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Neji walked down the hall of the Hyuuga estate. He was fustrated, he had asked both Ino and ten-ten for a amazing date idea for Sakura, so far they all had failed. Now he was going to the one person he hadnt asked, Hinata.

When he came to the end of the hall, he stopped at the big oak doors and knocked. Light footsteps stopped at the door on the otherside and the door opened revealing a navy blue haired girl.

"Neji-niisan, what are you doing here?" asked Hinata letting him in.

"I need an idea for amazing date for Sakura,"

"Neji, Sakura is a smart girl with a big imagination, something amazing to her would be simple to her,"

" So your saying that to amaze Sakura, I have to do something simple?" asked Neji confused. He was a genious but Sakura had him beat.

"Neji, you need to think of something that comes from your heart not other people,"

Neji sighed and thanked Hinata. He decided to go meditate and try to figure out what to do.

He remembered something Sakura had said when she was at her mothers grave.

"I thought he loved me, even though he never said it, he acted like he did,"

His eyes shot open and he stood up going to his desk. He picked up the phone and dialed, waiting for an answer.

"Hello" came a voice from the other line.



Sakura entered the Yamanaka flower shop. For some reason Inom had something important to tell her. As she walked through the door the bell caused Ino to come from the back room.

" Did you have something to ask me?"

" Yes, see Tsunade-sama is having a party in her office, you know the girls wear dresses and the guys wear tuxs" explained Ino.

" Ok..." said Sakura confused.

"well I decided that your going and Im helping pick out your dress,"

"But dresses are exspensive," said Sakura.

" Yeah, but my mom makes them, I already have yours picked out for you. The partys at nine to midnight, come by my house at nine and we'll just show up late," said Ino grinning.

"Umm ok, well Im going to go train so see you later, bye," said Sakura walking out the door.

Ino picked up her cell and dialed.

" hello" came a deep voice

"Neji I did the first part, shes going to train"

"Ok thank you, I'll call Kiba now," he said hanging up.

Ino closed her phone and sighed

Gees, nobody knows how to say bye anymore.


Kiba followed the scent of lilies and found Sakura leaning against a tree panting. He walked up to her and sat down cross legged.

"Hey Sakura I got a question" he began. Sakura nodded for him to continue.

"Well I was wondering, what kind of music do you like, like whats your favorite song?" he asked.

Sakura cocked an eyebrow at the question but answered anyways.

"I love the song ' the hawk' its beautiful" she said closing her eyes and smiled.

"Why did you a...sk?" Sakura looked around but didnt find Kiba. She shrugged and decieded to do some more laps around the park.


Kiba walked into the hokages office as Neji walked out. Just as they brushed shoulders Kiba slipped a piece of paper in his hand.

Neji smiled when he read it, then decided to head home and get ready for the party.


Sakura knocked on Ino's door at exactly nine ' o clock.

Ino flung the door open and dragged Sakura in and up to her room.

After hours of hair pulling and arguing about make-up, they were done at ten-thirty.

Ino had on a light blue strapless dress that went down to just below her knees and she was wearing white highheels. Her hair was done half way up and in a tight bun. She wore some black mascarra, white eye shadow and some lip gloss.

Sakura had on a red dress that tied around her neck and went down to her ankles, a slit going up to her knee on her right leg. She also wore black highheels, her hair was up in a bun with a few curls hanging out it with it being held up with light pink chopsticks, a few curls came down framing her face.

She wore some light pink eye shadow and some light blush and lip gloss.

"Now I think were ready, lets go," said Ino enterlinking her arm with Sakuras and smiling.

"Lets,"said Sakura grinning as they walked down the street.


Neji looked at his watch as it turned eleven-fortynine. He had a few minutes before his plan went into action. He looked over at Sakura, who was sitting at a table laughing with Ino and Ten-ten. He looked at Kida who winked at him, Neji walked up to Kakashi, who was running the music and nodded his head.

Everybody got quiet as the lights dimmed and slow music started playing. Neji walked up to Sakura and held out his hand.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked.

She sat there shocked and nodded. He grabbed her hand and took her out to the dance floor where other couples were dancing. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she hesintantly put hers around his neck. They swayed to the music as the song began to play.

