Chapter 1- Percy

His body had been found in his office at the ministry. He had just got promoted again. The authorities had been sure it was a death eater attack , He had been working with the order and the ministry. It didn't really matter who had killed him for Molly all she knew was that one of her sons was dead. Her first child to die in the horrific war was Percy.

Percy had been a great help in the previous years. After he had accepted that Voldemort was back and the family accepted him again he had helped with the order's dealings with the ministry. There was still a stigma between them and Percy being loyal to the ministry softened the requests.

When Ron found out he had been shocked. It was a miracle it never happened before then. The whole Weasley family survived the first 5 years of the war. And it wasn't as if they weren't targets. Ron best friends with Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley his girlfriend. The whole family were important in the DA and all were members of the order. But Ron couldn't understand why Percy was the first to go. It wasn't as if he wasn't expecting it

It was a kind of blur. Ginny came to him. Crying slightly. They went home immediately. Arthur was drinking brandy and Molly was sobbing on the floor. His brothers were whispering in the corner. Their backs to Molly and their faces in frowns. They smiled reassuringly to Ron and Ginny as they walked through the door but didn't include them in the conversation. Ron and Ginny sat down on the sofa. It seemed as if it was a Christmas gone bad. The whole family, home from work and their secret operations, missions from the order. Even the crying mother and tense atmosphere showed up every December.

"At least we got this long without any of us dying." Arthur whispered to himself and as Molly whipped round to scold him he walked out of the room.

"I'll be right back" Ron murmured to Ginny. Ron stood up and walked into the kitchen where Arthur was slumped over the table. Ron sat beside him and placed his hand on his shoulder gently.

"Dad" Ron said softly.

Arthur looked up at his youngest son. "Ron go back into the living room."

"No" Ron said strongly but his voice quiet.

"Ronald" Arthur said trying to be stern. Ron smiled slightly. Arthur's mouth twitched into a smirk and sighed. "We shouldn't be laughing at a time like this." He said sadly.

"Why not. When I…" Ron trailed off at the look his father gave him. "I wouldn't want the whole family to be sad. Neither would Percy."

"Your right." Arthur nodded. "Remember that time we went to see your aunt Hall?"

"Yea" Ron laughed. "Percy went to the beach and that girl. What did she say?"

"Oh I can't remember but Percy was humiliated and then he went after her."

"Hexed her" Ron smiled.

"We had to put a memory charm on half of the town." Arthur laughed.

"Probably Percy's only bout of rule breaking." Ron grinned shaking his head.

"Wish I could say that about the rest of my children." eyed Arthur.

Ron shrugged, "What can I say?"

"Nothing Ron Nothing." Arthur clapped him round the shoulder.

Ron merely smiled as he looked at his father. The kitchen light shone on his balding head and he looked old and tired.

"Ron do you remember the time when." Arthur started.

Ginny looked at her brothers again. They were having a whispered row. She saw them play rock paper scissors and saw that Charlie won. The rest didn't look too happy about it. Charlie looked worried and Fred looked relieved. Laughter floated into the living room from the kitchen. She saw her mother look up and Ginny smiled reassuringly at her. The four men in the room walked towards the kitchen and opened the door.

"What are we laughing about?" George asked.

"Percy" Ron explained.

"Ron" Bill chastised.

"No good things." Arthur smiled.

Ginny came to the door and breathed deeply.

"What happens now?" She asked. Looking at Ron in particularly.