Love without Words

By Zilver Wings


Summary: She was the ice princess who was mute. When her family hired a tutor to teach her sign language, they never expected love to blossom. But a princess and a commoner would never work together. However, things change and Syaoran proves not to be an ordinary peasant.


Chapter 1


"How is she?"

"The disease is under control, but…"

"Stop stuttering and answer us!"

The king of the Kinomoto kingdom tried to hold back his son, Touya, from strangling the old doctor, who inched away from them slowly, his eyes showing fear.

"Yes, please tell me about Sakura's situation. Whatever happens, it's not your fault."

Fujitaka's soft voice soothed the old man, and he took a deep breath.

"Although she suffered from a very high fever, we were able to lower it. Her life will not be at risk anymore."

Both of the men sighed in relief, but when they saw the anxious expression on the doctor's face, they grew tense.

"However, since it took some time before we could lower her temperature, we suspect that some damage was caused to her brain, although we are not certain about that."

Fujitaka's usually calm exterior changed and he waited impatiently for the man to continue.

"I'm afraid that she has become… mute, I'm sorry."


Touya freed from his father's grasp and rushed into his beloved little sister's room, his eyes brimming with tears.


A 15-year old girl sat on side of her bed, staring outside the large window from her large pink room in the Kinomoto palace.

The window gave her reflection.

The girl was thin and looked sick. Shoulder-length honey brown hair framed her smooth and pale, oval-shaped face, with a few strands sticking out at the top was being left untamed.

Striking emerald eyes looked icily at the world around her, making a big contrast to her pale complexion. Her lips were glossy pink, but were shut tightly at all times, since she hadn't been using her voice for a long time.

She wore a long pink gown with strings of cherry blossom patterns being sown on it, showing some of her curves. However, even the cheerful attire of the dress couldn't brighten up the sorrow in the room.

It has already been four years, she thought.

Four years ago, she caught a cold. It started it out to be merely a small sickness, with slight coughing and a sore throat. The doctors gave her medicine and assured that she was going to be fine soon.

However, during that night, a fever broke out. It shot up quickly, and her life was endangered. Although the doctors tried to help her, the damage was done to her brain. She became mute at the age of 11.

It was not the only thing that changed in her life. The life she once saw as colorful and bright turned to black and white.

Sighing in her mind, she put on her white fluffy slippers and slowly walked down the stairs to the dining room.

"Ohayo, Sakura."

Her father smiled warmly at her before returning his gaze to the scrolls the people had sent him about the matters involving Japan while sipping on his milk.

Sakura nodded her head in response and sat down, looking at her breakfast. Sushi, they used to be her favorites, but ever since the incident, she lost her interest in everything, except drawing, which she found was a great way to express her emotions. She glanced at her food again. What was the use of having a mouth if you couldn't do anything with it but eat?

But knowing that her father was looking at the corner out of his eyes since he had made it. She knew that her father was a very busy man, even a minute was very rare to him. Touched by his consideration, Sakura forced the two sushi into her mouth, which she swallowed with great difficulty, and left the room crisply.

Fujitaka put down his fork and sighed, looking at the empty plate.

How he missed the sweet voice of his daughter, and that cheerful aura always surrounding her. Her presence would brighten anyone's day. Yet, she was so fragile. The incident put a permanent scar in her soul, making her unable to stand up again after she fell.

'But no matter what, I'll try my best to make the old Sakura return.'

He thought to himself with fierce determination, thinking of his passed away wife.

'Nadeshiko, please always guard her, wherever you are.'

Ever since Touya had reached adulthood and left Sakura to marry a princess in another country, no one really understood her anymore.

The secret of her being mute never leaked out of the kingdom. Prince from various countries who ever saw her face all immediately proposed to her, but she refused every single one with a shake of her head, which earned her the name 'Ice Princess' by her cold exterior and constant refusal to the proposals.

