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A light drizzle covered Konoha as kids watched it from the warm shelter of their homes.

One girl walked alone down the muddy street soaking wet. Light pink clung to her plae face as green eyes looked up at the clouded sky, the same green eyes filled with sorrow. She sighed as she reached the forest outside the gates of Konoha. Shuffling her feet she headed down a path lined with cherry blossom trees, she walked up the hill to a lone cherry blossom tree, at the base of the tree was a wooden cross with a purple ribbon tied to it.

The pink haired girl sat beside the cross, leaning against the tree's trunk, she sighed and closed her eyes as she began to talk.

"Hey mom, I need to talk to you about something. The guy I've been dating for seven months broke up with me today, his name was Neji Hyuuga.

I thought he loved me, even though he never said it, he acted like he did."

A frown was placed on her face, tears running down her cheeks as she remembered what happened earlier that day.



"Hey Sakura, guess what," said Ino.

"what?" asked Sakura looking up from her papperwork. Her and Ino always had alot of work because Tsunade-sama never did it, so being follish she let Ino talk her into helping the lazy hokage. What a mistake that was, now her and Ino were loaded with mountains of paperwork. She snapped back to reality when Ino began talking again.

"Nejis back from his mission, he should be leaving the hospital now," She said marking something out on a paper.

Sakura shot up and was out the door before Ino could blink. She rolled her eyes and went back to work.


Neji walked down the busy street with his fist shoved deep oin his pocket and an angry scrowl on his face.

"Neji-kun! Im glad your back" said Sakura as she hugged him. She frowned when he didnt hug her back,looking at him with a face written full of confusion.

"Neji-kun are you ok," she asked waving her hand in his face. He gritted his teeth and snatched the waving hand. She gasped as he tightened his grip on her wrist. She was surprised, he had never meant to hurt her before ovcourse he did when they spared but still she had never felt the kind of pain she was getting from his deadly grip before from him.

Whats wrong with him, whats wrong with my Neji-kun? she asked herself as her eyes welled up with tears.

"Neji-kun," she said wincing as the pain got worse. Why was he doing this, what did she do wrong.

"Shut up and leave me alone" he said

"Neji..." she stopped herself from speaking when Neji activated his Byakugan. He never did that to her and when he did do it, it was in a battle in less he was mad, but about what and what did she do.

"Get out of my sight, I never want to see you again," he yelled

"I hate you" he said shoving her hand down and walking past her.

Sakura fell to the ground,tears blurring her vision. Her whole world had just shattered to pieces because of three simple words that came out of a cold hearted mans mouth, but Neji was her cold hearted man, she couldnt believe he did that, said that. He had hurt her both mentally and physically and now she was a emotinal wreck. She looked down at her wrist that had a purple bruise in the shape of his fingers from his death grip.

she whipped her eyes and headed back to work.


"Hey how did it go,"asked Ino as she watched Sakura sit down.

"Fine" was her only replie.


"Mom I need you, I hurt so bad" said Sakura trying to hold back the new tears from falling.

Lightning lit the sky infront of her, she decided to head home. She did a quick prayer then began jumping the tree branches. Her mind must of been clouded because she lost her balance and went tumbling to the forest floor.

When she hit the ground,she grabbed her left ankle. It was already showing black and blue to show it was sprained. She laid on the ground staring at the sky. Tears clouded her vision or it could have been rain, she wasnt sure. She groaned in pain as she began to lose to the surronding darkness. She could have swore she saw white in the trees.

"Neji-kun" she whispered before slipping into total darkness.



Sakura groaned at the annoying beeping noise. She knew it wasnt her alarm clock, it was to soft. She opened her eyes to see white, white walls, white ceiling, and white curtains. She sighed.


She tried to sit up, but a pain shot up her leg. Everything came rushing back to her, she lifted the blanket to see her left ankle wrapped.

She looked around and saw crutches lying against the wall beside her bed.

Carefully she lifted herself from the bed, Making sure she was still wearing normal cloths before grabbing the crutches and heading for the door.

She got out of the hospital easily, nobody noticed her. It was getting across town to her apartment without her friends seeing her that was the problem.


She sighed as she reached the steps to her apartment. She had made it all the way with out getting seen. Just as she went to step up, a hand grabbed her forearm, she turned to see Neji.

" Let me help you up the steps" he said.

Say No Say no said her innerself

"Ok" she said going against her innerself. He picked her up bridal-style and began climbing the steps. When they got inside he put her on the couch then sat down in the love seat across from it.

"Neji, did you take me to the hospital?"

He only nodded.

"So you were spying on me?"

He nodded again.



"Thats not an answer Neji! Why did you help after you hurt me, You told me to leave you alone and you helped me?" By this point Sakura was mad.

He had hurt her then been nice to her.

