Notes: This is an AU obviously, but Clark is still Kryptonian and still has his powers.

I started writing this as soon as my junior year (aka year from hell!) ended and have been at it since then. It's gotten quite long - longer than I expected - so I've just decided to start posting. However, the updates probably won't be as frequent as my last few fics because of this. So, sorry in advance.

Anyway, feel free to ask questions if you're confused. They help me make sure I'm connecting everything alright. And please give all the helpful feedback you can!


P.S. Sorry this intro-like part is short. The rest of the updates will be much longer, I promise you this.

Love. For the longest time I don't think I ever really knew the true meaning of that word. I knew it existed. I knew it could be so painful, yet also so beautiful. I wished for it. Longed for it. I just wasn't completely sure just how much it had in store for me.

The entirety of my young life was spent building a wall. While my friends spent their days chasing after girls, I stayed at home. Studying. My parents had urged me to get out there sometimes, once even suggesting I have a party on the Kent farm one day. And yes, girls flirted and asked me to go to a dance or to a movie, but I always turned the offers down. The cement of my wall was the belief that if I didn't acknowledge love, it wouldn't come to me.

By the time I was in college, my heart was sealed away completely. I simply continued to tell myself that love would only hurt me as well as the girl. But that didn't mean I didn't get uncomfortable around my college buddies or the hooker-looking women they hung out with. Sometimes I had moments of weakness…when I wished that maybe…somehow…an alien could have love. But I didn't even know if that was possible. And by college, I was sure that it wasn't. I was meant to be alone in this world. Alone. Saving everyone but myself.

Fortunately, something happened. My heart was hidden, but not without feeling. Something happened to me on my twenty first birthday that would change everything. It would test me and teach me. I would learn what love truly was. That love stretches out to touch all living things…even lonely, jaded aliens.

This event altered so much in me that I decided to share it with others. So that maybe someone will come across my words, and be inspired enough to see love of their own.

So this is it. My story, my life…my love.