Five months later, more or less…

The light breeze blowing into the room was sultry, and it carried the warm promise of summer and the sea with it. Wind chimes and mirrored dream catchers tinkled softly, and spots of silver light danced across the walls and the bed.

Charlie sighed contentedly and stroked Luna's hand. Her skin was silvery white against his densely freckled chest. She was sprawled against his side, her head resting on his shoulder, and she didn't seem to give any indication that she was thinking of moving very soon.

"We have to get up," he murmured. His breath stirred her white-blonde hair, which smelled like Egypt and spice today.

He felt her smile against his skin, and her hand traced down his stomach slowly. Desire tightened his nerves, and he groaned softly as she began to trace the tattoo of a dragon, which sat low on his left hipbone.

"Well, one of us does," she said, tracing a tingling line over his skin. "Ahhh. There," she said with no small amount of self-satisfaction as he hardened under her wrist. She moved her hand, and her fingers began to stroke up and down his erection.

"Luna…" he moaned, his buttocks tightening and lifting his hips up to her touch even as he complained. "We have to—"

"—take care of more important matters first," she interrupted blithely, lifting her head from his shoulder and giving him a peck on the lips before sliding down his body, rubbing her breasts against his skin as she went, her hair trailing in a maddeningly arousing trail after her. "Wouldn't you agree?" she breathed against his cock, making him grimace in fierce anticipation. "It's your fault, anyway," she said matter-of-factly, and then she ran the tip of her tongue down the length of his cock.

"Ungh." He took a shuddering breath and surrendered to the inevitability that Luna would get her way, eventually. "Why?" he gasped as she trailed her tongue up again, agonisingly slowly. Don't make me beg!

"Because you made me wait forever for this, that's why…" After an unconventional start, Charlie had made sure to court her properly, and although he'd desperately wanted her, he'd gone the honourable route for several months before giving into her alluring belly dance seduction one evening a few weeks ago.

"S'proper," he managed to choke out as she finally—Merlin, finally!—took him into her warm mouth and sucked gently. His fingers wound into her hair and each muscle strained towards her lips as he seemed to lose coherency in the haze of desire.

Just as everything started to coalesce towards a bright, tight point, Luna lifted her head, and his heavy and hard cock bobbed, then came to rest hot against his lower belly. She smiled at him; her grey eyes were almost silver with happiness as she sat up then moved to straddle his hips.

"Mmm," she murmured as she guided him into herself, making him groan loudly. She sat still for a moment and brushed her fingertips across his flat nipples and then down his stomach muscles, which were bunched tight as his body and begged to be unravelled from the delicious torture. "You're lovely," she said simply, and then she began to move.

"S-so… are you," he said through the pounding of his heartbeat in his throat. And she was, he marvelled as he lifted his hands to cup her breasts. The silvery spots of light danced across her skin, and her hair streamed down her back, tickling the tops of his thighs as she moved with him.

An intricately-made gold chain bounced lightly across the backs of his fingertips as he tweaked her nipples into hard peaks, making her gasp with pleasure. The chain was a gift from the Egyptian goblins, ironically made from the melted-down Eye of Re; Charlie had a gold ring from them, too, intricately carved with protective runes.

As their pleasure began to surge upwards to a sharp peak, Charlie shifted his hands to her hips, urging her to move harder, faster. She was so beautiful, moving above him like that, a shaft of sunlight rippling and highlighting her curves like a caress. She tilted her head back, and a rosy flush coloured her cheeks and chest as she came. And then, as if she'd drawn him along with her, the whole world pulled in tightly to an intense point of light around him, before it exploded outwards.

"I love you," he gasped as the room surged back into focus.

She smiled and bent down to kiss him, her hair falling in a wild tumble around his face. "I love you, too, Charlie," she said, as if he were silly to doubt it for even one second.

They arrived at the Freedom Day festival, more than a little fashionably late.

Bright stalls dotted Hogwarts' grounds from the Great Doors all the way down to the edge of the lake. A rainbow of streamers fluttered in the late spring breeze, and the scent of candyfloss and cooking food made his mouth water.

Charlie smiled at a group of wizards who were clustered in a knot of gossip just outside of the Apparition booth. "They're all going to know what we've been doing," he said through gritted teeth.

Luna grinned at him. "So?"