She wasnt mad, she was furious.

"I dont know" he said.

" Why" She asked tears running down her cheeks. She rolled over so her back was facing him.

"Sakura I didnt do it...I mean I did do it...I just didnt mean it," Neji was having a hard time swallowing his pride and saying the words right so they didnt come out hateful.

She closed her eyes and sighed as she heard the door shut behind Neji as he walked out.


A week had pass and now Sakura was able to walk without crutches.

Right now her,Ino, Hinata, and Ten-ten were shopping. They had decided, without her decsion, to have a girls day out when they heard about the Neji thing. Right now they were in a resturant eating lunch before heading home. They were talking about their boyfriends.

"Lee is way too protective, I mean come on Im the weapon mistress," said Ten-ten shoving a frie in her mouth.

"Yeah well Naruto ran all the way to my house at five in the morning and asked me if I knew where his boxers were," said Hinata laughing.

"Well Shikamaru is lazy, sweet, but lazy, Said Ino.

"Neji was the same way, sweet, just like the way he asked me to be his girlfriend," said Sakura begning her story.



Sakura walked into her office to see Neji leaning against the counter.

"Hello Neji-kun are you here for a check up"

He blushed and looked at the ground. He liked the way it sounded when she put the prefix -kun on the end of his name, like it was meant to be said by her like that.

"Neji-kun do you have a fever" she asked putting her hand on his forhead.

He blushed deeper from the contact and quickly shook his head no.

Sakura went and sat down at her desk looking at a patients folder.

"Oh neji-kun can you bring me that bowl of medicine over there please,"

He nodded and went to the counter grabbing the bowl. When he got half way to her he tripped and dropped the bowl. Sakura rushed over to him, almost slipping,but Neji caught her, she stared at him then looked at his hand gasped.

"Your hand, its bleeding, let me bandage it up," she said grabbing his other hand and heading for the counter.

She slipped and grabbed the closest thing to her, Neji, so he went falling to the floor with her. He landed on top of her, staring into her eyes as hers kept darting from his eyes to his lips, which were close to hers, she couldnt take it she had to do something and she wanted to do what she had wanted to do for ever. She leaned forwards, closing her eyes as her lips touched his very softly. She pulled back and blushed, Neji didnt know what to do so he got off her and helped her up. They carefully walked to the counter and she began bandaging his hand staying silent the whole time and not looking in his eyes.

"There Im done, so why did you come here," she asked looking at the ground with a faint blush on her cheeks.

"For this," he lifted her chin so she would have to look at him. White got mixed with green as he leaned forward and captured her lips in a sweet kiss.He wanted to do so much more but he knew his boundaries and didnt want to go to far before she was ready. He pulled back.

"I wanted to ask you if you would be my girlfriend,"

Sakura squealed then hugged him.

"So thats a yes?"

She smiled at him and nodded.


Ino, Hinata were laughing and Ten-ten was chocking on a frie from laughing.

"You guys shut up it was sweet in his own way, not that it matters anymore" she said frowning.

"Sorry that we brought that up" said Ino

"Its ok, well I got to get food for the house im all most empty, see you guys later," Sakura said standing up.

"Bye" they all said.


Sakura stood at a counter waiting to get her money. She walked out of the market with her bags of food. A bark caused her to look down, on the ground was a small fluffy, white dog.

"Hello cutie,"she said bending down and petting it, the dog barked and grabbed her purse making a fast break down the road.

"HEY! GET BACK HERE WITH THAT," she yelled running after him leaving her bags of food behind.


Neji sighed. He was sitting at a sushi bar with Lee and Naruto. They had been talking about what he should do to get sakura back.

"Give her roses and some chocolate and be sweet to her,"said Naruto.

"Naruto! Thats no way to get a girl back, he needs to express his youthfullness of love to her," said Lee giving neji a thumbs up.

"Lets go for a walk, Im bored," said Naruto paying for their sushi, the others following him.

Just as they stepped out they saw a white dog with a bag in its mouth running fast down the road.

" I wonder whats got him running so fast," said lee/

"A crazy pink haired medic nin with the strength as strong as Tsunade-bacchan," said naruto pointing at Sakura.

"GET BACK HERE YOU MUTT!" she yelled running past them.

"Lets follow her" said Naruto running off in the same direction, the others following.


The dog skiteded to a stop in the forest.

"now I got you," said Sakura diving for the dog, whu dodged her causing her to land face first into a mud puddle.

"Why am I having bad luck, what did I do to deserve this," she yelled into the sky grabbing her muddy hair.


Neji frowned when he heard Sakura say that. He had to do something to get her back, he loved her and he made a mistake. Now he needed to fix it, but what would he do.

He had to think of something, even if it meant losing his pride. He'd rather lose his pride then lose the girl he loved.

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