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Chapter 4: Let's learn how to duel

"Well what Harry Potter?" Ginny asked teasingly

"Well let's see. When I started the class by introducing myself, she introduced herself and put her arms around me and was going to kiss me, but I pushed her off. Then she tried to give me a love potion..." Before Harry could continue himself Ginny had already started shouting.

"That whore, piece of shit, I'm going to kill her." Ginny struggled to get out of Harry's arms but he kept a firm grip around her. "Chill sweetheart, she is not worth going to Azkaban for."

"Yes but still... How could she??" Ginny finally freed herself, got up from the couch and started stomping her feet.

Next Morning, the Great Hall

Ginny arrived in the Great Hall and could not see Harry, Colin or Ellie around and thus sat with Laura. She had just filled her plate with the amazing pancakes when a first year Ravenclaw came running towards her and handed her a piece of parchment.

Ginny opened the parchment as the first year went outside the great hall, probably to inform the sender that the message was delivered.

Ms. Weasley,

Please report to me urgently in my office.

Professor Snape

Now what did I do? Ginny wondered. Snape did not dislike her as rest of her house but she won't go as far as saying that he favored her.

Snape's Office

"May I enter Sir?" Ginny knocked at the already open door, and went inside when Snape replied back, "Come in."

As Ginny entered the room she noticed 5 more 6th years sitting in the room. There were three Slytherins, including Jessica, and 2 Ravenclaws. There were no students from Hufflepuff or Gryffindor other then herself.

Snape then rose from his chair and answered their puzzled faces.

"As you all know, we had started an advance Potions class at Hogwarts last year as potions is a difficult subject however a very important one which help you not only if you want to be a healer but also if you wish to work for the ministry. Now, only some students from 7th year and 6th years have been selected for this class, as only those who show a talent and love for the subject can find it helpful. If you all wish to, then I offer you all the oppturnity to take this class. But remember, after the first week of classes, all 

the students will be given a test and only if they pass in it, will they be allowed to continue the classes. If you wish to take up the offer please take the form of Advance Potions Class from your head of the house and give it in by today. The first class is on Friday that is day after tomorrow. You may all leave now. "Snape dismissed them and went back to his work.

Excited and nervous at the same time Ginny made her way to the Gryffindor common room

But alas, Malfoy had to spoil her excitement like always. While going to the class she bumped into the famous ferret boy. Surprisingly he was not with his side-kicks Crabbe and Goyle but rather with Blaise Zabini, a Slytherin whom Ginny had secretly liked in her 4th year.

"Where are you going little weasel?? To snog the-boy-with-a-scar?" Malfoy smirked, while Zabini rolled with laughter at his side.

"No actually I was going to snog someone else but Harry is not a bad option either." She smirked back, and started walking past him.

Suddenly Malfoy caught a hold of her hand and pushed her to the wall. He was close to her, his breath nuzzling her neck.

"You cannot just walk out like that Weasel."

"Malfoy, fuck off. You unfortunately do not scare me." Ginny replied though she could feel the sensations going done her spine of being so close to him.

To her surprise, Malfoy backed off and went down the staircase, with Zabini closely following him on his heels. Ginny later found out the reason for this. Pansy Pariskon was coming from the other direction and everybody knew how Malfoy was sick of her and avoided her. However she was wrong. Malfoy did avoid Pansy and ran fast in the other direction when he saw her, but he had not seen her coming.

When she finally did arrive in the Gryffindor common room however, to her surprise she found most of the 7th and 6th years sitting there.

"What's going on??" She asked, surprised as the first period had already started. (Her first period was free)

"Gin, it is all because of the Advance Potions Classes. Advanced potions are compulsory if you want to be a healer or work at a good position at Ministry of Magic. As Snape favors his own house he takes most of the students from his house only. Even last year few people were chosen from Gryffindor and this is our last year to take up the course and most of the people have not been selected." Hermione explained.

"Who else is selected from Gryffindor?" Ginny asked, hoping that at least one of her friends was.

"Blimey!! What do you mean who else? Have you been selected?" Ron asked in shock that his little sister might have made it.

"Yes Ron I have been selected. So who else is selected?" Ginny said, pleased with herself.

"Well only Hermione and Seamus have been selected from 7th years. And from 6th years, it seems only you." Harry told her with anger.

"Umm and why are you so angry?" Ginny asked, still confused.

"Because I want to be an Auror god dammit!! You don't understand!" Harry shouted.

