classroom and was instantly followed by excited chatters of everyone in it.

A certain dark-haired boy tuned out the noise and instead, concentrated on the couple of index cards scattered on his desk.

"Hey, Sasuke."

He heard his name and turned to the direction it came from.

"Chouji. What do you want?" The dark-haired boy looked slightly annoyed for being disturbed.

"You goin' to the party?" The boy who approached his desk asked as he tried to open the pack of potato chips in his hand. The dark-haired boy grabbed the chips from the slightly heavier boy named Chouji.

"You already had 4 of these," he muttered and placed the chips on his desk. "And, no, I'm not going. You, of all people, should know that."

"Aww…" Chouji grimaced. "So what if that's my fifth! They're fat-free!" he argued as he tried to pry the chips, all in vain. "And for god's sake, we have a month before we graduate. We should at least go to one party!"

The dark-haired boy placed the chips in his bag and shuffled the index cards in his hand. He glared at Chouji.

"Right, the speech… I got it…" Chouji rolled his eyes. "But, Sasuke, you've been working on that speech for two months already! I'm sure you'll be so good in delivering it, as always, and you'll get the friggin' university scholarship!"

The dark-haired boy sighed. "Two and a half months, actually." He started to clean up the things on his desk. "The point is, this friggin' scholarship is really important and I can't risk any party or event to deter my concentration from this speech."

"Ah, yes! It is such a wonderful sight to behold whenever young people put their energies to things that are of more worth!" The dark-haired boy didn't even take the time to glance up from his index cards to know who said that.

Chouji rolled his eyes again. "Thanks a lot, Lee! Now you blew any chance of going to the party!"

And as his two friends continued to argue the pros and cons of teenage socialization, Uchiha Sasuke found himself tuning out the noises again.

- o -

He went home that day, a little tired and annoyed that everyone seemed to make a big fuss out of every party thrown lately. Sure, they were high school seniors, but was it that of a big deal to go to every damn party thrown before they graduate? He had better things to do than that.

Like the scholarship he wanted to get. Konoha University is a prestigious university and their school is giving one lucky student a chance to study there. All expense paid. Four were chosen and that included him. Before graduation, a dinner/seminar will be held and the four candidates will each give a speech in front of the faculty, the Admissions Committee, and all the other important people from the university. Then, the Admissions Committee will choose who among them is most suitable for scholarship.

Of course, he knew it was going to be him.

In a couple of weeks, he's going to be a proud scholar of Konoha University, while all his other classmates would have nothing but a memory of that kickin' party they went to.

How pathetic.

- o -

"Oh, hi, Sasuke. How was school?"

"Good, Mom," he answered.

"Well, how's the speech you're working on?"

"It's perfect, Dad. Don't worry about it."

"Oh, you know we won't, Sasuke," his father heartily patted him at the back.

He gave a small smile. "I'm gonna go to my room now."

As he went up to his room, he found himself face-to-face with the most annoying person ever born.

"Hey, loser."

"Don't you have something to destroy? Like the new car, perhaps?"

"Aww… My baby brother's growing his sense of humor…"

"Get lost, Itachi," he growled then slammed the door.

Later, that night, he found out that he was the one who will take out the trash, which was surprisingly, Itachi's chore for the day. No matter how screwed up his brother is, the fact still remains that he is the favorite. Which basically entails that his brother could get away with almost anything.

Including taking out the trash.

As he walked towards the bin, he saw a bright orange Volkswagen parked in front of the unoccupied house beside them.

New neighbors, he thought disinterestedly.

The passenger got out of the car, a bag slung on his shoulders, holding a couple of boxes. It was a guy, slightly taller than him, with striking blonde hair and blue eyes.

And he was gorgeous.

The guy noticed him, stared, then smirked. Before Sasuke could react, he bumped to the bin, bags of trash falling ungracefully to the sidewalk.

Sasuke picked up the trash bags and dumped them unceremoniously to the bin. He turned his head, side to side, checking if anyone saw his little blunder. So far, he was safe.

Well, except for that cocky-looking, smug-faced blonde neighbor who knew that this was going to happen.

He felt his blood boil. How dare he embarrass me in my own turf? He felt his face redden from anger or embarrassment, he wasn't quite sure. He briskwalked towards his house, not even risking a second look at the used-to-be unoccupied house beside theirs.

He quickly went up to his room and was still clearly in shock at what happened.

The nerve of that guy!

He can still see the smirk on the blonde's face. He glared at the window across from his, as if the action could instantly burn the house in flames. Instead of a fire, though, a light appeared and the window across was suddenly occupied.

It was the cocky-looking, smug-faced blonde neighbor. He just had to be the one who stayed in the room across him. Oh, joy.

