Chapter 21

After the third time Max gave into the warm sleep that swept over her. When she woke hours later a smile formed along her lips, she opened her eyes and the smile faded. "Alec?" she called his name a few times, scanning the room. Her eyes saw the white paper with her name on it across the room on the TV. Blurring across the room she grabbed the note.

'I'm sorry Maxie.' Her heart sank, that wasn't a good way to start a letter. 'I know it in my heart White is up to something and whatever it is I'm involved. I can't hurt you anymore. I have to figure it out, don't hate me and don't forget me.'

"No." Max said angrily to the letter. In record time she dressed and left the hotel room. Once outside she felt the tears touching her cheeks, he had taken the car and had a three hour start, where could he be? She closed her eyes tightly and tried to come up with a plan. "I still might die and I don't want to go without this." Alec planned from the beginning to leave her for her own good. "I don't think so." Her pain turned into anger, she was going to find Alec and once they were sure he was healthy she was going to beat on him until she felt better.

It was a safe bet wherever White was Alec was headed to. He wanted answers and probably revenge. Max had to go back home, Logan and his contacts were doing their best to track White. Finding White meant finding Alec and it was all that mattered.

The night was upon them, each aching hour passing by when she arrived at Logan's door. "Hey." She offered weakly, what could she really say?

"Max thank god, I was worried. Where have you been?"

No more time could be wasted. "I was with Alec. I couldn't let him leave town alone after the surgery. He believes White has something up his sleeve and plans on using him. Alec left when I was asleep and I have to find him." Her mind jumped along the moments before the nightmare began again, the time of bliss with Alec, no one else mattering, dangers suddenly gone.

Logan's face flushed with anger. "Alec knows how to take care of himself, he has ten years more of training. White wants your head on a silver platter, why are you so willing to get close to letting him?"

"I already explained all of this to you, I can't let Alec die and I have to help him. You don't like that ok fine but I need your help and if you care for me and what I feel at all you'll give it." Max knew in her heart what she was asking was unfair especially since he didn't have the full truth. But Alec came first, his life was on the line.

"That's unfair and you know it. Everything I do lately is for you and for us but you're too busy to see it." Logan turned back to his computer screen, typing hastily on the keyboard. "White flew back to Seattle. He's probably in town looking for the both of you."

Max stayed silent as the wheels turned in her head. Alec couldn't go up against White by himself and neither could she. "I'll call you later." She rushed out the door, rushing like her life depended on it and it probably did, she went to Joshua's. What they needed was help and it was one area where Logan or his contracts wouldn't be helpful, she needed soldiers. "Hey Big Fella, sorry I haven't been by as much." When the time was better she'd talk to Logan, the time wasn't now.

"Alec sick, its ok." He said.

She smiled faintly; too bad everyone couldn't be that understanding. "We have a problem." They sat down and she explained about the surgery and Alec's beliefs there was more then met the eye. "He's going after White, it's a death sentence." Next she explained her plan and prayed it worked.


"I know your kind is stupid but really?" White grinned; this job did have its moments.

"You don't look surprised to see me." After snatching the number White used from Max's beeper the rest was pretty easy, the bastard was more then willing to meet. Alec's eyes darted around the abandoned bridge they met at; it was always a safe bet to guess White was double crossing you; he had men somewhere.

"I'm not but I would've liked if you hadn't come alone. Where is 452?"

"She's not really a fan of mine, she went her way and I went mine." Alec smirked, shrugging his shoulders.

"Do I strike you as stupid? And yet you're always trying to fool me? It was very clear how much she disliked you over the phone." He spoke sarcastically. "452 went trough a lot of trouble to save you. And now I think you're trying to save her." that amused him.

"What did you do to my head?" The thoughts caused real fear he never wanted to face again. Alec put on a brave face for Max, never letting her see he knew something was different inside of him.

"Insurance policy."


Isabelle A.