Charlie tried not to roll his eyes. He loved her dearly, but sometimes her sense of propriety was a little skewed. "Your hair is all…"

"Sex-snarled?" she asked with an impish wink as she twisted it into a bun and secured it in place with her wand.

He gave her a smile. When she was in a mood like this it was best to grin and bear it or she'd tease him and tease him endlessly. "I enjoyed getting it that way," he whispered in retaliation as they walked down to see the stalls.

Her silvery laugh made his spirits soar, and he took her hand, entwining his fingers with hers. They had a lot to figure out—where they would live when they decided to move in together; whether Charlie would take the job offer at the Australian reservation; what Luna would do if he did take the job—but they were happy for the most part, and they balanced each other very nicely. Luna's light touch of whimsy tempered Charlie's intensity, and they both benefited from a little of the other in their lives.

A horde of students flowed and parted around them, headed back up to the castle, their pockets empty and their cheeks full of sweets. It looked like Britain's entire wizarding population was here to celebrate the day that Voldemort went poof. Charlie was glad that the annual celebrations hadn't turned into some pompous event with long and boring speeches. A festival was so much more fun, and it brought their community together like no other day.

It was easy to spot the WWW stall; Fred and George had gone all out this year with blinking neon lights and fireworks fizzing above their stand.

"Well, hello, big brother," Fred said as they approached.

"You are late," George noted with a waggle of his eyebrows.

"Wherever have you been?" Fred asked, his long and sun-freckled fingertips dancing over a row of bottles.

"We had… lunch before we came," Charlie said stiffly, feeling embarrassment was looming close on the horizon.

"Lunch!" chorused the twins.

"Now, there's a new one!" George said, snickering. "I'll have to remember that one…"

"A present for you," Fred said, handing Charlie a little glass bottle.

"Edible massage oil," George said, executing a gallant bow.

"I… er—" Charlie started to turn bright red.

"Oooh, thank you," Luna interrupted, taking the little bottle from Charlie's hand and dropping it into her bag. "What flavour is it?" she asked with genuine interest.

"Passionfruit," Fred said, smirking at Charlie. Charlie started to pull Luna away from the WWW stall before his brothers could do any more damage.

"Use it well!" George called out.

Luna flipped a quick glance over her shoulder at the twins. "Oh, we will, thank you!"

She turned back to Charlie and winked. "Mmm," she murmured, then turned to look at the next stall. "Oh, hello, Mrs Weasley, Neville," she said with a bright smile.

Neville's stall was selling magiflora in lovely ceramic pots, and Charlie's mother was helping him, her witch's hat decorated with a beautiful profusion of flowers. Charlie had a suspicion that there was something going on between the two of them, and he felt a sharp jab of disapproval for a moment as he thought of his father. And then he really looked at his mother. She was smiling and chatting away, giving advice to a little old witch who was buying a pot of Snowbells. She looked so happy. So, Charlie glanced at Neville and nodded. "Neville," he said.

The old witch wandered away, then, her Snowbells tinkling madly as she juggled the pot and her other purchases. Molly beamed at Charlie, and all his remnant misgivings melted away. "Hello, Charlie, my boy," she said, leaning forward to give him a hug. "And Luna…" She gave Luna a big hug, too. Charlie supposed he was lucky that his mother liked his girlfriend; he remembered the cold shoulder Fleur had received in the beginning, and he was very grateful that his mother liked Luna so much.

"We'll be back later, Mum," he said after they'd chatted for several minutes, "after we've done the rounds at the stalls and you're less busy." They were standing in the way of potential customers, and Neville was swamped with handling them on his own.

Molly nodded and gave Luna a beautiful daffodil before turning to the potential customers. As Charlie and Luna threaded through the crowd, Luna gave the daffodil a wary look before casting a subtle Scourgify at it. Her hair—still knotted and making her look like she certainly had just tumbled out of bed fell past her shoulders.

Charlie raised his eyebrows at her: a question and a request.

"Daffodils sometimes have Pearlentas," she said, tucking the flower into her hair and then fastening it with her wand again.

Charlie had learned by this time not to ask anything further, unless he wanted a long diatribe on the habitation and eating habits of a creature he'd never heard of before. "Ahhh. Yes," he said with a smile tugging at his lips.


