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'Poor Dylan!' Cooed Aidan brushing a fallen hair away from a deep cut on his forehead. Hovering over him she watched as he lay there so still, she touched the bruises on his arms and face. 'Dylan wake up now!' She said brightly wanting to feel him again.

Groaning Dylan tried to open his eyes and get his bearings but the bright sunshine from the two suns was blinding and he kept them closed listening to the sounds around him instead. The wind had picked up howling through the crevice bringing with it a cold chill making him shiver. 'Get up Dylan!' He growled making himself sit up and open his eyes, shading them from the bright light. He could feel the stickiness of blood dripping down the side of his face, tentatively he touched the large cut framing the left side of his face. Wincing he made a cursory examination of his other injuries, mainly bruises and cuts he gathered as he tried to stand. After waiting for a moment for the dizziness to pass Dylan took an uncertain step crying out in pain as his wrenched ankle gave way under his weight and he collapsed. Swallowing hard he tried to stand again, biting down on the pain he managed to stay on his feet.
Squinting up to the peak he frowned considered his alternatives. Not wanting to return to the accommodation base just yet he sat down and ripped his T-shirt as much as he could and made it into a temporary bandage he bound his swollen ankle as tightly as he could stand. Swaying he could feel the encroaching blackness take control again.

Aidan watched him fight to stay awake she wanted to go to him and to take him again in her arms but this time she had to let him do this himself. The light of the moon had to shine before she could show herself to him again. His thoughts and pain resonated throughout her essence making her shimmer like a shower of tiny sparks in the afternoon light.

Pushing himself up Dylan brushed off his hands and picked up a small pack leaving the heavier bags and supplies behind he started to limp towards the sheer cliffs once again starting the climb needing more now than ever to finish what he had started. The memories were long gone and the reasons why he wanted to undertake the climb seemed to fade with the memories. Now he had to do it, for himself.

Not daring to look up to his destination Dylan pulled himself up the rocks gingerly moving his ankle careful not to injure it further.

Gasping for each breath as he neared the top Dylan felt the need for sleep so keenly. All he wanted to do was to give up and surrender, to close his eyes and not to open them again.

'Oh Dylan, pretty Dylan!' The same singsong voice sounded in his head making him to look around pulling him back to full consciousness.

'Where are you?' He called out, his voice thick and dull.

'Come to me my pretty Dylan.'

'I can't see you! Leave me be!' Dylan cried out his anger and pain fuelling him.

'So close, so close!' Her voice wrapped around him, warming him.

Resolutely he started to climb again drawing from his own strength ignoring the voice he reached the last peak.

Pulling himself over the edge he scrambled back until he was on more level ground. Breathing hard he closed his eyes and let his head fall backwards. The warm suns were almost gone, disappearing behind the mountain peaks, shining on the rising moon of Damu.

'Ahh poor Dylan!' The voice whispered covering him like a warm blanket. 'Let me take the hurts away poor Dylan!' she breathed over him taking form she traced her fingers over his injuries wanting to take the pain and the anger away from him.

'Leave me be!' He moaned swiping at her hand as though he was swiping away an annoying insect.

'Sh Dylan, pretty Dylan!' Aidan cooed running her hands over his face, warming his entire being with her touch.

'You're nothing, you're just an illusion! A dream!' Dylan whispered 'get out of my head!'

'Sleep Dylan, poor Dylan, hurt Dylan!' Aidan laid herself down over him covering his body with her own transparent form, she lay her head on his chest listening to the steady beat of his life force.

Dylan closed his eyes and tried to remember why he was there and what memories were still eluding him when he felt himself relax, sighing he no longer felt any pain as he drifted into unconsciousness once again.

Waking with the dawn breaking over the cliffs Dylan struggled to his feet, he stared down at the crevice he had fallen down the day before, amazed that he had even survived let alone finish his climb. 'Well only one way down!' He quipped to himself he broke out the last of his rations and ate quickly while he packed then headed down the steep sloping pathway to the track that led back to the bottom of the peak. Favouring his injured ankle Dylan made his way down the walking track and headed towards the discarded pile of supplies. Stretching his aching body Dylan sat down against a boulder and closed his eyes just for a moment.

