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Dylan moved around slowly taking in his surroundings. His need for some privacy had caused a little friction on the Andromeda but he so desperately needed it. He could still hear Beka's voice echoing in his ears reminding him of how they had celebrated his birthday on the ship. Rommie's disapproving stare as he packed his supplies. Harper's plaintive plea wanting to come and as he put it scope out the natives. Tyr had just shrugged and made a passing good bye as he disappeared to his own quarters.

It had been though, the strange look on Trance's face that had caught his attention and stayed in his mind. He could still see her face even now, no words or demands just that strange knowing look.

None of them could really understand the importance of the date even if it was an anniversary that had happened over three hundred years ago and was slowly becoming another faded memory for him, how could he expect them to understand when he barely understood the driving need to do this himself.

Turning Dylan stared at the Maru making sure that it was safe before heading towards the local accommodation centre.
It was the closest planet he could find in the system to replicate that day and he needed to get some rest before the long trek ahead of him.

The morning proved a bright and warm start to the day, Dylan yawned and stretched blinking at the unaccustomed brightness of the suns of Dalairu 3, Rommie did her best with the artificial lighting on the Andromeda but the suns warmth and bright light still caught him off guard. Yawning he made his way to the shower room finally he found himself starting to relax. Showering slowly, Dylan savoured the warmth flow through him, relaxing him even further. Drying even slower Dylan's hand brushed over the scar of his stomach wound bringing the bad memories to the surface, no he was not going to get depressed and maudlin that was not what this little trip was about.

He packed his rations and supplies for the trip and started out on his long hike. The mountainous terrain he had Rommie scan was perfect, on the tip snow still settled but the rest was lush and green for the most part.

The indigenous plant life was very similar to his own fractured memories as he let them one by one come back. It was time.

With each step he remembered a little more, her face, her hair her sweet scent, the shape of her body as he helped her climb up the mountain.

The first time they had gone hiking, the last time they were together skiing they all came flooding back with each step.

Finally, he stopped for a rest and to eat before making it to the highest peak before dark. The twin suns were high in the sky now bringing with them the hottest part of the day. Feeling the sweat drip down his back, Dylan decided to take full advantage of the warm weather and stripped off his thick sweater and T-shirt preferring to continue with a bare chest.

Wiping the sweat from his eyes, he packed up the remains of his meal and stared up to where he was going then spun around he was sure he had heard someone following him.

'Hello?' he asked turning around once more, 'can I help you?' Shaking his head Dylan took a big breath and kept climbing, the time was slipping away.

After what seemed like hours of trudging through the thick, brush Dylan finally reached the first peak. Panting a little heavier now he wiped his face and decided to keep going; to break camp at the next outcropping of rocks it was not much further to go then he could finish the climb in the dawn's light. On the morning of their actual anniversary, one that was so long ago but only felt like yesterday to Dylan.

The last time they had hiked, hand in hand determined to conquer the widow maker peak of Alintrus, it had been his birthday.

'Ahh past, the past!' a whispering voice echoed through the trees following Dylan as he finished the first part of his trek. Spinning around Dylan drew his force lance and scanned the area for signs of anyone else. 'Pretty so pretty!'

'Who are you?' he called out frustrated.

'Pretty past, pretty face!' the voice wove around him almost hypnotically.

Dylan dropped to his knees a wave of exhaustion hitting him.

'Ahh poor pretty!' The whispering changed, the voice started to caress him moving around him seductively.

Yawning Dylan decided to make camp, though all he wanted to do was sleep. He moved almost mechanically eating without tasting anything. His thoughts became consumed not with his precious memories of her but of the lithe seductive voice moving over his body.

'Pretty so tired, so sad, why pretty sad?'

'Who are you?' he asked his voice sounding thick.

'Hush pretty, don't worry, don't be sad!' the voice seemed to take on life as it moved over him, giving him chills.

'My name is Dylan.' He managed to get out as the voice draped itself over his body.

'Hush pretty Dylan' the voice kept taking form brushing over his body temptingly.

'What are you called?' Dylan asked as he tried to keep his thoughts in order.

'Hush pretty Dylan, Aidan will make better'
'Your name is Aidan?' Dylan started to ask as he tried to keep focus on what was happening but his body started to betray his resolve.

Aidan finally took form, her white hair covered her back and flowed over her hips. Her face mirrored the silver of the ever present moon Damu; the impish quality of her eyes was captivating, emerald green with flecks of silver and gold. She wore no clothing of any kind, her breasts heaved slightly as she moved over Dylan's body her whispering voice echoing in his ears.

'Let me dance for you pretty Dylan' Aidan moved slowly, with a cat like motion as she danced to a silent tune that only Dylan and Aidan could hear.

Mesmerized Dylan watched her, as she temptingly moved over him, her hair brushing his bare skin. 'No more sad Dylan!' she sang to him moving her hands over his face, he felt unseen kisses brushing over his eyes and down his face to his throat. Groaning slightly Dylan shifted his position feeling the hardness of the ground beneath him. Aidan paused her dance and smiled down at him, her beautiful face, and full of innocence as well a look of complete seduction.

The memories were gone replaced with the image of the ethereal beauty dancing before him. 'No more sad Dylan' she sang again brushing her fingers over his eyes catching his unshed tears.

Lowering herself onto him Aidan finished her dance by showering him with butterfly kisses. Finally Dylan realised that he could move and lifted a hand to tangle in her hair bringing her face closer to him. His blue eyes heavy-lidded now fixed firmly on her face drinking in her beauty. His body screamed at him to take her, to make her, his own and then to find out who she is but he hesitated slightly wanting to remember where he was and what he was doing there.

'No more sad memories pretty Dylan,' he heard in his mind echoing repeatedly. Shaking his head, Dylan pulled Aidan closer to him kissing her harder than he intended the memories were gone.

Aidan threw back her head and laughed deep from her throat, the gurgle of laughter sounded like music to Dylan and he pulled her back to him. He needed her so badly. 'Happy birthday Dylan' he thought to himself sending a cold chill down his back.

'Only happy now pretty Dylan' her voice silenced his own protesting one.

Dylan woke to find himself lying face down on the soft grass, bleary eyed he gazed around, 'only a dream!' He muttered standing up he checked his supplies and pulled on his sweater shivering in the cool morning air.

Ignoring the hunger pangs that had started to gnaw at him Dylan picked up his packs and took a big breath deciding to wait until he reached the next peak before breaking for a meal.

He stared down at the patch of ground, he was sure that he had not been alone but now looking down the mountain slope he was sure that he was completely and totally alone.

Shaking his head Dylan climbed the rocks scraping his fingers as he fought to find each hand hole. Weary he started to pulled himself up the final outcrop of rocks, slipping he felt the rubble start to crumble under his finger tips. Trying to stay calm he inched along until he was able to get a firmer grip. Scrambling on the rock face Dylan felt himself start to slide down again as the rocks gave way. A feather light sensation passed his finger tips as Dylan gave way to the blackness as falling debris crashed into him as he tumbled down the crevice.