Sasuke continued his mental voodoo. In his mind, he made the blonde run towards the window and flung himself at it. Apparently, his mental voodoo did not work as the blonde did not fling himself at the window, but rather, started unbuttoning his shirt.

Hell, no.

Sasuke felt his cheeks heat up. I am so not witnessing this. But, he was glued to his window sill, eyes refusing to look away. So, yeah, the guy was undeniably hot. But that does not deny the fact that he's still an obnoxious jerk who liked to embarrass people.

Sasuke winced at the thought that he was embarrassed by the new guy. Twice. The first one was intentional and the second, well, he didn't even have an idea.

His face flushed even more at the thought of what that could have meant and shoved it instantly at the back of his mind. Now, if only he could shove himself away from the evil window…

And just as he was gaining the strength to look away, the button-up shirt was discarded and Sasuke was presented with a full upper frontal view of the blonde, complete with abs and a tattoed belly.

Hell, no.

I am so not enjoying this, he muttered to himself, still glued to the window. He looked around the room to see if anyone saw him peeping, which was unlikely, of course, since he was alone. But he can't help feeling that the life-size poster of Bruce Lee was glaring condescendingly at him.

Having freed himself from the shirt, the blonde started taking off the last articles of clothing left: his pants and whatever that was underneath it.

Sasuke wasn't just glued anymore. He stopped functioning altogether. Everything else in that little room of his froze. His breath caught in his throat and his mind stopped producing coherent thoughts when the pants were thrown on the bed. By the time the blonde was down to his boxers, Sasuke felt like he was going to have a first-hand experience in human combustion. And since his mind had stopped the production of coherent thoughts, he had no idea what that meant.

Something caught the blonde's eye at the top of his bed, so he made a move to look at it, which robbed Sasuke of the nice view. In a way, it might have been fortunate (or was it unfortunate?) timing, because just then, the blonde pulled down his boxers.

Sasuke's eyes bulged. Incoherent thoughts bid their goodbyes as he was presented with the full backside view of the blonde.

Oh, yeah. It was full.

And since his mind was left with nothing but the impulse to gawk and ogle the boy across from his window, his reflexes were a bit slow and he did not notice the blond turning his head towards his window, his room, until his eyes saw nothing but blue.

The boy next door caught him.

He quickly scrambled to hide under the window, although he knew that he was obviously caught red-handed. His heart started to pound, his head throbbed, and he knew he wasn't frozen anymore. He silently contemplated hiding under the bed, like that would help him. In the middle of his panic-stricken moment, he stopped, took a deep breath, and realized something. It was an accident!

Like hell he would peep at an undressing neighbor. He wasn't like that. Uchiha Sasuke was NOT like that. The idiot neighbor was doing it again, embarrassing him at his own turf. He probably did that on purpose. Who strips in front of an open window, anyway?

A bang of a door interrupted his thoughts and he unconsciously looked out the window. The room across his was engulfed in darkness again, no blonde in sight. To his horror, he saw said blonde walking through the pathway. Towards his house.

What the hell is he doing?

A doorbell was the answer. This time, Sasuke really did want to hide under his bed.

"Sasuke?" He heard his dad call out. "Come down here for a second."

Being the obedient boy that he was, he went albeit hesitantly. He stopped midway in his steps.

There at the foot of the staircase was his dad, his mom, and that damn blonde.

"What were you doing?" his dad inquired.

A number of possible answers went through his head, but he gave the safest (or stupidest) answer he could think of…


He thanked whatever gods present for not having his older brother down there with them. That bastard could see through every lie he makes.

Sasuke looked at the blonde who looked evenly at him. He officially hated the guy.

What does he think he's doing?

"This is Uzumaki Naruto," his father started, breaking through his thoughts. "Did you know that his aunt is away for the weekend?"

"No," Sasuke answered. And do I look I care? How the hell could he know? He only peeped at the guy, not conversed with him. He mentally kicked himself at the unexpected admission.

"Well, since he's new here," his father smiled, "Why don't you show him around town?" His mother beamed at the idea.

Are you crazy? He felt like screaming. He turned to the blonde who was grinning happily at his parents.

He's doing this on purpose.

The blonde faced him, the grin disappearing and was replaced with that smug-looking smirk he saw earlier by the trash bin.

It took every ounce of Sasuke's self-control to stop himself from blurting out, "It's an accident!" Judging from the look on the blonde's face, though, he doubted that the blonde would believe him.

Then he felt it again. That annoying surge of embarrassment, of being unsure. It had been a while since he last felt that and he have to thank that annoying boy next door for releasing those stupid..feelings. Oh, he will get the blonde for that. If he wants war, he's gonna get it.

No one messes with Uchiha Sasuke.

- tbc -