The last few days had been strange and tiring, not to mention very painful, wincing inwardly he stretched out his ankle and felt the sinews and tendons snap. It would certainly take some explaining when he got back to the Andromeda he thought to himself shaking his head ruefully.

'Dylan leave Aidan?' The voice asked, sounding sad and distant. 'Aidan so sad!'

'Where are you?' He called opening his large blue eyes.

'Aidan want Dylan to stay, Aidan dance for Dylan again?'

'I have to go, I have to get back to my ship!' Dylan said his eyes searching the horizon for any signs of his mysterious companion. 'I can't stay with you.'

'Aidan want Dylan to stay, need Dylan to stay!'

'Can't you show yourself to me, for a good bye at least?' Dylan asked.

'Dylan stay with Aidan?'

'I have to go!' Dylan yawned his eye lids were getting heavier all of the time. 'Aidan let me go!' He whispered as he gave in and fell asleep.

Humming Aidan floated above him and waited for the light of Damu to shine on her again. This time she would make sure that all of the memories were gone and that Dylan would stay with her forever. His essence joining with hers together in the mountains. It had been so long since she had someone to join with, too long she needed his strength, she wanted his beauty.

Aidan watched over him as he slept, stroking his face and singing comforting songs to him as he tossed and called out in his sleep. She soothed him in the gentle songs of myth and legends of her race.

As the heat of the late morning suns hit his face Dylan finally woke and opened his eyes. The forgotten pain came back unbidden, coursing through his body. A face floated in front of his eyes.

'So he lives to tell the tale!' A bright voice washed over him, 'Dylan?'

'Aidan I have to go…' He moaned blinking hard against the light.

'Dylan? Hey Dylan it's me Beka, you've had a few people worried about you!'

'Beka?' Dylan squinted up at her confused, 'what?'

'Hey Dylan are you okay, you've got a nasty cut on your head that's for sure!'

'Where's Aidan?' Dylan asked looking around.

'Who? Dylan there's no one around here, believe me there is no one else here!'

'No, Aidan she was here she…she wanted me to stay with her!'
'Listen Dylan what's say we get you down off the mountain and get some med. help and then we can work out about Aidan okay?'
'I'm fine Beka!' Dylan growled pushing her hand away he stood up swaying from the wave of dizziness that hit him.

'So you can go on back and wait for me!'

'Sorry no go there Captain I've been told to bring you back in one piece and that is what I intend on doing…I am not facing Rommie without you!'

'I told you I'm fine!' Dylan mumbled bending down to get his supplies, 'I got up here and I'll get down!' He limped away stumbling in a small hole he bit his lower lip drawing a droplet of blood.

'Yeah right!' Beka said shaking her head she slipped her head under his arm and put it around her neck, 'besides I do have pretty broad shoulders!'

'Just…no more talking okay?' Dylan said as he tried to hide his relief at her help, grimacing as he attempted to put weight on his ankle.

Beka opened her mouth to retort but saw the thunderous look on Dylan's face and kept quiet, trying to hide a small smile she ducked her head and steered him down the slopes taking most of the day to do so.

Dylan twisted his head around and stared at the peaks that he had managed to climb, he could still feel Aidan's touch and hear her song in his mind. Shaking his head he turned his attention to making it back to the accommodation centre. As the sun went down behind the mountains the song in his head became louder, turning he stared up at the peak the shimmer of her dance caught his eye and he stopped walking, turning around he became mesmerized as he watched her dance one last dance for him.

'Dylan you okay?'

'Huh? Yeah, yeah sure let's go Beka!' Dylan said his voice heavy with regret as he wrenched his gaze away from the ethereal beauty dancing for him. 'Let's go home!'