Okay, so. This is from the R/T ficathon challengey-thing. For a better explanation, go to my profile. M'kay?

Title: "Turtle Feet"
Format & Word Count:
Drabble-ish; 188 words
Rating: PG
#6 (book pic)
Summary: Tonks wonders (for research purposes, of course . . .) why Remus always wears giant sweaters.
Author's Note: This one's an all-dialogue fic and I still couldn't get it down to 100 words! -sad sigh- Hope it's not confusing, who's talking when!

"Hideous rash?"


"Obscene tattoo?"


"Appendicitis scar?"


"Infected belly-button oozing turtle feet?"

" . . . "

"Black hole?


"A woman's signature?"

"Oh no. You've got it. How ever did you discover my dark secret?"

"Keen intellect and observation skills. . . . Plus, a sexy new hair-do. You like?"

"You look like a volcano."

"Oh. . . . A sexy volcano?"



"You're so exasperating."


"Sirius, go away."

"Yeah, you're so exasperating."




"Sirius and Nymphadora, I'm trying to read, here!"

"Don't call me that!"

"Nuh uh, you guys were talking about turtle feet!"

"I was trying to figure out why Remmy always wears mammoth-sized sweaters."


"Hideous rash?"

"I already told her, no."

"But I wanna see his chest!"

" . . . "

" . . . "

"For . . . research . . . on the effects of . . . a tickling charm . . . aimed to the pectorals . . ."

"Charming, but I'm sure my chest is no different from Sirius'."

"But I don't want to see Sirius' chest!"


"Turtle feet."