Hey everyone

I am sorry if this will sound like bad news, but we all have to be firm sometimes

As you are without a doubt aware, I have not been able to continue this story.

Mainly because of the fact I hadn't had the time, inspiration or any hope that I wanted to continue it.

That's why I'm just going to mark this fan fiction as complete.

I'm sorry, but since I haven't shown any signs of progress for the past eight (or nine months) I have nothing else to do.

Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those users that actually read this story:

FanofDaEdBoyz: Although you didn't know the original songs, you were the first one to be kind enough to review, and for that I thank.

X Prodigy: No doubt, you were always dedicated to reading my songs, and requesting some. For that I thank you. I'm just sorry for not being able to fulfill your LP request (in spite of the fact they're one of my favorites!)

Colt Man: Thank you as well for reviewing my story. I just apologize for not fulfilling your Rascall Flatts request (although I heard the song on you tube and all)

Zombie zapper101: How could I neglect to include you? I mean, thanks is never enough to describe my appreciation for reading my story. I mean, you've always found some time in your busy schedule to actually read my stories, in spite of the fact this one was the first. For that you rock!

Thanks to other people who read my fics yet couldn't review.

Ya'll are awesome.

And although I'm not going to continue THIS fic, you all

Still inspire me to continue writing while I still can.

Once again, many thanks for reviewing, and

May the force of parodying be with you all!

-Formerly, Jaymon2

Now, Dead Promises.