"So we're dating… but we aren't having sex?" Derek asked... again. Meredith turned to look at him, raising her eyebrow.

"What part of that is so hard for a brain surgeon to understand?" she teased him.

"It's just… going to be hard.. is all." He replied.

She giggled. "We were friends before and we didn't have sex then." She reminded him.

"Yeah, and I had to fight myself not to ravish you over and over, every single time I saw you." He gave her a dreamy look.

"You did?" she asked him. "I did." He affirmed. "Oh." Mer replied quietly.

"Where did you get this dumb idea anyways?" Derek asked running a hand through his hair. They were leaning over the railings at the ferry boats, just having finished up the picnic lunch Derek had brought.

"Finn never said it was a dumb idea," she gave him a look.

Derek rolled his eyes. "As glad as I am that McVet has to suffer too, because that means he isn't touching you anymore… I'd rather not picture it."

Meredith leaned over against him and whispered.. "What do you mean anymore? He never has."

Derek's eyes opened wide, and he looked at her, she nodded to confirm it and he felt a little more peaceful inside. So McVet hadn't ever gotten a pair of Meredth's panties. That was a very good thing. Yes, it was something that made him feel much better. He chuckled to himself, feeling silly for being so happy about it.

Derek felt a little more cocky. This wasn't all as easy as it had sounded. Meredith really was going on dates with two men. He had to schedule time with her, and take her places. And send her flowers to combat the gifts flooding in from Finn. But he had to admit it felt really damn good to be able to openly express himself anywhere he wanted to about how he felt about her. Never again would he keep his feelings for Meredith inside.

"But… What about the, let's see what did I hear you guys call it.. oh yes.. the beast. What about the beast Meredith?" he gave her a soul searching look that made her weak to her knees. She cleared her throat.

"The beast is.. resting. " she answered.

"Funny, the beast wasn't very restful last week. No, as I recall the beast was pretty .. hot, and hmmm I'd say ferocious. Yes, not the kind of beast that's easily tamable." He laughed as he ducked out of the way, as Meredith swiped at him with her fist.

He pulled her into his arms, and trailed his lips along the column of her neck, the spot where he knew she melted inside when he kissed her there. Working his way up to her ear, he whispered seductively, " I hope I don't wake the beast up."

She tilted her head, giving him better access, before shaking her head and pulling away.

"That is so not fair Dr. Shepherd. You can't use prior knowledge to gain an advantage."

"Well, what should we do? Miniature golf?" he asked her exasperated.

"We could talk. You could tell me more than your favourite ice cream flavor, some real history on you, details. Girls like to know this stuff you know."

Derek smiled at her with a wicked grin. "I'd rather wake up the beast, but I guess I'll bite." He laughed at his joke. "Ask away, what do you want to know."