Author: Leta McGotor

I know it has been some time since my last story, but there were so many things in my life, which created such a chaos, that I had to jump head-over-heels into that first. But now I'm proud to say that I have turned 18 finally (16th of September was my birthday and it had been wonderful, fantastic, unbelievable…), I'm allowed to drive a car now ( I hope I will not have an accident in the next time…), I've started to learn yet another language (German's my mother tongue and I learn English, Latin, Russian and now Spain – a dream), my school has started again (I'm now in the 12th grade – I need 13 classes to receive my A-levels).

Some other things have also happened: My dog had to have another operation and I suffer with her (she is like a baby), my mother is not feeling well (and I'm very worried) and I could shoot my grandparents. They are so conservative and so malicious. They nearly ruined my birthday party, because they didn't like the restaurant we were, although it is a very good one. They even complained that they had to drive 20 kilometres home from their bungalow. The whole afternoon they had an expression, as if we would force them to eat mud and their only interest was it to get away from us very quickly. They never even asked how I felt during it all, or how my birthday had started in the morning or what I got – I could have killed them and was really relieved when they had gone – not without sayinmg how much they dislike our way of life. Now I have a tattooing and maybe I'm lucky and they pretend not to know us.

But now on it goes, here is my story:

Chapter 1: Results

It was a warm summer evening, when Minerva McGonagall sat in her rooms in front of her mirror and brushed her hair. She had done so for nearly one hour now and it was not the case of unsatisfaction with it that was the reason for sitting there such a long time, but she was so completely lost in her thoughts, that Minerva did not even realise what she was doing at all. She just stared into the mirror, not seeing anything, and brushing the same strand again and again.

It had been four weeks since the defeat of Voldemort now and many things had changed in that time and many would do so in future. Those changes occupied most of Minerva's thoughts. Many had died during the war, especially the last battle, many young and healthy people. It couldn't be fair that someone like herself should survive while others went into death, could it?

Minerva shook her head. Right after their victory and the celebrations she did not have those thoughts. Of course, she had wept becaue of the friends, students and many good-natured people they had lost, but she always had believed herself lucky to have survived it all.

For five days now she had had another point of view over certain matters. Five days ago had been the day, when she had got the results of her medical examination she was forced to do once in a year since the incident with Dolores Umbrindge some time ago. Minerva had believed herself to be completely healthy and so she had been more than shocked to learn that she had a serious illness. In fact, it was not some illness that was to cure with a few days of rest but a deadbringing one, the so called Ilsnorreses. Ilsnorreses was something no one could really explain. They had found that illness not long time ago and until now no one had been able to find out more about symptoms or to discover a cure for it.

Minerva had needed those days to realise what this message really meant for her. She had needed the time to understand it. She had told nobody anything about it yet, although especially Albus Dumbledore had asked her again and again whether something was wrong and how he could help her. But there was no chance. Nobody could ever help her and so she had remained silent about it all.

Tonight however, was the last night she could keep this a secret, because the next day she had to announce whether she would be the new Headmistress of Hogwarts. This was one of the many changes. Seeing how well all had developed, Albus Dumbledore had decided to retire and let someone other take the chance of bringing his or her own ideas into the shool. The Board had immediately asked her, whether she would do the job and she had declared she needed time to think about that offer. Of course, on the one hand she would like to stay at Hogwarts and to become Headmistress would be unbelievable, but on the other hand it also meant that she would have very little chance of seeing Albus. She had loved him secretly since a time she couldn't even think of. Now this result had made the decicsion for her. She couldn't become Headmistress, because she wouldn't live until the end of the year.

Minerva sighed. She had decided that it was only fair that her best friend should know as the first person ever of her secret and so she had asked Albus for a game of chess and an uneasy conversation. Surely he had been curious about the topic of it but he hadn't pressed her, which she was very thankful for.

The clock in the corner of her room told her, that it was time to go now and when Minerva looked again into the mirror she jumped to her feet. She wore nothing besides her underclothing and she was already late. So she ran through her rooms, collecting her clothes and all the things she needed. Ten minutes later she stood heavily breathing outside the entrance to Albus Dumbledore's office.

"Holidays may never end" She said gulping for air. The gargoyle leapt aside and nodded before it became a statue again. A minute later Minerva rapped at the door.

"Come in, please", came the familiar voice and Minerva opened the door. "Ah Minerva, glad to see you." He smiled and stood to greet her.

"Hello Albus."

"Why, Minerva, you look so serious and pale. Has something happened?"

"No… I mean… yes, it has. That's the reason why I wanted to talk to you."

"I hope I can help you. It was horrible to see you so stressed in the last days. Please, take a seat." Minerva sat down in her usual armchair, Albus opposite of her. Normally a cessboard stood between them, but it seemed that Albus already knew, that there would be no game tonight.

"Minerva, before you start. Don't forget, you can always talk to me and I will always do what is in my powers and out of them to help you. There will never be a thing, that can stand between us. I will always support you in every way.", he said and added in his thoughts: "because I love you more than I can express with just words."

"Thank you, Albus.", Minerva sighed and stopped. She didn't really know how to start. Everything seemed so silly now. She looked to the floor, as if hoping to find an answer there, but it looked as ever and seemed not to be in the mood to be helpful. Minerva closed her eyes. Maybe it would be easier to start without seeing anything.

"You remember my… incident with Dolores Umbridge, right?"

"Of course."

"You know that I have to go to a check up once in a year, right?"


"I got the results." Silence. Minerva waited for a reaction. She didn't know what she was exactly expecting of him but when he answered nothing, she continued.

"I… I have a certain illness." She said and stopped immediately. Somehow this sounded silly in her ears. Albus remained silent. He knew that she would not tell him about it, if it was not important. He had been sure that all had been well, because she had said nothing about the results. He hadn't expected her to wait so long to tell him. But whatever it was, that would come now, instinctively he knew that it had to be something very bad.

"It's Ilsnorreses." Albus knew that his heart had stopped beating right in the second she had said the word. Of course, he knew the illness. He had seen two people dying because of it and both had suffered very much in their last hours. They had felt, as if someone would burn them. He couldn't believe that Minerva should have this illness from all the ones there were. Why especially this one?

"That's why I will not become Headmistress. I think I should arrange a few things in my life before I'm not able to do so and when I refuse to continue teaching here I will have enough time to do so, right?", she said rationally just to break the pregnant silence. Why couldn't he just say something? She couldn't bear him saying nothing at all. After some minutes Albus moved in his chair.

"We will find a way out of it."

"Find a way? Albus, nothing can cure it."

"Do you think so?"

"It doesn't matter what I think, reality counts."

"We will create our own reality and find a cure."

"Albus, no one has managed that until now. How can we find something. I know nothing, or only a little bit about medicine and I don't believe that you are a master on that area. So how can two people, who understand nothing of that, find a cure the real masters haven't found for years!"

"Because we want it. Minerva, where is a will, there is a way. We have the will and we will find the way." Minerva shook her head.

"I don't think that it will be so easy."

"Of course not. But life would be boring without a bit adventure, wouldn't it?"

"Albus, you are crazy."

"I know I am."

Well, the first chapter is finished and – I don't know what I'll think about it – so it would be helpful, if you tell me your thoughts or ask your questions. I'm open to all – so just write me.