Chapter 7- Last one standing.

The coffin was going to be lowered into the ground, just like a muggle. Just as his father would have wanted it. His mothers beside it, with her husband forever, just like she would have wanted it. Ron looked at the brown wood. His fathers was darker than his mothers. As if to tell the difference. There were flowers littered all around them and rolls of parchment. White and Red Roses lines the grass on the edge of the hole. There were chairs to the side, about 20 of them but no one sat on them.

The priest was astonished at how many people turned up. Ron hadn't. The survivors of the war were there. All scared and bruised. The family all the way to his 4th cousin and his great great grand uncle. Fleur had brought her son, Pierre. His red hair twinged with a blue colour like Mella's stood out as he stood with the family he didn't know in the front row.

Hermione stood beside him. Harry on his other side. Chris, Charlie and George at their feet. Neville stood beside Harry with his son and daughter. Luna behind him. Tonks was there with her pink hair and puffy eyes. Seamus was standing not too far away and Cornelius Fudge had returned from his home in Canada for the event. Rita Skeeter was waiting with her Quip Quotes Quill to get notes from Ron and family. Hundred's more lined the graveyard.

Arthur and Molly had lived to see their children die. 6 of them in the space of 5 years. When they heard of Ginny's demise Molly refused to belief it. She stared into space after that and Arthur locked himself in the shed. Only coming out to get his fire whiskey. Hermione visited everyday. Cooking not that they ever ate any, and bringing the grandchildren not that they enjoyed their company. Just a reminder of what they had lost. Ron came sometimes too but being in his childhood home got to him and he couldn't stay too long without the memories and haunting thoughts of what he had witnessed came to the surface and what he had done sink to the bottom of his stomach in guilt.

His parents had died long ago because of Voldemort when he ordered the death of Percy. And yet he had caused another death even though he was gone. A death eater, uncaptured and uncharged wanting to cause destruction and seeking revenge set the burrow alight. Neither Arthur nor Molly escaped. Truth being, probably not wanting to. The neighbours had found the house smouldering. Molly in the kitchen by the stove, Arthur in the living room beside the telephone. Together but apart.

The world was getting back to normal. Hogwarts opened and Hermione was asked to teach there. She of course accepted and along with Neville began to restructure the wizarding youth. The muggle's never noticed the end to the violence but the wizards relished in it. With the dementors gone Azkaban was guarded by some other evil to the prisoners and trusted by the ministry. Slowly people returned to Britain and no one was scared anymore. The people were unbelieving about the death of Voldemort and even more when they were told Ron had killed him.

Ron demanded that Hermione marry him and they did. A small ceremony. Only a few people in attendance. They had moved to a bigger house as Hermione was pregnant again and with she believed with twins. Which they were, 2 girls. Ginny and Molly.

Harry refused for a while to leave the house. He was guilt and grief ridden. He was distraught and couldn't speak for a long while, nervous around friends, scared and comforted at the same time of the emptiness in his house. Ron suspected he was also jealous and angry that Ron had fufilled his prophecy and supposedly taken the glory. The truth was that the more time Harry spent around Ron the more he hated himself for not protecting Ginny. For causing Ron more pain.

So much had happened in the year since the end of the war. And now, Ron only 28 stood beside his parents graves, with his friends as family as the sun rose, sending orange and pink streaks into the sky. Now known as many things, the man who conquered all, the saviour of the world, but really he was Ron Weasley, last one standing.