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November 27th of the following year, Lana Lang officially became Mrs. Lana Kent.

We held the ceremony in the small orchard on the edge of my parents' farm. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. Sweet, warm autumn weather and the natural décor of flushy reds and oranges from the surrounding leaves made it feel like we were getting married in a postcard picture. It was perfection.

The wedding day is probably only the third best day of my life, though. Second obviously occurred on our honeymoon. We decided to room in a small, secluded cabin built in the company of a forest of evergreens and positioned close to the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

For 14 days, it was just Lana and me. We spent a lot of days wandering the sandy shoreline, sometimes chasing birds…and sometimes chasing each other. We had a few water fights too. I remember one day I put a hammock in between a two of the mammoth-size trees and Lana and I just laid there all day…talking, laughing, and watching the sun as it seeped into the endless blue water.

The nights were probably my favorite though. The first night we truly spent together – in each other's arms, bonded together by love – I honestly don't know how to describe it. Maybe it's not suppose to be able to be described sufficiently. It's just too powerful of a feeling. But it was very intense, powerful moment for both of us. After we'd first made love, I remember the first thing I heard was Lana's laughter.

"Looks like we have nothing to worry about, as far as your abilities are concerned," she admitted brightly, snuggling into my chest.

"You have no idea how happy I am to know that, Lana." I sighed deeply, trying to get my breath back. "I feel so stupid…all those years thinking this was impossible…"

"And now here we are."

I exhaled with a smile, looking down into her eyes. The bedroom was dimly lit by a few candles…just enough to still be able to see her beautiful face.

"This must be what it feels like to win an Olympic gold medal or climb Mount Everest or something. I can't even think of anything but happy thoughts. And I can't stop smiling," I said, beginning to laugh for no reason.

"Mmm…I know what you mean…" I felt her kiss my shoulder and then my neck. And then I felt her arm reach down by her waist to grab my left hand. We both watched as her fingers danced around the gold band just recently added to my ring finger. With a tired voice, she whispered the words engraved on the ring. "C & L. Together forever."

I felt my heart race a little faster and extinctively squeezed Lana a little tighter and nodded. "Together forever."

She let out a deep breath and closed her eyes dreamily, resting her head directly over my heart.

I ran my hand along her smooth, exposed back and then into her locks of deep brunette curls, pulling a few strands away from her face. I kissed her head and felt my own body guiding me to sleep.

And before the feeling engulfed me completely I exclaimed quietly, yet triumphantly into the candlelit room, "I love you, Lana Elizabeth Kent."

After the extremely pleasurable and memorable honeymoon, we returned to Smallville to live on the farm with my parents. The years that passed were probably filled with troubles as most years are, but I truly can't remember any of them. I can only remember the good – no, the great – things that happened.

My father offered to help build a smaller, guest house on the property for him and my mother to live in. He insisted that Lana and I deserved more privacy, and the extra room.

And, sure enough, my dad was right. The extra room was especially needed for what arrived on the very best day of my life.

My daughter.

There wasn't a dry eye in the hospital room that day. Just watching my wife holding our baby girl was enough to push me over the edge. But then when she actually handed her over to me, and when I felt that little being wriggle around and kick and smile and laugh…I'd never been so overjoyed over something so small and seemly insignificant to the rest of the world.

"I can't believe this is real, Lana…" I whispered, gently swaying my daughter in my arms, watching her brilliant blue eyes rolling around to see everything for the first time. "She's really ours…God, she's beautiful…"

After a few moments, I handed her back to her mother and wrapped an arm around Lana's shaking, tired form, kissing her temple sweetly. "You did great, Lana."

Lana danced her fingers in front of the girl's face until she grasped onto one with a tiny, unsure grip. Lana laughed a little. "Wonder if she has any of your 'special juice' in her."

I laughed as well, but the more I thought about it, the more my smile faded. "One thing's for certain though - if she does end up like me, she won't be alone. Not like I was. She'll know she's different, but she'll know it's ok. I'll make sure of it."

Lana nodded and looked up at me sincerely. "And we'll tell her our story one day, so she can see how important it is to love and to be loved."

My smile stretched out again and I decided to change the subject to something I'd been thinking about for months. "So, the moment of truth – what's her name?"

"Well, I've been thinking about it," Lana began looking back down at our child. "and I really like Lilly."

"Lilly…Lilly's good. I like it." I bent down a little, gazing into my daughter's eyes. "Hi, Lilly. You like Lilly? Is that a good name?"

And suddenly, Lilly bursted into laughter (whether it was because of her name or my giant face so close to hers I guess we'll never know). Both Lana and I joined her happily.

"But what about a middle name. I haven't really thought about it that much," Lana wondered curiously.

After a moment of thought, my eyes lit up. "Hey, I got it. I'm Clark, and you're Lana. So her middle name could be Clana!"

"Clana? Seriously?"


"Clark, nobody does that. If they did, your middle name would be…Marnathan."

I shrugged. "I kinda like Marnathan, too."

"Oh my God, Clark. I really hope your joking," Lana said before giggling at the thought of Lilly Marnathan Kent.

"Alright, alright. What about…Clara?" I looked at Lana hopefully. "That's cute, right? And it still incorporates my brilliant idea."

And to my great happiness, Lana's face beamed in satisfaction. "That's actually really pretty."

I grinned heartily and then lowered my lips, kissing my daughter - Lilly Clara Kent - on the forehead for the very first time.

"Welcome to the world, Lilly. I'm Clark – your dad. And that's you mom – Lana – holding you," I explained slowly and brightly, loving the way her big eyes bounced back and forth in between our faces, as though she was really trying to decipher what I was saying.

"And we both love you more than you'll ever know," Lana added, gently stroking Lilly's cheek with her finger. She began humming a few lines of 'Come What May' until the nurse came in and informed us that it was time for Lilly to be placed in the nursery.

And it was as though that little girl had been the only source of energy for Lana because as soon as the nurse left with our baby, Lana practically collapsed onto my shoulder, completely drained.

As I leaned my head down to rest on top of hers and as I listened to the soft beeping of the machines surrounding us I couldn't help but realize how truly blessed I was. How much love had impacted every moment of my life now. How natural it felt when I held or kissed Lana or reminded her how much I loved her. None of it was automatic or forced to keep the flame burning.

It had been years since that night at the club, but I still remember the feelings she brought out in me – that she still brought out in me. I could still remember the jealousy that filled my heart when I learned about Whitney. And I could still remember the pain of my heart breaking when I thought Lana didn't love me anymore.

It was all still there, and so real. And it was there, in that hospital room, I realized that I had to write all those feelings down and record our whole story. So that one day, when we are both old and gray and waiting for something to take us into a different life, we can go back and remember where we came from and how very thankful we are for everything that happened and for what each of us was willing to sacrifice in order to protect what mattered most.

The irony never ceases to amuse me – all I'd wanted until my 21st birthday was to be normal, but our life was, is, and never will be normal by any means. It's so full of trials and success and love. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

So there it is. The story of Clark and Lana Kent. And if it perhaps inspired one boy to find the courage to ask a girl out or a girl go to a party she'd shied away from because she was too scared to take a risk, well then I think this story has served its purpose. And, who knows, maybe that boy and that girl will grow old together and continue the love that everyone – every single living thing – deserves to feel.

Life is a book. And now it's your turn to write the story.