"Harry don't scream at me. It is not my fault that you have not been selected ok. And if you people want to moan and bunk your classes and then get detentions, suit yourself." Ginny said angrily before leaving the common room and slamming the door hard. She was thinking where to go right now. All her friends were in their classes. Library was out of question as she felt sleepy there. So where to go?

I might as well go to my potions class. There were still 20 minutes left but it was never bad to be early. Ginny thought and made her way to dungeons. Maybe she could discuss some of the complicated potions which she had tried making herself and had problems with Snape.

And that is how she landed on her way to Hospital wing. Snape apparently had some potions to give to Madam Pomfey and made Ginny take them to the hospital wing. But Ginny did not really mind. As it is, she did not have much to do. But when she did reach the hospital wing, something changed her mind. There lying on the bed was none other than Draco Malfoy, who seemed to appear everywhere she went. He was lying on the hospital bed while Madam Pomfey was applying something on his back where Ginny saw some rashes.

"Weasel." He acknowledged.

"Malfoy." She gritted back.

And that is what made Madam Pomfey notice her.

"Ms. Weasley, what are you doing here?" Madam Pomfey asked her strictly.

"Well, Professor Snape sent me to give you these potions." Ginny told her handing her the potions.

"Very well Ms. Weasley. I will just keep them in the cupboard. Can you apply the ointment to Mr. Malfoy here until I get back?" Madam Pomfey got up taking the potions from her and handing her an ointment before Ginny could answer her and made her way to her storeroom.

Ginny reluctantly sat down on the bed next to Malfoy and saw him turn his head on the other side.

"Malfoy I hate to say this, but since Madam Pomfey has given me this job, I have to do it. Can I please come on your bed and apply you the ointment?" She asked him quietly.


His answer shocked her. And the way he said it, was more shocking. It was as if he was in great pain. Ginny slowly made her way to his bed and sat down. He turned around once more and lied on the bed with his back to her. He then clutched the pillow tightly.

Ginny saw that there were great big rashes on his back as if he had been spanked. She opened the ointment and started applying it on the rashes slowly. This made him wince in pain.

"I'm sorry." She said, feeling guilty.

"It's ok. This ointment is painful but it helps to reduce the pain later. Just go on applying it but do it a little slowly." He replied still not facing her.

Ginny again begin applying the ointment, this time more slowly and spreading it over his wounds with her finger. It seemed he was in great pain and was desperately trying to hide it. She had never seen Malfoy so helpless before and it scared her.

"Umm Malfoy what happened?" She asked in a low voice.

"Weasley, let's not talk about it ever ok." Malfoy replied. This sounded so unlike Malfoy. Usually he would have smirked or said something like "Mind your own business" but he did not. Ginny wondered where that Malfoy had gone, and for once, wanted the old smirking Malfoy back.

"Malfoy I..." Ginny was lost for words. She did not know what to say.

"Ginny, its ok. You don't have to say anything. I understand the state in which you have seen me is shocking, but it's better if you forget about it. Also, can you please do me a favor?" Malfoy asked her, looking at her shocked face.

Ginny, who was shocked at the use of her first name by Malfoy, only just managed to nod her head.

"Give this note to Professor Snape. It says that I'm in the hospital wing and would not be able to attend any of my classes today." Malfoy said, handing her a note.

Ginny, who had just noticed Madam Pomfey, got up from the bed hastily taking the note from his hand. She handed the ointment back to Madam Pomfey, gave a small reassuring smile to Malfoy and left the hospital wing, making her way to her potions class quickly.

"Professor, I'm sorry. Malfoy gave this note for you and..." Ginny said panting as she handed the note to Professor Snape on reaching the class.

"Since you had gone for my work, you are excused this time Ms. Weasley. Please go and take your seat." Snape said, taking the note from her.

Ginny sat on her seat between Ellie and Colin who looked at her questionly but did not ask her anything as Snape had began his lecture about Draught of Living Death and then told them to start brewing it.

Ginny had just started cutting her valerian roots when Ellie asked her, "Gin, where did you meet Malfoy?"

"Malfoy, no I... How did you know?" She asked, first trying to deny it.

"The note you gave Snape. You said Malfoy gave you." Ellie replied, looking confused.

"I uh..."

"Ms. Weasley, Ms. Dennis. Can you please quit your important discussion and care to notice that the potion of Ms.Dreevey near you has released Blue steam while you have not even started making your potion." Snape said, now standing near their table.

"Sorry professor." Ginny said hastily and went back to her potion.

-- End of Chapter 4 --

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