Tell It Again

by Katinka

(A/N: The following was inspired by this quote from Gina Torres: "I don't want to over-simplify Zoe, but for me, what was always so interesting in playing her was the part the audience didn't get to see...Underneath all that toughness is this incredibly vulnerable, reluctant heroine and that fascinated me.")

"Haven't you heard this before, sweet-cakes?"

"Don't mean I can't hear it again."

"You're not doubting the depths of my love, are you? 'Cause they are deep, deep, very deep depths."

Throaty chuckle. "Not a whit. But you best get it on with it all the same."

"Appears I have no choice, then. Okay, so there I was, under this beat-up console, weighing my options. Milo Tanaka was as trustworthy as Jayne in the pantry, Bill Renshaw wasn't much better. That left the cruise liners – big, powerful ships, where I could attract the attention of wealthy women the galaxy over."

"Not with that lip fur, you couldn't have."

"But it was manly lip fur! A symbol of virility…and, er…my ability to grow facial hair." Nuzzle. "You think about it betimes, don't you? Wishin' I still had it, wishin' I could rub it up…and down…and up your arm…"

Light smack.

"Ow! But my old man used to pilot a Firefly, you know? Long before I was born. So, I wanted to check this one out, see if there were any truth to the talk. Didn't know that I was so keen on the cruise liners, either. Couldn't get over the lamentable – "

Eyebrow rises.

" – yes, lamentable uniform they'd force on me, no doubt. Man's got to think on his comfort when flyin'."

Leg drapes. "That comfortable enough for you?"

"Oh, baby, you gotta ask?"

Some moments' pause.

"So, you were under the console…"

"I was under the console, weighing my options, and I heard boots. Thought it was that lunk Bestor again, so I looked out and I saw…these calves. Lean, shapely calves."

"Still might've been Bestor's."

"Don't say that, dear. Really. So I looked out even further, and there was this woman. A terrifying and lethal-looking woman, to be precise, but still a gorram beautiful woman. Her hair was all back, showin' a neck like a swan, and she had these full, full lips, just beggin' to be kissed…"

"Kissed by you?"

"She was, as yet, regrettably unaware of my kissing prowess."

"Must've been feelin' pretty brave, thinkin' such thoughts."

"Yeah, she looked like she wanted to squash me under her boot and toss me outta the airlock. Biggest turn-on since the first time I broke atmo."

Muffled giggle, kiss.

"And I got to thinkin', I could do some real tricks with this boat. The kinda stuff that gets you demerits in flight school and kicked offa cruise liners. You remember, those big and fancy cruise liners that were courtin' me, wantin' to pay me loads of credits for my formidable piloting skills…"

Another light smack.

"But here – here – I could look at those legs any time I wanted, those legs that went to Boros and back with flyin' time to spare." Stroke. "Think about 'em in a skirt, even. A short skirt."

More giggles, rustling of sheets.

End of conversation.

Some time later…

"You don't get tired of hearing that?"

"Never will, husband. Never will."