"Hey." She smiled as she walked over to where Derek perched in the lobby, waiting for her.

He looked up and smiled. "Hey. Ready?"

"I am. Ready. I'm ready." She looked into his eyes. God she loved him.

"Good. Let's go." He said as he helped her with her coat and they headed to the parking lot.

"Your place or mine tonight?" she asked him.

"I thought you deserved a nice dinner first. I made reservations at La Scala."

"Oooh la la, fancy. The perks of being a rich surgeon." She teased him.

"Be prepared to be spoiled rotten." He promised her as they got into his car. He held the door for her and tucked her in before walking around and getting in too.

She leaned back and closed her eyes, relieved to be done for the day. They had a short drive into downtown, before they pulled up to valet parking. Derek came around and helped her out and they headed in. They were seated right away, and Derek ordered a rich red wine to go with their pasta. Meredith splurged and ordered the lobster ravioli, and tucked into it her Caesar salad with relish. Derek watched, admiring her.

"What?" she asked self consciously as she swallowed a bite.

He smiled at her, "Nothing, I love how healthy your appetite is, I just always wonder where you put it."

She giggled and took a sip of the wine. "This wine is delicious. Are you trying to get me drunk so you can get lucky?"

"Do I have to get you drunk to get lucky?" he asked in mock horror.

"True." She said as she finished her glass and he poured her more.

After a wonderful dinner, and a cannoli, Derek assisted her to the car. She was surprised when the car headed to her house. She had figured they'd go to the trailer.

"We're staying at my house? With George and Izzie?" she asked.

"Your bed is comfier, and you have a better cook." He answered.

"Only as long as we don't piss her off by being loud." She told him seriously.

"I guess I could stuff a sock in your mouth." He teased her.

She punched him in the shoulder laughing.

"I have something to show you before we go upstairs." He told her as they walked up to her porch. She unlocked the door and they headed in. Derek went back out to the trunk and came in with a rolled tube.

"What's that?" she asked as she kicked off her shoes.

"This is our future." He told her with a charming grin. He walked over to the table and spread out a roll of blueprints.

Meredith wandered over and peeked over his shoulder.

"We are going to build a house on our land. And I want us to both design it."

Meredith was shocked. Their land. He wanted her to help him design a house. For them. Design it. To live together in. She pinched herself.

"What was that for?" he asked her laughing.

"Can we ask Izzie for help? I'd love to have her design the kitchen, and some of the stuff I'm not so savvy on."

Derek laughed and nodded. He hoped she would be happy with his idea and she was, she loved it. She excitedly ran to the stairs and called Izzie down, and they worked for the next few hours in a blur of pencil markings and erasings.

Derek had hired a great architect who had promised him that he could make whatever they came up with work. He wasn't at all surprised to see that Meredith had the same simple taste as him and while she had quality taste, it wasn't opulence she was after.

Ever since he had met Meredith, he had pictured their house on their land together. It was all finally happening for them.