Got to make you own rules,child,

got to break your own chains.

The dreams that possess you,

can blossom and bless you,

or run you insane.

Sakura kept her eyes on the ground, to afraid to look at Neji.

The moment is yours, child,

to lay on the line.

The past just dont matter,

tomorrow wont mind.

I dont deserve you,

Im only human, but I

swear I will love you

just as hard as I can.

Neji tightened his grip on Sakura as she slowly laid her head on his chest. Tears started falling from her eyes as they danced slowly.

Storm on the mountain

Stars in the sky

Running for glory

Freedom to fly

Will you remember, way down the road,

somebody loves you, more then you know.

The song played a soft beat for awhile and Neji took this as his chance. He cupped Sakura's chin making her look at him, brushing away a stray tear that slid down her cheek.

"Sakura, just listen to me, I didnt mean to hurt you and I could never hate you. I cant stand to see you in pain and it hurts me to know I caused you the pain, your my beautiful cherry blossom, and im sorry I did that to you,"

She smiled and closed her eyes as new tears fell. The song sarted up again only slower.

Storm on the mountain

Stars in the sky

Running for glory

Freedom to fly

"I love you, Sakura"

Will you remember, way down the road,

somebody loves you, more then you know.

" I love you too, Neji"

They rocked to the musicas it slowed. Sakura's eyes met Neji's and he leaned down giving her a soft kiss on the lips.

They pulled back when they heard clapping.

Sakura lloked around and saw that her and Neji were the only ones on the dance floor and that Ino was crying her eyes out and hugging Naruto as he cried his out to. Hinata stood off to th side blushing at her boyfriends actions and Shikamaru was mumbling something about "Troublesome women and Naruto...".

Everybody began leaving at midnight. Sakura was on top of the hokages office lying on her back looking at the stars.

Light footsteps stopped beside her and Neji layed down like Sakura.

" The moons bright and full tonight," he said

"Yeah, my favorite set of stars is the little dipper, the way they look, they shine in a unigue way, its just beautiful," she said pointing at the sky.

Neji reached up and intwined their fingers, slowly he brought down their hands.

"Your unique and so full of life, your eyes shine just like that star, bright and beautiful," he said placing a light kiss on her ring finger.

" Come on, I want to show you something," he said as he helped her up.


Neji stopped at the end of the path holding Sakura's hand.

"Ok you can open your eyes now,"

Sakura opened her eyes and gasped.

Her and Neji stood infront of a little pond that was outlined with rocks.

Fallen cherry blossoms lay floating on the surface of the water.

Firerflys lit the pond as they danced over it. The pond itself was surronded by Sakura trees.

"Oh Neji its beautiful," she said hugging him. He smiled and pulled her over to a tree and sat down against it, pulling Sakura down on to his lap.

She layed her head on his chest and listened to the hum of the firerflys buzz, smiling she closed her eyes as Neji played with a strand of her hair.

"mmm...Neji, I love you" she said before drifting off to sleep. Neji smiled and stayed there for awhile then decided to take Sakura back to her apartment. Carefully he lifted her up and walked back to her apartment. He layed her gently on her bed and kissed her on the forhead

" I love you too Sakura," and he left.


Its now December and Konoha was busy as ever. Sakura plopped down in a chair in the nurses office.

"Its December and were having a heat wave" She complained whipping forhead with the back of her hand.

"Yeah I know, now I know how the people in Suna feel," said another nurse named Rin.

Sakuras pager went off and she looked at it and sighed.

"What does the hokage want with me," she said getting up and heading out the door.

Sakura walked into the hokages office tired and sweaty. She looked up to see Tsunade in her desk and Neji in his.

Since Neji is captain of the ANBU team he had his own desk in the hokages office.

Ovcourse Sakura was on this ANBU team too, she had the tattoo to prove it, but she never got to go on a mission cause she had to stay and help the hospital.

"Ah Sakura glad to see you, I need you to do me a favor," said Tsunade tossing Sakura a scroll.

The scroll said:

You are to be sent out to find Tai, a little boy of the Kisan clan here in Konoha


"Can you leave first thing in the morning?"