Charlie turned at the sound of his name, and he lifted his free hand to wave at Tonks. She stood, arm-in-arm with Remus, and they were talking and laughing with Bill and Fleur. Both women were radiant in their last trimester of pregnancy; Hermione's little one would soon have new playmates.

He and Luna stopped to talk for a few minutes. A gold necklace—a twin to Luna's—glittered at Tonks' throat, and Bill wore a goblin-made ring on his right hand, with his wedding band on his left. The six of them were very close friends—they'd been family and friends and potential lovers before the ordeal down in Imhotep's tomb, but there was a different bond that wove through their interactions, now; it was a trust that had been forged then, and it was not easily forgotten or discarded. Luna's wall-mural reflected that changed bond: Tonks and Bill had been added to the painting after she'd finished painting Charlie's face. And then, with a serious expression in her grey eyes, she'd started to paint Ron's face into her circle of friends again.

"So, when are you two going to make it official and give our boys another little friend?" Tonks asked without shame, smirking unrepentantly at him. She patted her stomach. Another set of twins were on the way to terrorise the wizarding world. Merlin help them all.

Charlie started to flush bright red. Merlin, he'd love to wring her neck sometimes!

"Zat ees a brilliant plan," Fleur agreed, smoothing a long-fingered, pale hand over her pregnant stomach. "Anuzzer blonde, per'aps, Bill?"

Bill chuckled and shook his head; he knew better... their child was probably going to have red hair, but Fleur still hadn't resigned herself to that fact.

"Everything in its own time," Luna said in her mistiest and airiest voice. Charlie squeezed her hand, feeling an immense wave of appreciation for his girlfriend.

"We'll see you later," Charlie said dryly, "at the fireworks display."

Tonks wiggled her fingers at him and smirked again. "Bye, bye," she sing-songed at him.

As they wove through the crowd again, Charlie caught sight of his youngest brother. To Charlie's absolute surprise, Ron sat on a chair next to Hermione's stall, holding her little girl in his lap while Hermione and Severus sold little crystal bottles of potions.

Ron had lost the haunted, gaunt look of a lost soul, but he still didn't speak much, even though he didn't have to guard his words any longer; before Blaise and Lilith Zabini had been sent to Azkaban for life, they'd been forced to rescind the Unbreakable Vow.

But some ties were more difficult to loosen, and Ron had been deeply scarred by his ordeal. He was healing, though, Charlie liked to think, gaining his life back step-by-step with the support of his family.

Ron's hair had grown long, and it fell past his shoulders in a long, auburn fall. Little Susan clutched a fistful of his hair and tugged, and a slight pulled at the corners of Ron's mouth as he extricated it from the baby's fingers, talking gently to her.

"He's going to be fine," Luna murmured, waving and smiling at Hermione as they passed. Charlie grinned and her and nodded to Severus.

"See you at the fireworks," Hermione called.

Charlie nodded and winked, and he and Luna headed for the magifauna stall closer to the lake after Charlie had ruffled Ron's hair and said hello.

He chuckled as he watched Miles Ritter help the dark-haired Potions teacher (Professor Grant, Charlie heard the students chorus) corral a group of first-years around the stalls. When Miles caught sight of Charlie, he raised his eyebrows and then winked as he gave him a thumbs-up.

"I think he likes you," Luna said with suppressed mirth.

Charlie grumbled something unintelligible about Miles just liking to make him squirm with embarrassment (mission accomplished, since Charlie was blushing, again).

They watched a game of chess, which was held on a huge, life-size chessboard. Minerva McGonagall presided over events like a hawk, although she spared a wry smile and a speculative, raised eyebrow for Luna.

Lachlan MacFusty dragged them off to the Quidditch pitch to watch the students vs. staff match, and Charlie got drafted onto the staff team as emergency replacement Seeker during the second half when Professor Flitwick got horrible motion sickness. Charlie lost himself in the swell of cheers when he caught the Snitch. When he landed, he gave Luna his Snitch, forgot his embarrassment, and kissed her in full view of all the spectators.

Later, with the sweet and sticky taste of candyfloss on his lips and his arm around Luna, Charlie stood with a very special group of people and watched the yearly fireworks display (provided by WWW, of course).

The night show exploded above them like shooting stars, reflecting in the mirror-still lake and doubling the mesmerising effect. The final rocket blazed high into the sky, making a whistling sound before it crackled into gold and red sparkling text:

And they all lived happily ever after.