First fic for a long long time. Go easy on me aryt? Oh! And this fic can go with any pairing.

"I saw her,"

"I saw him,"

"Still pretty and she look so happy,"

"I felt like crying but I won't let him notice that,"

"I wonder if she's mow taken. Maybe she is,'

"I'm still single, can't seem to find someone who could take his place,"

"I know she's angry,"

"After all he's done, I still can't get mad at him,"

"I'm a coward not to choose her,"

"He was brave enough to choose the one he truly loves,"

"And I regret it,"

"And I'm happy for him,"

"I love her but it's too late, she doesn't love me anymore,"

"I love him still but I should move on,"

What if a bird fell in love with a fish? Where would they live? Who keeps the fins and who looses its wings? It's an irony but that's how cruel yet poetic love can be.

chorva! haha. Doobidubidoo..