Sakura nodded rolling up the scroll and headed home to get packed. She didnt know how long she would be on this mission.

Sakura woke up that morning and got dressed. She was wearing black cargo pants and a black spagettie strap and her black ninje sandles. Her headband was wrapped around her arm hiding her tattoo and her hair was in a highponytail.


She jumped the branches at a fast rate. She had been traveling for three days now and she was almost at the Cloud country and still no sign of the kid.

Just as she passed over some bushes she heard a moan from below.

Jumping down and following the noise she looked behind a bush and found a beaten up boy, no older then five.

She began healing as fats as she could intill a kunai went whizzing by her head and ladged into a tree.

Sakura did some hand seals and grabed the lodged kunai and jabbed it into the ground creating a barrier

She turned to see two ninja's standing infront of her. Grabbing a kunaihe blocked the two kunai but another hit her leg causing her to fall

A third one? where did that come from?

She didnt have time to think as more kunai came for her. She rolled out of the way and got back up on her feet.

She was paying so much attention to the ninjas she didnt see the shower of kunai falling from the sky. She winced in pain, she had a kunai loddged in her shoulder, one in her side and two in both he legs and one in her arm.

She couldnt do much, the barrier was draining her chakra. Something off tot he side caught her sttention, in the bushes was a ninja.

So those are clones?

She did some hand seals and yelled:

Dragon rush!

She disappered and the ninja clones looked for her including the real one. She appeared behind the real one and swiftly stabbed it in a vital place. He fell to the ground dead and the clones dissappeared into smoke.

She crawled to the boy and healed him the best she could. Doing the dragon rush and the barrier drained to much of her chakra. Just as she finished healing the boy she collapsed and passed out.


Three weeks later

Neji sighed as he did some paperwork. Sakura had been gone for Three weeks now and christmas was in four days.

He hoped she was ok, he looked at the sleeping hokage and glared.

she shouldnt have sent Sakura alone

He sighed again and went back to work.


Same day

Sakura moaned as her eyes fluttered open from sunlight. She sat up and pain shot up all through her body, she looked over to see the little boy asleep beside her. Shaking him, he stirred and yawned.

"Your awake," he said

She nodded

"How long have we been out here," she asked

"About three weeks," he answered her.

Sakura's eyes widened and she stood up ignoring the pain. She grabbed her pack and picked up the little boy and began running. She couldnt pump chakra into her feet because she still had to heal her wounds with what little she had.



Walking into the busy streets of the market, Neji sighed as people pushed and shoved him to get by and in to the markets to buy presents for their kids and loved ones.

Konoha still had the heat wave, but Neji payed no attention to it, he was worried cause Sakura wasnt back yet.


Sakura walked slowly inot the gates of Konoha with the child in her arms.She walked into the streets of many people, the boy looked up and smiled.

"Theres my mommy and daddy" he said pointing to a plump woman and a tall skinny man.

Sakura walked up to them and the mother burst inot tears as she gave the boy a bear hug, the father thanked Sakura nad went to hugging his son.

Sakura turned to head home and stopped, right infront of her was Neji.


Neji stopped in the middle of the street. Infront of him was Sakura, her clothes were tattered and torn and covered in blood.

He walked forwards and stared at Sakura.

I've got to do this now so I never lose her again.

He slowly got down on one knee and pulled at a ring.

"Sakura I love you to death and I always want to be with you, will you marry me?"

Sakura gasped and tears trickled down her cheeks as she hugged Neji and cried into his shirt. Whne she looked up at him she smiled.


Neji kissed her on the lips passionatly and styaed like that for awhile. Sakura pulled back when something cold landed on her nose. Looking up she saw snowfalkes falling. Neji smiled and hugged her.

"Your a miracle Sakura," He said looking inot her eyes. She smiled and layed her head on his shoulder as they sat watching the kids catch the freashly fallen snow with their tongues.

"By the way," began Neji

Sakura looked up at him questionally.

"Your never going on a mission alone again"

She slapped himplayfully on the arm and laughed as he wrapped his arm around her waist, his fiance's waist. They stayed there and watched the snow fall and cover Konoha like a blanket.


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