That night, as their shared body slept, both Yugi and the pharaoh stood together outside their soul rooms. A group of duel monsters descended from above, carrying with them the body of Dark Magician.

"… Mahaado." The pharaoh lowered his head respectfully.

"… Dark Magician." Yugi whispered regretfully. "I… I tried to stop the duel…"

The monsters stopped, facing their Lord. Only Dark Magician Girl stepped forward. In her right hand, she clutched her master's wand. She could still feel his magic flowing through her wrist.

"Yugi… Lord…" she stuttered, her words sticking to her throat like tears to her eyes. "He… he gave is life in your service. Please… be merciful…"

Obnoxious Celtic Guardian, for once silenced by the circumstances, took the body of the spellcaster from Berfomet. Dark Magician, cloaked in new robes and fresh armor, looked as though he were merely sleeping. Mystic Elf had done what she could to preserve his body and clean the blood from his pale skin.

Dark Magician Girl lowered her head, as the warrior knelt before his Lord.

"He took quite a punch… That DM." Obnoxious Celtic Guardian sighed. "I mean… Dark Magician."

"Please, rise…" the pharaoh whispered, holding out his arms. Obnoxious Celtic Guardian carefully shuffled closer, passing the deceased magician forward. "I know what he has done… I remember now…"

"Remember?" Yugi whispered, looking up at the pharaoh. "Remember what?"

"My closest friend, and Egypt's strongest mage." He answered. "Priest Mahaado gave his life to save us from a terrible foe, and in doing so, he fused his ba with his ka. He melded his spirit with his soul."

"You don't mean…"

"Yes. In that act, three thousand years ago, he became the Dark Magician." The pharaoh continued. "So that his soul would forever be my eternal guardian."

The pharaoh glanced down at the body of his fallen friend.

"And now, he gave his life again… so that I could remember my past."

He looked back out over the army of duel monsters, those who had fought tirelessly for his behalf, no matter the consequences.

"We… will all give our lives to serve you…" Dark Magician Girl whispered, lowering her head. "I will gladly follow in Master's footsteps."

The pharaoh looked up.

"No." he answered sternly. "There has been enough death. Enough tragedy. Enough dueling."

The monsters were dumbfounded. They did not know to even respond.

"Rest, please." He whispered. "There will be no more duels. It is the very least I can do, considering all that has transpired…"

"Thank you." Mystic Elf finally replied.

"Yes. Thank you." Dark Magician Girl echoed, followed by the others. Even Kuribo chirped a gracious response. Their pain had ended, but not without tragedy.

"Perhaps one day, I will regain the rest of my memories." He offered a small smile. "And with them, a power great enough to restore life to my most powerful priest. In the meantime, his memory will live on."

Yugi wiped a tear from his cheek. The pharaoh turned, and carried the body into his soul room.

"It will live on… inside of me."