Chapter One

"Lily, what's going on?"

"What does it look like?"

James Potter had just walked into his living room, to find his wife Lily kissing some guy.

"GET OUT!" James roared at the guy, dragging his up by his collar, dragging him into the hall and throwing him out the front door.

"James, is there any need for that?" said Lily calmly, as she buttoned up the top buttons of her top.


"Yeah and you were meant to be my husband, when you stuck your tongue down Kelly's throat," Lily shouted back.

"That was six months ago. I apologized a thousand times, it didn't mean anything. I thought we got past this"

"Well I thought you could do with a taste of your own medicine," said Lily

"You twisted bitch"

"It doesn't feel great does it? To know that the person you love doesn't want you anymore," said Lily sadly.

"I told you what I did, because I wanted to be honest with you," said James.

"Thanks for that"

"If I didn't want you, would I still be here?"

"Don't know why you bothered sticking around"

"Who the hell was that?"

"Why? Do you care?" said Lily.

"Of course I care, I'd like to know who is shagging my wife"

Lily just shrugged, "Some guy that hit on me"

"You did this to hurt me, didn't you? You did it to get back at me," said James.

"Yeah, I did. Now we're quits"

"No, now we're finished. You can't trust me, and I don't trust you"


"You heard. What is the point is us staying together, when you clearly hate me as much as you do. This isn't a marriage, it's a childish game. What is the point? Are we going to grow old together and have a family together? Will we be happy together?" said James, the thought just hitting him.

"You're right there isn't any point. I'll come and pick up my things in the morning," said Lily, she appeared to be calm, but inside she was shocked.

"You don't have to I started this, I'll…"

"No, I'm going," she said firmly


Lily stood up and walked past James and out the front door. She couldn't believe it, her marriage had ended in just a few short minutes. If she had known that would happen, she would never have gone anywhere near that guy. She had just thought James would feel the way she felt, but then forgive her and they could get back to how they had been before he had told her he kissed Kelly.

"I don't hate you, I love you," Lily whispered after she had closed the front door behind herself. "and I always will"