She knew that they were shallow men who had fallen for the false nature of love. They only judged a woman by her outer appearance. She had always been waiting for her prince charming, one that would see beyond her beauty. But, she thought bitterly, with her handicap, who would really want her anymore once they knew about it? Dreams were sweet, but once you wake up, you will realize that they are nothing but aching illusions.

She managed to push away all of her childhood friends, scared to think how they would react after they found out about her secret. She used to miss them dearly, but as time passed by, her once passionate heart grew cold.

Then, she heard a soft knock at the door and in came a timid servant girl.

"Kinomoto-sama, the..the king wants you…to..uh… go into his room now. He has something to tell you."

With that, she quickly left the room, shivering, remembering the princess' piercing gaze.

Sakura put down her pencil and abandoned her sketch of an angel statue her mother gave her when she was very young.

"Sakura, one day, your prince charming will come, and guard you like an angel."

"But, okaa-san, what if he never comes?"

"He'll come someday." Nadeshiko produced a marble angel statue with a faraway expression on his face and put it in her daughter's eager palm.

"My okaa-san gave me this when I was about your age. Now that I've found my angel, I'm going to pass this to you, take good care of it."

"But my angel hasn't come yet."

"In that case, I'll be your guardian angel, forever and forever, even after your angel has come."

"What if you die?"

"I'll still be there, looking out for you, not letting anything happen to you."

Sakura's eyes softened at the fond memory of her mother. Ever since she lost her voice.

When Sakura entered Fujitaka's study room, she saw that there was something going on. Although otou-san always had a smile on his face, today, the smile seemed bigger and happier.

"Sakura, I've found you a tutor from China. He's about the same age as you. He has an uncle who is a great teacher that teaches sign languages. However, when we requested for him to come, he rejected the offer since he was busy, and instead, send his nephew, who seems to have inherited all the skills. Sakura, it's time to break out of your shell, please let me help you."

Seeing her otou-san's sad and pleading eyes, she reluctantly nodded her head, although she didn't want anybody to interfere with her life.

Fujitaka's eyes brightened and he commanded loudly.

"Come in, Syaoran."

A teenage boy entered and bowed low to both of the royalties.

When he stood straight again, Sakura got a clear view of him.

He had unruly chestnut hair, intense brown eyes, and a very serious expression. He was tall and lean, judging by his nicely tanned skin, it was obvious that he did a lot of exercise. She dared say that if he was to walk on the busy streets of Tomoeda any day, the place where the Kinomoto palace was situated in, all the girls would be following him everywhere. He was handsome, she decided, but that didn't mean she was going to be easy on him. Many princes were also good looking, but in the end, they turned out to be nothing but shallow creatures. She had learnt that looks could be deceiving a long time ago.

On the other hand, Syaoran was astonished by her beauty. He had seen many pretty girls in the past that had willingly thrown upon him, but he had never met anyone who could compete against Sakura, she was absolutely breathtaking. But then again, he was trained to hide his emotions and keep his hormones well under control ever since he was small for he was assigned a very important job since the day he was born.

He stuck out his hand and smiled at her.

"How are you doing, Miss Kinomoto?"

He heard no reply.

'No wonder people call her the Ice Princess.'

Then, realization dawned him, and he mentally slapped his forehead. He had forgotten his mission.

"Uhh… I mean, nice to meet you."

Feeling her otou-san's anxious look, Sakura bit her lower lip and extended out her own hand to shake his in hesitation.

"Well, I hope you two will get acquainted, since he will be staying with us from now on. You two are dismissed."

With a slight wave of his hand, the two left, their eyes breaking contact.

'Why do I feel so strange inside?'

Both of them thought.

To be continued…


Hello everyone, another one of my new creation, I'll see how this goes. I've been doing some research for the human body when suddenly a site popped up from nowhere that was about muteness. I clicked in, blah blah, and the plot sort of just begin to form in my mind. Since I already have a lot of modern time fanfics, I decided to have a medieval one, don't hit my head with a saucepan if many of the details are wrong, after all, I've just studied the Renaissance period, French Revolution and the World Wars in my History class.

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